I just wanted to point out the new rule on forfeiting blocks and some effects it might have on drivers going forward.

It’s really not too hard to forfeit a block. All it takes is pressing the forfeit bar and then swiping to confirm. The new rules however make it so that if you forfeit within an hour of your start time then that will be counted as a missed block. The missed block would then go against your rating, which in turn may affect your scheduled shifts as well as your ability to remain active. So definitely pay attention to your times and do your best to cancel blocks far enough in advance.

Up until this point there was always a chance of picking up a shift right up to the start of the block. This was either due to the warehouse realizing they needed another driver or more likely, someone wasn’t going to make it in on time so they forfeited the block and it went back out as available. I haven’t noticed a change in this strategy so far, but it does seem like there would be fewer opportunities to pick up shifts so close to the start time. There may be a few from the warehouse on any given day, but most likely there will be fewer from other drivers.

So just trying to think outside the box on this, in my opinion there may be more chances to pick up blocks just prior to the hour before a shift’s start time. I wrote about the best times to look for shifts here. And so far the times have done well for me. But now, with this new rule, I am really going to be focusing on the 15 minutes that comes an hour before a shift begins. In other words, if I am looking for a 2pm shift, I will definitely be placing more focus from 12:45pm to 1:00pm, when people would most likely be forfeiting blocks. I will also make this a focus time when I am out delivering and trying to link blocks.

I’m not sure if I’m over thinking the whole thing, but in my opinion, the method certainly deserves a shot. Let me know if you have more success than usual in these timelines.