New Block Forfeit Rules

I just wanted to point out the new rule on forfeiting blocks and some effects it might have on drivers going forward.

It’s really not too hard to forfeit a block. All it takes is pressing the forfeit bar and then swiping to confirm. The new rules however make it so that if you forfeit within an hour of your start time then that will be counted as a missed block. The missed block would then go against your rating, which in turn may affect your scheduled shifts as well as your ability to remain active. So definitely pay attention to your times and do your best to cancel blocks far enough in advance.

Up until this point there was always a chance of picking up a shift right up to the start of the block. This was either due to the warehouse realizing they needed another driver or more likely, someone wasn’t going to make it in on time so they forfeited the block and it went back out as available. I haven’t noticed a change in this strategy so far, but it does seem like there would be fewer opportunities to pick up shifts so close to the start time. There may be a few from the warehouse on any given day, but most likely there will be fewer from other drivers.

So just trying to think outside the box on this, in my opinion there may be more chances to pick up blocks just prior to the hour before a shift’s start time. I wrote about the best times to look for shifts here. And so far the times have done well for me. But now, with this new rule, I am really going to be focusing on the 15 minutes that comes an hour before a shift begins. In other words, if I am looking for a 2pm shift, I will definitely be placing more focus from 12:45pm to 1:00pm, when people would most likely be forfeiting blocks. I will also make this a focus time when I am out delivering and trying to link blocks.

I’m not sure if I’m over thinking the whole thing, but in my opinion, the method certainly deserves a shot. Let me know if you have more success than usual in these timelines.

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  1. I just finished watching the video how it works. Just ordered a new Android. Then I have to DL the app and register? Can you please email me how it works. They didnt leave a contact #

    1. Have you already completed the online onboarding session? If so, then you should just contact them through the app and they will give you a link to add the app to your new phone. If you haven’t gone through the online session yet, then you have to wait until they contact you by email. If you can give me a little more info about the stage you are in, I may be able to provide a bit more info for you.

      1. I recently had to upgrade my phone , my old phone would not allow me to update the new version app. I’m having trouble downloading the amazon app into my new phone. I was told that somepne with this app can send it to by Bluetooth. Is there any one willing to help me out!

      2. I’m not sure about the app being able to be sent by bluetooth. Possibly someone at your location will be able to help you if that is the case?

    2. Yeah. How’s it going? Frustrated and concerned eh? I am genuinely excited and anxious to see what happens when they officially open Brooklyn, NY up. No lie, I sent at least question filled emails and attended 5 or 6 info webinars before i found a single person to send me this:

      Get excited! Amazon Flex is coming soon in Brooklyn

      Thank you for onboarding as an independent contractor with Amazon Flex! We’re excited to have you join the program and deliver smiles.

      Deliveries in Brooklyn are expected to begin in mid-September. We will email you the week before they become available. For now, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the in-app videos and set availability in the Amazon Flex app so that you will be matched to delivery blocks in advance.

      We appreciate your participation in the Amazon Flex program. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at and we will be happy to help.

      Amazon Flex Team

      Not joking or exaggerating….no one was able to tell me this over weeks of emails. I won’t even get into how badly my insurance company has shown themselves to be during this time…clueless.. I am very much looking forward to seeing what happens. I dont even know where the warehouse is etc….

      The best thing to do may be to ask them directly if that city is on board yet. On their site here are the cities it states are active (I’m going to assume you should wait it out until Tuscon is added):

      Where can I deliver with Amazon Flex?
      Amazon Flex is now in Arlington (VA), Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, San Antonio, Seattle, Springfield (VA), Tampa Bay, and Virginia Beach.

      1. I still haven’t been scheduled in Tucson. Any one else have any idea when Flex is suppose to start scheduling here?

  2. My first 3 days trying to get blocks, and still nothing. I’ve tried at midnight, as they say in their FAQ,s that they load blocks for that day at midnight and still there’s nothing. Is Tucson just not going full force yet??

      1. Yes I’ve been trying at all hours daily. Between an hour and 15mins and 5mins before shifts. Sometimes I refresh just a few times and other times I’ll sit there and refresh for 5 mins straight(refreshing well over 50 times in that 5 minute period). Need some tips or any info regarding just how long I should sit there and speed refresh at any given time. I’m starting to think Tucson just doesn’t have any shifts yet.

      2. Is the warehouse up and running? There’s a guy on here that was set up to deliver in Brooklyn and not getting any shifts. He just found out the site won’t start delivering until later this month. For a new site it should be easy to get a shift as they spread them around to get a feel for demand. Confirm that they are up and running because you definitely don’t want to waste your time refreshing if they are not. Also, I refresh nonstop for my entire window. Sometimes for over an hour. I don’t stop until I can no longer make it on time for a block’s start time.

      1. I heard about it in the news and my brother does this work in VA. I just got an email response from Amazon Flex, they are expecting to get started in September now instead of August.

      2. There you go. Gotta feel better now right? I know I did when I thought i was screwed but found out i had nothing to worry about. Good luck and let me know if you hear any details abou specific dates. They didn’t give you that I assume.

  3. Hi here in orlando i can see open blocks in the night but the app Never give me the chance to capture the block. Always i bounce. Jeje

  4. Sorry. A Side topic regarding to gratuity “tips” earn on top of our hourly wage:

    1. I joined prime before and realize when ordering food delivery, app automatically adds $5 tip to driver. Customer may go further to change the amount of course. Would other deliveries such as 1 hour or this regular 2 hours window have such tipping included?

    2. Here in San Francisco, drivers are asked to go to waiting location (cross streets) instead of amazon warehouse. We sit in our cars for 3-6 hours stretch without a food delivery request, this really drain your energy. Because more trips = more tips! Does Amazon system randomly assigns drivers, or is it those staff at warehouse who may assign certain drivers base on seniority?

    1. If you are delivering for Prime you will get tips and it would show in the “pay range” section before you accept your shift. As far as the second part of your question, I think you could ask the same thing to a few drivers and get a few different answers. Some would say that drivers are asked to sit based on their location and others would say it’s based on “other” reasons. I personally think it’s based on location but have been wrong before. Lots of the inner workings are just that, so it’s hard to really know for sure. Check with a staff member at the warehouse, they may be able to provide more insight.

  5. It can be frustrating committing to blocks if you do not live close to the Amazon location. I live in Long Beach Ca and my check in station is in Redondo Beach 20-30 min drive from my home with no traffic. I have been able to schedule blocks but it is 10-15 minutes before the start of the block.
    If you accept and if your late .. it will count against you . This applies even if you ask the manager to check you in and also if the station needs drivers. I was advised of this policy today as I arrived at 6:06 pm on a shift and was locked out until the center manager checked me in. They do not care where you are coming from Amazon demands you be there on time and ready to deliver. I will keep trying but to those who are looking for blocks for last minute blocks be close and do not be late ! Happy driving !

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