The New, New Block Forfeit Rules

Another FYI on the block forfeit rules went out today, so make sure you take note. The new guidelines start on August 31st and now allow a driver to forfeit a block up to 45 minutes before it begins.  This adds an extra 15 minutes to the previous hour policy that was instituted in July. … Continue reading The New, New Block Forfeit Rules

Flex vs .Com Deliveries, Which is Best?

In certain cities there is an option for drivers to continue delivering for Flex or begin delivering for the service.  In some cities you can deliver for both, it all depends on your location and the current need. Since I have spoken at length about Flex deliveries and what the process entails I will just give a … Continue reading Flex vs .Com Deliveries, Which is Best?

New Block Forfeit Rules

I just wanted to point out the new rule on forfeiting blocks and some effects it might have on drivers going forward. It's really not too hard to forfeit a block. All it takes is pressing the forfeit bar and then swiping to confirm. The new rules however make it so that if you forfeit … Continue reading New Block Forfeit Rules

Big Day Coming On Tuesday the 12th?

Just a quick reminder about Amazon Prime day coming up Tuesday, July 12th.  If you aren't already scheduled, I think there will be lots of chances to pick up blocks throughout the day and night. In anticipation of much higher delivery volumes, the company has even offered a little kicker in the pay per block.  It may not be much, … Continue reading Big Day Coming On Tuesday the 12th?

Amazon Flex App Updates (The Not So Good)

I admit, I've been a little lazy getting the new screen shots posted since recent app updates.  As most know, the new "money" screen no longer says Ready To Deliver, it now reads, Schedule Open Blocks.   There is also a slight wording update to the No Delivery Blocks screen, but that's really not a big deal.  Actually neither items … Continue reading Amazon Flex App Updates (The Not So Good)

Bathrobe Guy and Notes on Safety

I'm sure Uber and Lyft drivers hold the record for number of shocking stories from the road.  We've all seen the YouTube videos and read the police reports.  It's certainly a different ballgame to have an actual person in your vehicle versus some retail items.  Although there have been a few leaks and spills in … Continue reading Bathrobe Guy and Notes on Safety

Simple Tricks to Help Your Tips!

Aside from what amounts to a generous hourly pay for many delivery areas, the main reason I keep delivering is due to the generosity of the Prime Now customers.  Although not always an exact science, I estimate that each stop on a route nets roughly five dollars in tips. That's why in most cases, the more stops the better.  Lots … Continue reading Simple Tricks to Help Your Tips!

The Overly Ambitious Route

Due to whatever reasons, the warehouse staff seems to think that we as delivery drivers can time travel.  I say this because on more than one occasion I have left with my deliveries 25 minutes past the beginning of the block and noticed that my delivery slip estimates my total route time as 130 minutes. … Continue reading The Overly Ambitious Route

Talking Turkey

I have gotten a couple of emails from people either waiting to be onboarded or just wondering if they should even go through the process of signing up to become a driver.  The root of each question being, how much money can I or will I make? As noted before, I can't tell you how … Continue reading Talking Turkey

What If You Deliver Late?

There will come a day when the traffic just doesn't cooperate.  The route is longer than normal and you are stuck with a few deliveries to go as the clock ticks closer to the end of your delivery block...I know, it sucks, but accidents happen. If you know you most likely are going to be … Continue reading What If You Deliver Late?