What If You Deliver Late?

There will come a day when the traffic just doesn’t cooperate.  The route is longer than normal and you are stuck with a few deliveries to go as the clock ticks closer to the end of your delivery block…I know, it sucks, but accidents happen.

If you know you most likely are going to be late with a delivery or deliveries, you should definitely call support to let them know ahead of time and give them the reason.  So long as it’s not because you stopped off at home to have a snack and watch some Tele, you should be fine.  Support will log the call into the system, that way if a customer calls wondering where their package is, everyone will be on the same page.

The Amazon delivery app will also inform you that the delivery(ies) that is next on your route is late and let you know to call the customer to confirm that they still want the goods.  (They most always will.)  Be apologetic on the call.

Continue the route as usual and deliver whatever is late to the best of your abilities and either return unwanted packages to the warehouse or head home.  Head hung low, of course!

So, what’s next?

The next morning you will receive an email from Amazon Flex reminding you that you were late on deliveries and you have ruined your chances of ever working for them again…Just kidding.  But not really.

The email from them will scold you a little about how you were late and how you should always be on time and how the customer expects their packages within a certain window and you failed…blah, blah, blah.  You may even get scheduled blocks removed from your calendar.  Yes, this happens!  It’s kind of a lame move by the company, but it’s their company, they can do what they want.  We are just independent contractors.  Don’t sweat it if this happens because as we all know, we will just pick up more shifts with the Method.

If the reason you were late was truly out of your control, like an accident or a bridge was blocked or a tunnel was closed, then you need to get on top of the issue and report it to them again by immediately responding to their email.

Let them know that you called support when you realized the deliveries were going to be late and also let them know the name of the support team member you spoke with.  Explain, in detail, how the lateness was out of your control and that you will do your best to never let it happen again.  Tell them you understand what it means to provide excellent service to Amazon’s customers and that you look forward to making future deliveries.  The main point is to stay in front of the issue and face the music.  Don’t just try to hide and be a face in the crowd.  Own it and move on!

If everything checks out on their end, in a few days you should get another email letting you know that they appreciate your response and that this incident will not go against your delivery rating.  You will still be given the same chance of getting scheduled shifts and you can go back to delivering on time.

That is of course until the next time traffic isn’t cooperating…But now you’ll at least know exactly what to do!




39 thoughts on “What If You Deliver Late?

  1. I delivered late 2 times but three blocks for something which is betond my control I emauled them and I told them what halpened, usually on the late deliveries I was also able to call the customer service to let them know that I am late, but finally they deactivated my account, I dont know what to do do you guys have any idea how to re activate it, in one of my late deliveries I went to a very huge complex, where I should deliver by rounding all over the flors which is huge complex, I had to go back and forth from the street to the complex where it takes me more than 20 minutes because It is condo I had to park by the street and go back and forth to deliver the 8 to 10 items, which is time consuming, so do you guys know how i can re activate my account, I emailed them many times they said they are investigating the issue fir more than 1 month no reply, thank you

    1. I’m sorry to hear your app was deactivated. I’m not sure how to get reinstated. I wish I had an answer for you. The only reason I can think of is that they are not following your explanations for the lateness. Normally the first times are forgiven if you let them know in advance and you follow up with an email explanation like you did. I wouldn’t keep sending them messages as they most likely will do more harm than good. Give them time to look into the situation as they noted and then try one last politely worded plea if needed. Good luck.

  2. A lot of the time when I scan the packages at the fulfillment center they are already late, will that earn me an email or do they already know the situation? I’m nervous about the immediate late delivers having an affect on my schedule. Thanks for any info.

    1. This happens to me every shift. I can only assume these were returns another driver brought back. Amazon has to be aware they are late to begin with. If it’s that much of a problem they should have a way to have them come first on the route but I have been at the end of my block and when an address comes up I get the “this delivery is late” message. Personally I just go ahead and make the delivery!

  3. Hi! I had one delivery that was 2 minutes late and I got that scolding email but just thought it was a form letter and didnt realize that I should email them back to apologize. It’s been about 2 weeks since and I haven’t received any scheduled blocks. Do you think its to late to email them and plead my case? Have I been black listed? Thanks for your help!

