Flex Update: Get Paid Twice a Week

Flex is now paying some drivers twice a week and all delivery partners will have the same by January 31st.

Paydays will now be Tuesdays and Fridays.  There will also be updates to the earnings screen and possibly more clarity on which days tips are coming from.

Tuesday will be the payday for blocks worked Thursday – Sunday with blocks prior to 9:30pm being the cutoff on Sunday.  The hours worked after that time will be paid the next date.

Friday will be the payday for blocks worked Monday – Wednesday with blocks prior to 9:30 being the cutoff on Wednesday.  And again the hours worked after that time will be paid the next pay date.

Amazon has also noted that payments for blocks will only be received after tips are finalized.  You will however see estimated earnings while they are calculated.  This appears to avoid the carryover tips that we all received from blocks worked on Mondays and Tuesdays.

As always they have asked for feedback so I’m sure they’ll get it.  Hopefully it’s an improvement in some way.  I personally didn’t mind the once a week payments so we’ll see.

Stay safe and Happy New Year!

99 thoughts on “Flex Update: Get Paid Twice a Week

  1. I received this email last night, and I’m perfectly fine with getting paid once a week. I like my money in one lump sum.

      1. Hi, I have a question that has nothing to do with this topic. In my flex app, I no longer see gray dots on the days I’m available. Do you know why this would be? Thank you.

  2. We don’t need another pay day in the same week. What you need to do is get rid of the reject button, increase the rate for “special” occasions.
    And fix the bloody map or use another more user friendly one.
    Give more info as to the hours you work per week, etc.
    Employ better technical support agents who know what to ask or look for.

    Get feedback from drivers before posting these un-needed updates.

    1. 1. “Increase the rate on special occasions”
      Fortunately, since you are an independent contractor, it is completely up to YOU to choose to work on special occasions. So……
      2. “Get rid of the reject button”
      If it weren’t for that nifty button, how else would you be able to say no to working on those special days? 😉
      We’ve all hit that button by accident too… but then we adjust to the change and do our best at avoiding the reject button when trying to accept any offers.
      2. “Fix the bloody map”
      I, too, am not compatible with their GPS.
      Instead of tapping the ‘start travel’ button, press and hold down on the address, it will blink which means you have copied the address. Open up your preferred gps, such as waze, google maps…etc. and paste the address in and viola! You are headed to your destination. Another cool thing about doing that, is if Waze glitches or hasn’t had a certain address updated in their system, then I resume back the the amazon app and start travel to ensure I am still on the correct route.
      3. “Give more info….hours you work…”
      Being self- employed has it’s’ side work’, such as, keeping track of your hours, gas receipts, mileage..,bleh bleh.. I know you know this.
      But it just comes with the title.

      4. “Employ better technical support agents…”
      If your issue isn’t being resolved efficiently, kindly end the call with them and call again. There’s a good chance the next person who answers may be more helpful. <–Also, that works with frustrating customer service calls with other companies, not just Amazon.
      Some customer service reps are more experienced than others….while some flex drivers are more experienced than others..and so forth.

      Amazon is constantly making changes, new updates, new rules..you name it. As with any job, you need to be able to adjust and adapt to these types of things.
      We get paid pretty darn good… to deliver. It's easy money.
      I'll give away my pet unicorn to any one who snags up a laid back, well-paying job that satisfies their standards along with the rest of the 754,145 other people who work there. haha

  3. I wondering if when we make meaningful suggestions that actually take them into consideration.
    So weeks I’ve been emailing Amazon about getting rid of the reject button cause it simply doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Not that I needed twice a week payments but I like it. I see no issue with this personally. I also really like the map…my biggest issue is when you go to a gated location and you can’t see the gate code since it is still giving you directions within the location. I may not know some work around for this. For restaurants I wish you knew the location name instead of just the address once the pickup notification comes in.

    1. Before you hit “Start” on your next delivery you are able to see any notes from the client such as gate codes and requests. I always make sure I double check this before I begin navigation because I hate ringing doorbells only to discover they said “just leave it, sleeping baby.” Sometimes you have to scroll down a bit to see it.

    2. @GCRider

      You can tap on the “?” button on the upper right corner and then choose the option “I am at the location but the GPS…..” It will show you the gate code, that is if the customer puts with their order. If not, then you have to wait for someone else to come in the gate. Then you can hit back and it will take you to “navigate”.

