Talking Turkey

I have gotten a couple of emails from people either waiting to be onboarded or just wondering if they should even go through the process of signing up to become a driver.  The root of each question being, how much money can I or will I make?

As noted before, I can’t tell you how much you will make because I don’t know your work ethic, your attitude, your available times or your ability to focus on getting the shifts.

What I can say is that the amount of money that can be made is entirely up to you.

The cool thing I have found about this job is that although it is competitive to get shifts, for the most part the drivers understand that it essentially comes down to luck and persistence, so there are no hard feelings or worries that some are being treated better than others.  This breeds a camaraderie between drivers that makes you root for each other and congratulate one another on huge weekly paydays!

There is nothing I love more than to see someone’s deposit screen for the week showing $1,400.00.  (And even more in many cases.)  Mind you, this may only be for 35 hours of work.

As I have mentioned before, you will see a lot of the same drivers (the hustlers) over and over and it will become a common occurrence for them to ask you, “how’d you do last week?”  And it will be no big deal to ask them the same.

In a world where everyone is so dead set on hiding their income, this is very refreshing to me.  Not only does it motivate me by showing me the possibilities, but it just a cool thing to be able to congratulate someone on.  It makes the down time while waiting for your route a very cool experience.

So for all those still thinking, all this is great, but how much can I make, I will give you the following.

Over a two month period I personally averaged 28.49 per hour of work which includes tips and set pay.  From there you can figure out how much you could make for the week by multiplying the hours.  I hope I’m not insulting anyone’s intelligence here, but just in case someone needs it:  if I worked 30 hours in a week, my pay was $854.70.  And on a side note, during that two month period my hourly pay was as high as $43.50 and as low as $21.25.

As far as netting out your fuel costs per mile driven, I will leave that for you to figure out.  For my own vehicle the cost to me was around .095 cents per mile driven.  Again, this will vary due to the town you deliver, gas prices and your vehicle’s mpg.

I hope this helps those who have emailed me get a better picture of what to expect money wise.  I would love to hear about some record weeks.  Although my pay has not been as high, I will say I have seen a few hustlers clear the 2K level for a week of work…way to go!  You inspire me!


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