    1. I don’t think you’ve been blacklisted. Not getting regularly scheduled blocks is the norm. If you still have the email, I would reply and give the reason you were late. I have also had one in the past where it was barely 1 minute late. I’m talking 4:01 and 10 seconds. Definitely contact support while delivering if you think you are going to be late to give them a heads up. This seems to help on the back end. Give the email a try. You have nothing to lose. In the mean time, you can try to pick up some shifts that come available throughout the day. Good luck to you!

  4. Ive never been scheduled,but i have picked up shifts. It has always been 3 hr blocks. The first time it took me an extra hour to finish all 47 packages. My second time it took me an extra hr and 30 minutes and that one was 70 packages. Is it normal for it to to take that long and to have that many packages for just a 3 hr block that someone had dropped? I feel like they were 4 hr blocks, but when i contacted amazon they just said they dont pay according to.how long it took me.

    1. You are able to see the price you will be paid for the block when you accept it. Make sure it is an amount that’s worth it for you. The amount of time it takes you to finish the block can go in your favor at times if you finish sooner than expected. But as you mentioned, there are times where it will take you longer and you still only get paid for the one block. It’s a give and take, I guess.

    2. They expect you to do 47 Stops in 3 hours :O that’s ridiculous even in a tight area, how much do they pay for this many?

      1. This is most likely the flat rate w/o tips or the .Com deliveries. Some cities vary in their pay scales but for the most part you are looking at $72.00 for 4 hours.

  5. Dear sir/madam,am writing to this medium to help me look into my case have been deactivated on the Amazon flex. that on several occasions I click have arrived and I didn’t arrive and I try to explain that on two occasions I arrived late to the station,on getting there my schedule have been cancelled and a security told me that I can sign in why on my way so I can still get to delivered,and the last time I got to the station after have signed in already the security at the gate does not allow me to go in for pick up that am not with my license and several occasions I told them that it on this job I lost my license when I went to deliver a package at Houston area and dogs chase me at a customer house.And I lost my wallet including my atm cards and my valid documents in the wallet so on several occasions they didn’t allow me in at the entrance after signing in have arrived but I always got paid after signing in,on one occasion I got a email on it that there was no delivery on my block and they promise to do adjustment on my pay which I didn’t hesitate.but to my surprise I worked for 3days in a row before I got a mail from amazon flex that my account as been deactivate from them,I don’t mind paying back all those days I wasn’t allowed to come in and I get paid.I implore the humble and dynamic organization to look into my case and reinstate me back because I don’t know that it will result to deactivating,I have got my license back and am ready to follow all the instructions given to me,hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hakeem, I’m sorry to hear about all this. This site does not have a relationship with Amazon, so there is nothing we can do to reinstate you. This site was started to try and help drivers avoid these pitfalls. For the benefit of others reading this, there are a few lessons to be taken from your situation. A call should have been made to the customer, as well as support, at the home where your wallet was lost due to the dogs. I would not have left there without my personal belongings. I’m glad to hear you have your license again! I know this is all hindsite, and it’s easy to say what one should have done, but maybe next time you would cancel your upcoming shifts, knowing that you wouldn’t get in without ID. I’m sure they will figure the pay items out on their end, but until then all you can do is plead your case in an email to support. Make the explanation to the point and be prepared to wait for a response. Hopefully your email gets to the right person.