  5. I’m pretty sure the twice a week payout is for their (Amazon corporate) tax advantage. If they don’t hold onto the funds for long, they have less tax liability. Another perk for them is that we as the drivers are less likely to catch payout errors.

  6. Anyone know how many late deliveries you can do?
    I delivered two in a row because of a snow storm. I don’t want to get kicked out again

    1. If they were in one shift and you followed the protocol you shouldn’t have a problem. Being late due to weather is certainly a valid excuse. Definitely respond to the email they sent you outlining why drivers should do their best to deliver on time. I’m sure they are well aware of the situation in your city on that day. You were probably not the only driver with late deliveries.

  7. I haven’t been able to capture a block since last week! I watch the ap like a hawk every morning, and lately Every one that popped up showed ‘Block Taken’ just as soon as I click it. I started in October and never had this problem till just after the holidays. And having no Reserved Blocks sucks too.

    I think they over hired to cover the holiday rush.

    Anyone else having problems getting work lately?

  8. Off topic but is anyone else having trouble with the latest app update…version 3.0.4791?

    I was forced by the app to update from 3.0.4418 and since then haven’t seen a single block be it reserved or otherwise.

    I’ve actually visited my d.o and been in the ‘bull pen’ as blocks were sent out and received nada….?

    Obviously I’ve tried the support route but they seem obsessed with repeating the same irrelevant ino. …I’m starting to think it’s and automated service…

    1. I still haven’t seen ANY offers since the holidays. I just found out about the AP update, installing now. Hope to get a block soon! (Riverside Ca)

  9. I don’t know if I like the newest update. Worked a block last night and earnings still say zero. Worked 2 blocks today, still zero. The weather here has been bad, I’m still out there. I want to see my money! I guess we’ll see after 8 tonight, since we have to wait 24 hours now…..but shouldn’t I show some earnings???? Amazon robot responses to my emails about this….SMH

  10. The twice a week pay is a joke, you can’t even get any blocks!! As most of you that have done this, already know. Amazon over hires drivers to the max. It doesn’t cost them anything, so why not, right? The problem with this philosophy is that it will cause more harm to them, then good. Instead of building an experienced, dependable team of drivers, that in return receives a livable income. They choose to bring on as many drivers as possible and make them basically fight it out for peanuts. Not good business in my humble opinion….

    1. They don’t want too many experienced drivers though as it would give them more of a reason to try and unionize like Uber drivers are trying to. That’s bad for Amazon.

    2. I agree. From a worker standpoint it makes sense to reward people with more hours and the pay that follows. It absolutely will build a loyal base of contractors for them to rely on. It should be run like any other contracting job where the best work gets rewarded with more. I can’t imagine a homebuilder telling a plumber that they do great work, but the next job is going to get offered to six plumbers and whoever gets to the site first will get the gig. In the end you get what you pay for and I think Amazon is definitely getting some negative press in certain cities. I still believe this is such a new service they the company is just trying to keep up. Their main concerns are profits and expansion, which for a public company is understandable. I, like you, think it would be great to get a real schedule on a weekly basis, but at the same time I remain focused on what the job currently is: Refreshing. (It would be cool if that play on words worked out right, but it didn’t, lol.)

  11. Amazon is a great company but I really don’t understand why things can’t just be done right, this is supposed to be a part time gig, they ask us to update availability before noon on Fridays and yet we don’t get reserved block nor the next day, it is as simple as just allocating at least 4 blocks each to everyone that set availability for the next week instead of let people watch over their phones all day and night looking for blocks to pop up. Amazon pays well but the stress of fightING to pick a block make nonsense of it and defeat the purpose.

    1. Having a few scheduled blocks for the week would certainly make things easier. At this point though they are more concerned with not being over staffed and having to pay drivers to “sit.” For now they rely on the fact that a driver will come in on short notice as every offer they put out gets accepted in milliseconds. Because of this they’ve had no reason to preschedule a lot of drivers. So long as this trend continues, I’m not sure this will ever change. Maybe reducing the amount of drivers per city could help? I understand your current frustrations but this job is still about getting the block. Delivering is easy.

  12. Has anyone noticed a difference in availability between flex delivery and .com delivery blocks in their towns? I’ve personally been able to work about 7 shifts per week since I started doing that refreshing thing (thanks!) without issue. I almost never receive an assigned block (which I agree is irritating)… Or perhaps I’m just lucky to work where I work? Or perhaps that I’m able to work blocks that others can’t?

