Alright!  You’ve done the online orientation.  Passed the background checks.  And you just received notification that you can now enter your available times on the App’s Calendar.  Exciting!  Although you may think the shifts will begin rolling in, that’s not always the case.  Unless you happen to be in a new location that’s just starting out.

If you are in a new location you most definitely will get some scheduled shifts as the 2 hour delivery goes into full swing.  You may also get a few push notifications to pick up some blocks due to customer demand for the new service.  If you onboarded really early you may even do some dummy deliveries to help the warehouse get all the kinks sussed out in preparation for going live.  These shifts will pay you the stated rate for the blocks, but there will not be any tips.  It’s ok though because you will still get a feel for the driving, the app and also the process at the warehouse.

If you onboarded in an area that has been up and running you may not see any scheduled shifts.  It is not uncommon to get zero blocks when the schedule goes out Thursday afternoon.  Even if you said you are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you may still get zero.  But that’s ok, because as you will soon find, being scheduled is great, but not a necessity to get the hours you need to make very good money.

I hear lots of complaining from other drivers about not being scheduled.  Tons of people call and email the Flex people to complain.  Don’t do this!  This helps no one.  Just expect not to get scheduled and when you do it’s gravy.  Some people seem to think they deserve scheduled hours…don’t be one of them.  When something pays this well for delivering packages, you should expect to have to fight to get hours.

And just in case you are wondering why more people aren’t scheduled for blocks, the simplest answer is…business.  Why on earth would any company risk being over staffed and pay people to sit and do nothing when they can schedule 2 drivers and then add drivers as needed once they see the orders for the block?