So now it’s time to learn the method of picking up a block.  The reason most drivers are not picking up extra blocks outside of scheduled shifts is because they are not refreshing their home screen.  On the Delivery app it is necessary to refresh the home screen so that you can see when new blocks are available.  To refresh the home screen you have to go out of the home screen and then come back in.  In words, the four step progression, starting from the home screen, goes like this:  Menu, Calendar, Menu, Home.  Then repeat.  Again.  And again.  And again.  Like I said before.  This is the job.

Below are screenshots of the progression:

In the second screenshot I said push either because you will find that your finger sometimes hits the Earnings button instead of the Calendar button and that’s fine.  The main point is that you get out of the home screen and then come back in so it refreshes.  After pushing the Home button in the last screen shot you will either go back to the first screen again, from which you start the progression over.  Or you will see the screen below.  This is the one you are looking for.  Be careful, sometimes you are so in the zone of the progression that you let it pass by!



I suggest having a finger ready to push the Schedule Open Blocks button when it finally shows up.  But the shift is not yours, yet.  There are other hustlers that have been waiting for this screen to show up, too.  You still need to click through the next progression, and fast.  In words it goes like this:  Schedule Open Blocks, Continue, Accept Deliveries.  The screens look like this:

In the second screenshot, double check that the start time is the shift you are looking for.  Sometimes people forfeit blocks for other times and those blocks seem to automatically go back out for someone else to claim.  For instance, I was looking for a 12pm to 2pm shift at 11:30am the other day and suddenly a 6pm to 8pm block appeared.  Definitely pay attention to the start time.  The time and shift length menus can also be adjusted by scrolling sideways.  Sometimes you can find other start times or shift lengths by changing these, but if nothing else is available they will auto scroll back (95% of the time).  Mostly, trying to change these menus will only slow you down and make you miss the shift.  Leave them alone.  It’s best to just double check the time, and hit Continue to get to the Accept Deliveries Screen, which you should immediately push, of course!

If you were able to get the block and it begins in less than an hour, you will get a push notification that you have a scheduled pickup in an hour and your next screen progressions will be:


There is no need to rush anymore, you got the shift!  If your shift begins over an hour from the time you got it, your home screen will now show the date, time and pickup location for the block instead of the No delivery blocks message.

You will not always get the block offered.  Sometimes the app will kick you out and give an error message like Delivery Has Stopped.  Or you will be automatically kicked back to the home screen with the No Delivery blocks are currently available message.  Relax.  Another driver was just a bit luckier this time.  Remind yourself that it’s just one less person you will be clicking against when the next one comes.  You need to get back to the progression and be ready for it!

And that is the method, in it’s simplest form, and the one that I see most drivers using.