  6. Dears, I am writing to you because I found that amazon did something wrong against me, after amazon updated my calendar for block at 9/18 four hours later when tried to login to my account I discovered the account has been deactivated, and received mail from amazon flex to inform me that my account has deactivated because for multiple occasions I had not returned undelivered packages, which is never happened !!! when I replied to them asking them to send me more details when and where it happened ? till now I did not receive any feedback from them. Till yesterday I was receiving in average more than one block everyday to deliver but frankly because I am studying so I can’t do any block except on weekends.
    I do appreciate your feedback, Thank you

    1. Hasanain, Sorry to hear about your dilemma. It truly is becoming a theme around here. A very unfortunate theme. There are a lot of honest, hard working people getting deactivated due to reasons beyond their control. I’m not sure where the issue lies. Are packages stolen? Are the customers not truthful? Are the warehouse workers not scanning items correctly that are returned? I don’t know the answer, but if Amazon wants to keep drivers that will help their progress in this new endeavor, they are going to have to start providing the support and service keep them. Give them time to respond to you. Hopefully they do and you can get back on the road soon…

  7. When picking up packages from the station I can have upwards of 50 packages or more. Half of the packages scan in as late. I can’t possibly call every customer and finish my route on time. If I deliver the late ones first then I run the risk of my other deliveries being late. It’s a catch 22 and very frustrating. How can I keep from being penalized?

    1. It sounds strange that you would scan in packages at the beginning or your shift that were already late. But if that is the case you have all the documentation you need to not get penalized. Take screenshots of the times and email support after your shift explaining the situation. It’s a lot of extra work, but you’d rather be safe than sorry. Calling the customer is an extra step to cover yourself, but I know it’s not always feasible.

  8. Hello my account deactivated for non reason. I went the station . I check in . They said no packages. I logout my account. When i log out its says you miss your schudle. Next day ny accoubt deactivated. What i can do.

    1. Just to make sure I understand, when you went to the warehouse and were told there are no packages, you logged out and left? Normally you would wait there to see if deliveries become available during the block. If nothing comes through and your block ends then you would leave. Essentially you will be paid the flat rate to just sit there. If you did leave then that could be considered a missed shift. At this point there should be a way to appeal. You will need to explain the situation and then wait for them to get back with a decision. I’m not sure of how long it takes. Best of luck.

  9. Blocks used to come up all the time daily, now I’m lucky to get 1 a week. Is this something on my part?

      1. With jobs like this, it’s always good to have back-up when things are slow. It’s frustrating that Amazon provides no explanation whatsoever, though.

  10. I’m sorry this happened to Ruben, but I’ve finished my shift late several times (mostly things beyond my control, i.e., delivering 73 packages in 3 hrs) and I’ve been told that Amazon would prefer you to get all your packages delivered than not. Is that not true?

  11. Hi my account sadly got deactivated with out warning because of the stupid forfeited or missed delivery because they don’t give u enough time to get to the location when a block becomes all of a sudden available 15 mins b4 it’s supposed to start! So frustrated… but they still owe me $400.00 from previous shifts does anyone kno when that is supposed to be paid since my account has been deactivated.. and support is no help!

  12. How many forfeits can you do within a certain time frame? I accepted a block in error once before and forfeited and I received one of those emails stating it affected my ratings. I am never late but today once again I accepted one that was dropped by driver within 20 minutes of the start time so I am not scrambling to get there on time. It seems unfair to penalize me for either being late or forfeiting when drivers drop these blocks last minute and other drivers are eager to get one who haven’t gotten a block in days.

    1. Unfair? YOU grabbed the block, nobody FORCED you take it. And why do you assume that another driver dropped it within 20 minutes? that is actually the normal time when blocks come out. Analyze yourself, you probably make the same excuses in every job / gig that you participate in. But to each their own, makes it easier for the rest of us to grab more blocks.

  13. Tonight and other times before I had late deliveries.
    Of course I did call support.
    But it was not my fault! it was Amazon system and the guys at the warehouse!
    – One time delivering a restaurant order and then I got new pick up, the new pick up wants me to be at the restaurant in 3 minutes! where I need at least 10 minutes! (this is late pick up). Another one where it says pick up arrival at (7:30) and the time when I am done delivering the previous delivery was (7:45) ! (amazon fault late pick up).

    – Another time like tonight where I got sent to newseasons warehouse and when I arrived it says wait outside until called, I did but its getting late! finally I got them and started delivering and of course the last two deliveries are late! (Late delivery because amazon warehouse workers) !

    So I hope that they realize what is happening and don’t deactivate me. I had many late deliveries and I got the email telling me that.