  13. Hi, Im working for Amazon flex since 11 month, I’ve 3 week with out block to work, I don’t understand why everyday I see same people taking open block every day, I think that they have device o program hacker to take open block, I don’t know, someone have ani idea, thank you

    1. I’ve been consistently working 35-40 hours a week with amazon flex, and I don’t use any hacks, just good ol determination, persistence and good hand eye coordination. There are good days and bad. Some days it might take me 14 hours just to work 8, others I get 8 in 8. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a either a very very part time job (4-6 hours a week) or a very very full time, as it takes a lot of time and patience to get over 32 hours. Hang in there, practice different swiping/tapping techniques and keep your rating at 100% (that should get you a couple reserved blocks a week) Lastly, I know it might depend on the market, it seems the market im working in is still growing a lot, so that might be a factor. Hope I helped in some way!

    2. I’m sure there are programs out there, but all the regular drivers at my warehouse, including myself, are able to pick up shifts without them. I agree with the response that Stephen gave you. The blocks are there but it takes a lot of patience and persistence. Best if luck to you.

  14. Oh I can’t wait to comment on the new payment update on January 24th.

    It tells us what time and day we worked but it doesn’t give updated tip amounts now.

  15. Has anyone noticed that with the 4798 update, the banners “You’ve successfully accepted the block”, “Sorry that block is already been taken”, etc are gone (or at best, they flash very briefly on the screen and disappear) ?

    1. Yes and it is annoying as you don’t know if you picked up the shift. There is a delay and its frustrating.

      1. Frustrating-Yes! I do not like the extra step in checking the calendar if I go the shift or not. (Not to mention the annoying suspense that makes me hold my breath and make my heart skip a beat). The extra step prevents me from refreshing for another block in case I didn’t in fact get the original block I was refreshing for…I need to pick up the restaurant block that the previous person accepted but forfeited–haha!

  16. I don’t know if this is because of the update but the Weekly Summary email (which shows your Reliability and Successful Delivery rate) did not come out this Tues. Did anybody else get it?

  17. I think I will just “put down the app…and slowly back away”…..

    There’s several other delivery jobs where $18 to $25 an hour is a breeze.

    They also have very consistent work, especially during their peak times of the day.

    I just don’t get the inconsistency of this.

    Sure, you can deliver all of your route in less than two hours, on a four hour block..

    But to me, it’s just not worth it, when I have to spend 8 to 10 hours plus, just looking for that block.

    I’d rather be working, or taking a nap lol

    Best of luck to everyone!

    1. You are correct, getting blocks can be very tedious at times. Not to mention addicting. I sometimes find myself looking for blocks even when I know I can’t work just to see if they are available. I hope you find great success in your other positions.

  18. What times are you all refreshing the offer page? I have only worked once out of orange county and I’m trying to get more reserved blocks and just delivery blocks period

    1. Lately there have been quite a few blocks coming up within 20 minutes of the begin time. In other words, start focusing at 1:40pm for a 2:00pm shift. If you do search during this time you definitely need to make sure you have positioned yourself accordingly so that you will make it in on time. I wrote about how to do this here. The other times I spend looking for blocks still remain as I noted in this post. As always, the job is getting the block, delivering is the easy part. Best of luck.

  19. New app update! I don’t see any differences though. anyone have other insight? as far as “The Method” nothing has changed really so keep up the diligence!

      1. When tapping on a block the Decline button is much smaller and in a different area so you don’t accidentally tap it when trying to tap Accept instead.

      2. Oh also, I don’t know if other areas have experienced this but I work in Seattle and work at the North Seattle Warehouse. On the 10th they sent me an email saying I would now see Offers for the South Downtown Warehouse and Restaurants as well. It’s made it a lot easier to get a solid 8 Hours a day.

      3. Very nice! I think most people here are looking for a way to work 8 hours a day. Certain locations definitely have an advantage over others due to services available. Glad to see you are taking advantage of it.

