That Time of Year Again

It’s been so long since this journey began and the opportunities to deliver items for Amazon just keeps growing.  In the beginning I never thought I’d be delivering groceries from Whole Foods yet here we are.  The game has changed as the service has grown so fast.  New drivers are being accepted much more quickly than even one year ago.  Blocks seem to be available for most shifts, in my area anyway, and with the Holidays approaching I don’t see any signs of a slowdown.  It’s time for some longer days and bigger deliveries.

In the next month we’ll have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving.  That’s not even considering all the early gift shoppers out there.  If you’ve been having trouble getting shifts, now us the time.  Look more often and be ready to grab them.  They are coming.  Get ready to make some money.  Remember, delivering isn’t the job, getting the shift is the job.

Stay safe out there!

3 thoughts on “That Time of Year Again

  1. So our warehouse is very new, only a few months old. Something I have noticed as of late with my Flex deliveries is that late afternoon/evening blocks will not show up at all during the week/weekend. When I wake up in the morning I can see about 6 offers, the latest being at 11:45am. But no afternoon or evening blocks. When I first started, I would see blocks for all day. My ratings are great, no forfeited or missed blocks, or late deliveries.

    But now, I am ONLY able to see afternoon/evening blocks if I take a morning block. And while this is possible to do on the weekends or in my case on Black Friday since my main job was closed. It is generally NOT an option to take a day time block during the week as I am not off work until 2:00/2:30.

    Have you heard of this happening to anyone else before? I just thought it was strange since I have spent over the first month being able to pick up those afternoon/evening blocks right after I get off work. I am also in a VERY close location to the warehouse from my regular job. So I don’t think that is the reason.

    Any advice/tips would be great!

    1. A lot of times when a warehouse is new they overstaff to make sure they are covered. In the beginning blocks are easier to come by because of this and until they can get proper metrics. It could be that there are a lot of people hustling for the late afternoon/evening blocks and Amazon realized they just didn’t need as much coverage. Sometimes it is a blessing though to not get a “rush hour” block because if you drive too many of them there will come day when traffic will get you and crush your ratings. If it happens twice then it’s no fun. Maybe “rush hour” isn’t an issue where you are so just throwing out a positive view on the situation. If those are the blocks you need though, it may be time for some searching while you are at your other job. On your breaks of course! Be safe.

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