Big Day Coming On Tuesday the 12th?

Just a quick reminder about Amazon Prime day coming up Tuesday, July 12th.  If you aren’t already scheduled, I think there will be lots of chances to pick up blocks throughout the day and night.

In anticipation of much higher delivery volumes, the company has even offered a little kicker in the pay per block.  It may not be much, but what a nice gesture!  The real earnings, in my opinion, will be coming by way of tips though.  Hopefully we can get some nice routes with extra stops.

So if you’ve been having trouble getting in the mix and picking up shifts, I think Tuesday will be a great day.  Definitely keep your phone handy and your clicking finger ready!


2 thoughts on “Big Day Coming On Tuesday the 12th?

  1. Just found this blog, and wanted to thank you for all the tips!! Out of curiousty, what city are you in?

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