  20. For some reason couldn’t reply to john deertay….but thanks for pointing out smaller decline!!!! there was another update today. I too received an email expanding restaurants in my area. seems like they are really rolling out and expanding. My only gripe that I would like to present and have analyzed by the community is that I usually JUST get the minimum of the guarantee for restaurants. Do people not tip restaurant runs? For my delivery runs, I get OVER the maximum…anyone experience the same or different? how can we educate customers that we are not amazon employees but independent contractors? I feel like more people are exposed to this arrangement due to rideshare companies like Lyft for whom I drive for when I can’t get a block. And yet, people still treat us like pizza deliverers…worse even because its kinds known now to tip pizza deliverers….but its not known to tip your IC Amazon Driver….

    1. Interestingly I’ve ordered Amazon Restaurants and every order I’ve placed there was a 5 dollare tip added to the bill. One would have to assume they are for most and yet I struggle to hit the MAX. The problem is you don’t get to see what the tips were so you are left to guess

      1. I think people are more prone to remove the added tip for restaurant orders whereas people are generous when giving them groceries (especially cases of water at apartments).

    1. Agreed, and my android phone isn’t letting me tap for updates now. Anyone else experiencing this?

      1. I’m still able to refresh with tapping. I don’t utilize this method all the time as I like to switch it up to what’s working for me. I’ve been having luck with the manual method of going back to the home screen and then coming back into the offers screen. If the normal method you use isn’t working anymore try to change it up and see what happens.

  21. Do you know if iPhones or Android phones have better luck getting blocks? I have an iPhone and the problem I have is when I scroll down to refresh screen sometimes the block bounces before I can click on it and it causes me to not accept the block fast enough.

    1. I don’t know of any advantage of one operating system vs another. I have however noticed a difference when picking up blocks over a wifi system vs cellular. When I am at home I use wifi because I know my system and it is quite fast. Once away from my home I go completely cellular. I don’t use wifi at the warehouse or any other hot spot when I’m looking for a block.

  22. Hey all! I just received another update and now the app is back to normal in terms of tapping vs swiping.

    1. THanks for update…I was so bummed out …. then I read your post and tried again for an update…phone updating currently….yayy!!!! tapping back!!!!

      1. Not for me, mine just updated to 3.0.5381.0 yesterday and I still have to swipe.

        Also apparently you can be locked out of seeing any blocks all day if you forfeit a block, learned this the hard way today and was confirmed by others on the subreddit.

      2. I haven’t heard or experienced being locked out of seeing blocks if you forfeit one. As long as you forfeit within the timelines you can start swiping or refreshing immediately after to pick up anything that comes available. Recently I had a block scheduled for 4PM and something came up I had to take care of. I was able to forfeit that one and then pick up 2 blocks for that morning. I don’t agree with the subreddit.

      3. I’m in the UK and we have a 24 hour limit per week. I’ve been in touch with support who have confirmed that forfeiting a block stops you getting access for the remainder of that day AND the forfeited time counts towards your 24 hour limit!

      4. It’s only recently it’s happened with the forfeits. I think the 24 hour per week is as result of some recent cases in the U.K. where Uber and Deliveroo gig workers have been classed as “workers” and should get holidays and sick pay! Don’t think they want it to appear to be a full time opportunity!

  23. For some reason I was unable to see restaurant blocks yesterday. I didn’t see any this morning either, the first one I got was today for a 2:30 pm block.

    1. Restaurant blocks aren’t as predictable…They drop all over the place for all sorts of times. today at 745, a bunch dropped for this evening…and yesterday, restaurant blocks didn’t drop until an hour before. Crazy thing is, I saw a 7 hour shift!!!!!!! wish I could get it, but this is side gig for me. I’m happy for whoever got it! I think Amazon still testing it out and auditing different techniques…

  24. The last update happened (FEB/27/2017) which ruined the chance to pick up any blocks at all. Basically :
    Issues with the last app update, after installing it, things started to act in a strange way like I can not see or catch any blocks at all, I mean it is impossible to not see or catch a block all day long, at least I can see 10 being picked up by other drivers.

    Before the last update which happened on this past Monday, I was able to catch one block every day easily …. and I see at least 20 to 21 blocks flying around picked by other drivers, but now I see nothing.

    Also, I used to refresh the offers page by only touching once ,,, now after the update I have to pull down to refresh, so changes that really messed up the chance for me “the driver” to pick up any blocks.

    Can you help me

    1. I would alternate your method of refreshing until one starts to work for you. Maybe you can re-download the app and see if that works to correct your issues. I’m still able to tap the offers page but I also use the manual method sometimes when looking for blocks just to change it up.

