Hello!  I am an independent contractor delivering for Amazon Flex.  I started this blog to give some insight into the art of getting more delivery blocks.  I don’t know all the tricks but I am learning more with every shift.

The posts on this site are my opinions and not always to be taken as fact.  I write about what has helped me in hopes that it will help others.  If you are new to Amazon Flex, I recommend reading the posts from oldest to newest as each have their own set of unique information and tips.

Driving for Amazon Flex has been a cool and monetarily rewarding experience for me.  I wish you the same.

A note on safety.  Use these tips at your own risk.  Do not ever use them in a moving vehicle that you are operating.  You will die!  Delivering a package on time or getting an extra shift is not worth your life!  Be smart.  Stay safe.  And have fun!

This site is for educational purposes and is in no way associated or sponsored by Amazon.com or its affiliates.