    By the way so far I got 10 emails about late deliveries, but again their fault.

  14. Hello
    I received an email warning that a customer said not received his package. This is the fourth time I have this issue. However I am very careful if customers are not at home I call them if no answer I return items.

    Did any body receive such warning? How much items mixed before deactivating account?


    1. You are not alone I have received this message before but not that many times. I mark all packages unsafe location and bring them all back to the warehouse if nobody is home. I also leave a “I MISS YOU” sticker on their front door with the date / TBA tracking number . Amazon said drivers are responsible for all packages because we are private contractors. I drive for Lyft as well and if there is ever an issue with a passenger Lyft protects the driver! I have been driving for Lyft for over 2 years. Amazon needs to protect their drivers as well. They need to make a system to where this package was delivered and not blame the driver. It’s not the driver’s fault the customer did not get it. It’s not driver’s fault their not home, It’s not the driver’s fault they do not answer their phone. The driver is just going from point A to point B scan drop go scan drop go.

      I would like to know what is a safe location on the front porch? So you are standing on a porch and you put a box behind a pillar or a potted plant. You tell yourself okay it’s in a safe location nobody can see it. You stand by the car and you tell yourself nobody can see it but you know it’s there. However you are not saying to yourself. Did anyone across the street in another house see me put it there, did any cars follow me when I pulled over, was there anyone sitting in there car watching me from a distance. So now you ask yourself if someone takes it after you placed it in a safe location which Amazon Team & Amazon Support feels behind something on the porch. To me anywhere in the front yard including the porch is a unsafe location. Safe location to me would be dropping it over their back gate, handing it directly to the customer or dropping it off in a mail room.

      When you see a UPS driver drop a package off without handing it directly to the customer it’s because they are insured. If a package goes missing they do not put it on the driver. They scan the item and leave it. Sometimes a package may require a signature and those will be taken back. I know USPS or FedEx will have you sign for certain packages.

      Amazon just needs to get the ball rolling a little faster and protect their drivers because there are many people out there in the world who will say they did not get the package but they really did. I myself personally know a couple of people who did this in the past not to Amazon but other company’s and they got 2 packages of the same product. You have people out there that will lie and the company will believe them.

  15. I’m new to driving for Amazon Flex and I really enjoy driving for them. Once I am done scanning all my packages and putting them in the car, I begin my route. On my first day working was the hardest because I had no clue what I was doing. I knocked on someone’s door and they were not home. I walked back to the vehicle with the package not knowing if I should just leave it on the front porch or drop it over the back gate. I did not know if the package would break, if they had a dog that would tear it up, and I had nothing to protect the package if it started to rain. I noticed a UPS driver driving up the street towards me. He scanned his item and just left it on the porch after ringing the door bell (nobody answered either)

    Now me being in a really nice neighborhood (no crime whatsoever) I thought to myself Okay I will scan the item but not leave it in view of the street if their not home. So I scan the item marking it delivered (safe location) and left the package on porch behind potted plants, pillars etc I did this to many houses in the area but lots of people were home. Couple of days later I receive an email from the Amazon Team saying “A customer did not receive their package after I marked it delivered”. “If this continues to happen you will no longer be eligible to drive for Amazon Flex. Now I was thinking Okay which house was this because I was willing to drive back to that house to see if the package is still there and they just did not see it. I emailed Amazon back and they would not give me the name or address to this customer because of privacy. The driver is held responsible for all packages regardless if you drop it on the porch, backyard, giving it to a neighbor, etc If the customer does not get the package they will report it to Amazon and Amazon will believe the customer over the driver. I have over 40 – 50 packages in my vehicle per block. Then I received an email saying I did not call the customer under the help menu

    To protect myself I am keeping a log myself. This way Amazon can not say I did not call the customer. My cell phone company already agreed they will print out all phone calls made by me using the Amazon phone number. It will show the out of state number including the date/time This way Amazon can not say I did not call them.

    I also write down when I do get a hold of a customer requesting to leave it on the porch, drop it over the gate, give it to the neighbor next door etc. Then I call customer support letting them know what the customer requested.