      1. It seems that tapping is not an option to me, only swiping. but I did saw some blocks now and I even caught one but still to me the fact that after the update the refreshing changed from tapping to swiping is strange enough. I am just going to exercise more now swiping instead of tapping. Thanks for the comment. Best of luck

  25. The app just sucks. A couple of days ago I thought I snagged a block. But when I looked at the calendar there was nothing. It didn’t even buzz when it was close to the start of the scheduled block. So I thought maybe I really did not successfully snag it. Fast forward to the next day I receive an email from Amazon saying I missed a block. With glitches like this and the difficulty in tapping/swiping/refreshing to get a block, it seems we all have our work cut out.
    Has anyone here have the app on two phones?

    1. Yeah I have iPhone 7 Plus and wife has an android. They both got there glitches here and there, and strengths. iPhone seems to be more consistent showing blocks, but was almost impossible to pick up a block cause tapping on android was much faster. Since last update on android I prefer to use my iPhone until they bring back tapping, if they do. Overall Android app has a few little quirks I like better, but I love how smooth iPhone app has gotten with each update.

    2. I do have the app on both phones. It used to be on both apps both work at the same time but now after the last update you have both apps but every time you log in in one it disconnect the other.
      I did had that glitch where I was refreshing and it was (12:30pm) and I caught a block when I checked it it was (12:00pm to 2:00pm) which is weird, it is already 30 minutes passed and a block shows up late already and it was counted as missed block. So be careful of those glitches.

      1. Thanks for the tip. It definitely makes no sense to secure a block that’s already begun. Hopefully things like this are fixed soon.

    3. Same thing happened to me, I just sent an email and they said it wasn’t going to be held against me. I have the app on my android tablet and both my wife’s iphone and my iphone. My wife used to be able to go on the tablet and look for blocks while I was working, but since the updates she gets logged off when I login.

  26. I just wanted to figure this out.

    Is newer phones has Tapping method for refreshing not swiping?
    Is tapping faster than swiping in catching the block?
    Is home fast internet (200Mb down) better than my At&t internet (3 Gb) in catching the block?
    My Android (Note 4) before the update was a tapping method and I guess its fast, and my Iphone 5 swiping. Now after the update my Android became swiping and of course my Iphone5 is nothing changed.

    I talked to a guy and his newer phone is tapping method! how come my Note 4 is not tapping like before the update?

    Anybody has any idea answering these questions?

    I wish I can upload this comment as a new article but I can not.

  27. anyone else Not liking the increased number of packages lately? i used to finish my deliveries just under 4 hrs (4 hr block)with 25-40 pkgs. but now i’ve been consecutively getting 50-60 pkgs during the AM shifts and been taking 5-6 hrs to finish … much more exhausting and seem unfair. i started working nov 2016 in riverside Ca , are we Required to deliver all pkgs even past the 4hrs? or can we return them back to the warehouse??

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  29. I just signed up and thinking about picking up a restaurant block. It day pay is 36 to 50$ includes tips. Does that mean I make less than 36 and depends on tips?

  30. Hi, I have long time and I can’t pick upopen block for the same day or next day..
    What hour its better for catch open blocks?
    Thank you

  31. They say you get paid Tuesday and Friday but had anyone woke up on one of those days and checked their Bank account and had the money deposited?? I was suppose to get paid for the first day I worked was a Wednesday 75$, Friday morning I woke up and nothing I checked my bank account and day nothing I emailed support and they said oh it typically goes through next business ( witch in my book means Monday since Saturday and Sunday are not business days) so I said to my self why would they say you get paid Friday and Tuesday they should just be honest and say Monday and Wednesday! Just for shits and giggles it was about 10:45 pm on Friday night and I said let me check one last time and BANG the money was there with was weird but between probably 1pm- and 10:45 when I checked it I hadn’t checked it at all so I’m not sure exactly what time I did receive the money so I guess the point of this long story is DOES ANYONE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TIME WE GET OUR MONEY???????? other then this process it’s a really good part time job it’s fun and easy money and you usually never work the full hours it says your going to usually an hour or half hour less ask depends how fast you are! Thank you for reading and someone please give me an update! Thanks.

    1. I think it has to do with the bank sometimes. I know of people getting payments credited to their accounts the day of the payment while others it might take two day. So while Amazon can post the date they send the payment I’m not sure they have any way of knowing what your bank will post it. Glad you are having fun with the gig. Be safe.

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