ID Check: Good, Bad, Non Event?

Anyone care about the new drivers license scan?  Just in case the roll out has not happened at all locations below is a quick description: After you arrive at the warehouse and click "I've Arrived" you are then prompted to scan your ID at a kiosk.  In some cases that is a laptop with a … Continue reading ID Check: Good, Bad, Non Event?

That Time of Year Again

It's been so long since this journey began and the opportunities to deliver items for Amazon just keeps growing.  In the beginning I never thought I'd be delivering groceries from Whole Foods yet here we are.  The game has changed as the service has grown so fast.  New drivers are being accepted much more quickly … Continue reading That Time of Year Again

One Year Later

It's been a little over one year since my last post.  I apologize for that.  Life happens.  I have been following questions and answering some throughout the time period but for the most part my focus has been on other items that needed my attention. But things have changed. I'm now able to focus more … Continue reading One Year Later

Twas the Week Before Christmas: Flex Drivers Be Ready

As noted this afternoon with the email from Amazon, delivery volumes are expected to pick up and remain busy throughout next week.  Most drivers should have at least one block pre-scheduled.  If not, don't worry,  in my opinion there will definitely be lots of opportunities to pick them up.  We are now down to the point … Continue reading Twas the Week Before Christmas: Flex Drivers Be Ready

Deactivated, Reactivated…It Is Possible

I've heard lots of stories about drivers getting deactivated.  When you deliver for long enough there are going to be mistakes made.  Packages will be late.  Items will be reported not delivered.  Blocks will be forfeited too close to the start time.  Traffic.  Thieves.  Bad weather.  Life happens and no matter how hard we try there … Continue reading Deactivated, Reactivated…It Is Possible

Flex Driver Support and How to Deal With It

Since the first one and two hour delivery hub opened in Seattle last year, Amazon has been expanding the service like mad.  Many new cities have come online offering speedy delivery for customers, as well as new job opportunities for independent contractors.  On the surface it seems like a win for everyone involved, the company, … Continue reading Flex Driver Support and How to Deal With It

Flex vs .Com Deliveries, Which is Best?

In certain cities there is an option for drivers to continue delivering for Flex or begin delivering for the service.  In some cities you can deliver for both, it all depends on your location and the current need. Since I have spoken at length about Flex deliveries and what the process entails I will just give a … Continue reading Flex vs .Com Deliveries, Which is Best?

No Delivery Blocks…

So your first few weeks were busy.  Maybe you were scheduled for two different blocks totaling about 12 hours and then you picked up a couple of shifts when you got the push notifications.  Easy right?  Well...the next schedule comes out and you are competing with 180 other drivers to get a limited amount of … Continue reading No Delivery Blocks…

Goes Without Saying, Or Does It?

Before I move on I feel like I need to state the following.  A lot of these tips and tricks depend on one thing...YOU!  That's it.  You are the only one that can make them work for you.  You are the only one that can adjust them to make them work even better.  It will … Continue reading Goes Without Saying, Or Does It?

Flex Driving, After Onboarding

Alright!  You've done the online orientation.  Passed the background checks.  And you just received notification that you can now enter your available times on the App's Calendar.  Exciting!  Although you may think the shifts will begin rolling in, that's not always the case.  Unless you happen to be in a new location that's just starting … Continue reading Flex Driving, After Onboarding