    If this gets any worse and Amazon keeps accusing me I will start taking photos on where I leave it including the house/address Then Amazon can use google map and they will see it’s the same house when they look it up.

    1. Basically you are wasting your time. Amazon Flex don’t care about the Contractor, they rather cater to the lying Customer. I’m currently in a heated email exchange with Amazon Flex support, or rather non support. I worked for a Major Courier for over five years, I have seen and heard it all in regards to customer lying and stealing packages, here are just a few:
      1. Customer orders the items with the intent to fraud.
      2.Customer is home when you arrive, but will not answer the door hoping you will leave the Package, but file a claim they didn’t receive it.
      3.Customer leaves access code for entry, and give you two options for delivery. One is leave it at their front door of the complex, the other option is leave it at the Rental or Lease office knowing very well the Lease does not accept packages. You leave it at the Apt door, some day later you get a email from Flex support stating: Package not received.
      Amazon Flex very well knows that at any given time a Amazon Customer can and will lie about not receiving a package, its always in the Customers advantage. Its your word against theirs, and Amazon Flex needs someone to blame, and it will not be the Customer, why not? Because the Customer is always right.

      Amazon Flex is not in the Contractors Advantage, because Amazon Flex contradicts itself, for example. The Amazon Flex delivery Video explains how to deliver a Package to a secure place on the front Porch, however, there is never a secure place on the front porch, or any other place for the matter, when you have a customer bent on lying about receiving a package.
      Amazon Flex supported is supported by inexperience people, there only option is to deactivate you for any reason, even if you have proven they are idiots. I have been working for Amazon Flex of over a month now, and all I see now is new delivery drivers, because most of them that started around the time I did no longer work for Flex. Amazon Flex is shooting itself in the foot, by getting rid of some of their best delivery personal, and constantly replacing them with experience ones.
      One other thing, if you are going working for Amazon Flex, you better save half of your earnings for Taxes, no exception. By the time you run up the miles, gas, food, rear and tear on your vehicle, Federal, state, and or local taxes, more than likely you will be at a lost. Don’t kid yourself, some states are evil regarding not paying taxes, most Amazon flex drivers get into tax trouble. Why? Because they do not put away money for Taxes. Many end up using Tax money to support delivering for Amazon Flex, because they don’t realize that Amazon Flex is not profitable for the Contractor.

  16. what is ‘late delivery ‘ ? is it going over your assigned 4 hr shift? (or whatever hours block you accepted) or is it delivering past 9pm? or something else?

    im worried because i usually work morning 4hr shifts and lately i’ve been going over the 4hrs with increased number of pkgs…
    but so far i haven’t received a ‘late’ email yet, keeping my fingers crossed 🤞

  17. In phoenix they have us scanning in 70+ packages in 120 degree heat, on BLACKTOP in an uncovered parking lot using our metal smartphones. It takes my Galaxy less than 10 minutes to overheat in these conditions which has caused me to have to pull ALL the packages out of my car and start over again. My first day there I saw TWO drivers down the lane from me cursing for the very same reason.

    I left with a huge sunburn on the back of my neck that day. Despite showing up 20 minutes early it took so damn long to leave the station I ended up finishing late. My car literally couldn’t hold another box, it was DANGEROUSLY packed full to the point I almost couldnt see my rearview mirrors. AMAZON, how the fuck is this legal? You lower our pay from 72 to 53 dollars all the while increasing the number of stops??!? F you amazon.

    You guys can afford to put up some SHADE in the parking lots for your delivery drivers you insane, inhuman corporate beasts. What are you thinking? This is the sonoran desert one of the hottest places on planet earth and you are the biggest company in the world.

    Wishing the worst for Amazon’s future. You were kind when you were coming up, now that you are huge you have become a heartless leviathan. Shame on you.

  18. There has been a few times that i have stayed late but you don’t have to, if you feel like it’s gonna take you over just head back and drop off the packages or stay and email them from your earnings you made and tell them it took longer than the timeframe they usually tack on a few hours for the hard work.

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