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This post is for current drivers on a shift who have had some difficulty with the navigation aspect of the Amazon Flex App.  For the time being there are definitely some bugs, so just be aware that things can and will go awry.  Definitely submit feedback on issues you have while delivering.   Let them know when you are led to a wrong location or when you’ve been routed to a road that doesn’t exist.  Yes these things happen.  Not often, but once is enough.  Especially when you are headed to make a delivery and the actual drop-off is about 10 miles away from where it tells you,  you have arrived at your location.

For a backup you should have an app called Voyager: Route Planner.

When I pick up my route I ask for the slip that gives the addresses and time expectations for the deliveries.  Once I am all loaded I look at the list and see the order it is suggesting.  I then open Voyager which allows me to load the addresses (by voice) and hit a button that will also give a suggested route along with estimated time to complete.  Current traffic is also a consideration in the route.

Most of the time the route will be the same or it may simply be in reverse.  However, there are times when an entirely new order is given due to the fact that the Amazon App has an incorrect location for an address.  Oops!

Voyager also has a cool map feature that will show all stops so you can essentially eyeball your route and give it your local knowledge so that all deliveries are on time and you don’t have to drive extra miles.

The last cool part about Voyager: Route Planner is that it will calculate the miles of your route so you can create your own logs to help you be more efficient when tax time rolls around.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to recommend MileIQ for any drivers out there that want to make reporting at the end of the year a breeze.
    I worked with uber and lyft last year, and this made it really really easy.

    I will give this Voyager app a try as well, because whenever I use the Amazon Flex map, I am led to gated exits that don’t actually allow you to exit! Very frustrating.

    1. Thanks for sharing the tip! I haven’t tried MileIQ yet due to my phone’s short battery life when I’m running extra apps…I definitely need to upgrade my phone.

  2. I worked a 4 hour block last week and had aprox 40 deliveries. It seems like it would take too much time to enter 40 addresses into Voyager (even verbally) before I start my route. How many addresses did you have? Also, I did try to use an alternative gps app while having my AMZ gps app running. I found that my AMZ gps app would stop working if I went to the alternative gps app and I would have to restart the AMZ app navigation each time. I ended up abandoning the alternate gps app and sticking with AMZ. Ever had that problem. One last thing… I have found the AMZ gps app to be veerrryy….ssslllloooowwww.

    1. Wow, 40 deliveries for a 4 hour block! Way to go. I think my biggest was 14 for a two hour block. I guess it depends on the delivery city. I don’t always use Voyager during shifts. It really depends on the route and how well the Flex App has been performing. Sometimes after updates there can be a few bugs to work out. If the Flex App works well for you, definitely keep using it. I mainly use Voyager when I’m not familiar with a location. I verbally enter the info, and yes it can take some time, but really all I want to do is check their route against the Flex App’s route to confirm I’m not going to be doing any unnecessary driving. As far as an alternative gps app, I just use Google on my phone. When doing so, I stop navigation on the Flex App and close it. I then enter (or speak) the address and follow the instructions to the stop. Then I open the Flex App again, click the arrival button and swipe to scan my deliveries. You are correct in stating that you have to restart the Flex App. I’m not sure of a way around this. And yes, you are also correct in stating that the App can be slow, especially in certain areas…

    2. I tried Voyager today, and had the same feeling. It is way too much time to enter about 40 – 50 addresses by voice.

      One piece of advice that may help slightly is this: Amazon’s app is slow, so don’t ever press “Navigate” if you can help it. Usually deliveries will be in the same general area, so just follow the dot, and use clues like the street you entered from previously to help you figure out which direction to go. I mentally state in my head after looking at the map “left, left, 2nd right, on the right side,” or something similar. This way, I don’t deal with the slow loading time, and the extra data usage.

      It also helps to visually verify if the street destination is actually involved in the route. The app is buggy, and I’ve had times where it’s so far off that the street isn’t even involved anywhere in the route projected. In these cases, I use google maps. In fact, anything involving a decent distance, I simply use google maps.

      All these bugs are definitely indication that certain phones are not good enough. I was using the Virgin Mobile HTC Desire 626 for a while due to its cheap price, but it ended up being too slow when running multiple things, and too slow to scan QR barcodes.

    1. Hello Jessica. Once you submit your contact info on the Flex Website it all depends on the city you live in and the need for new drivers. I entered my information and did not get an email about orientation until about 4 months later. It really is a waiting game. You can try but I’m not sure if you will get a response or if that email is a good one. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  3. I had 51 pkgs for a 4 hr block and I have almost completely given up using Amz to navigate anything, I use Road Warrior, and while yes it takes time to add the addresses, its less time than the ridiculous routes amz app comes up with. I would find myself returning to the same street block as a previous delivery, 4 -5 stops later! Talk about annoying!

  4. Try using hete maps to navigate intead of the flex app. It is more user friendly and even alerts you when you drive over the speed limit.

  5. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment, I had 50 pkgs on my first 3-hour block. The Flex GPS app/program did exactly as mentioned in previous posts. Wrong street, wrong location, duplicate routes out of order and on and on. Needless to say, it took much longer to deliver.
    I am going to try one of the other apps mentioned. There’s got to be another way.

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