Secret Amazon Product Delivery

I’m sure we all got the same notification about the delivery opportunity coming up on July 30th and into July 31st.  One online website has mentioned that it could  be the new Harry Potter book!

I’m not sure if anyone has been confirmed to deliver as of yet, but I myself didn’t try.  Midnight to 2am isn’t sounding like my kind of block, so I’ll leave this one for you night owls and Uber drivers!  If you get scheduled, have fun!  Let me know how it goes.

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  1. I did this…

    Nah just kidding I haven’t done a single delivery yet, but I am curious if someone may be able to answer my question about having to be close to warehouses to get blocks. I’m still not sure how hours straight of the Method yields nothing when I would and could even do this work as a full time employee.
    Which brings me to a possible issue with what I sent to the regarding my insurance. I continuously receive requests for proof of my insurance. I’ve sent it in a half content times but I realize now that that none of the documents may have shown the full detailed coverage list. I sent in the proof 24 hours ago and of course sent one email begging for confirmation of receipt. I got nothing. So we shall see what happens.

    What was the special delivery? Anyone?

    1. The special delivery is this Saturday night/Sunday morning so no one knows, yet! And you don’t have to be near the warehouse to get blocks. You could be across the country and pick up a block in your delivery zone. But of course you would then have to show up on time!

      1. This is an extremely important question…

        I’m in the support webex and was just informed that Amazon Flex Prime Now does not start in Brooklyn until August. Is it possible that I have sent support 50 emails and gone to 10 support meetings and no one bothered to mention that my zone is not even ready until August? Please someone have this info.


      2. Wow! So I guess you are all sorted then and should be all set to go in August. And with that being next Monday, you may start to see some scheduled blocks and be able to pick up shifts very soon. I suppose your messages have gone unanswered due to them prioritizing responses to current active drivers. Since you were not “active” at the time of your emails they may not of had you in the system. Good luck to you on the start up week. Have fun!

  2. Thanks man but good news wouldn’t come with a bit of that’s not possible since I deliver in Brooklyn and have seen Amazon bags. Now there are lockers and what not so maybe that was not my thing….. But it seems wrong….of course the easy as hell way to find this out would be to actually bother to mention that when im begging them for the most simple of answers. So I’m way more confident now, however still skeptical and wondering why I saw a prime now bag. Will keep you posted….. Thanks for the continued help.

  3. Unrelated but it would be cool to see a post about the pros and cons of Prime Now delivery vs. regular package delivery.

    I just started with packages from a new warehouse and it’s amazing, but wondering if the grass is greener on the Prime Now side.

  4. I’m going to ask a favor of you. I feel badly having to since I don’t actually know you personally but I have to ask if you can use your established success and knowledge to find out what the hell is going on with this program in Brooklyn, NYC supposedly starting today. In my app I am listed under Prime Now and the code for what I assume is the warehouse UNY1.

    The basic point is I am really pissed off and sick and tired of the lack of clarity with this thing. To be honest I just find it all really insulting and demeaning to not be able to have a single person who can help me out to just know whether I am going to be getting a single delivery even if I began to click obsessively all day. I find it impossible to believe that I am available all day and night and was not assigned a single day. There is not a single way anyone would think they’ve been hired to do anything if not one single item explained in the videos appeared in the app…

    Would you be able to help me out? If not I’m going to have to find this warehouse and it would not be fun.

    Thanks man

      1. Can we try something simple like…. Are you able to send me what I should see in the app? What does your working app look like?

  5. Well I have to say that is comforting. Mine does too. But then the obvious questions are what made you look at that and think you should stick with it? It doesn’t look like you have a single delivery nor ever will. Why would you keep going back? And the next question would be how am I the only one who is questioning this so much? No one else on this site saw this app and doubted they would ever get a single delivery?

    The last thing that has me in serous doubt is that I went to another info session and they literally would not allow me to know a single location where packages get picked up. I explained very clearly and honestly that my only intent was to speak to another courier to see if I am good to go. They literally would not give me one. That is shady as anything I’ve ever been a part of. I’m a little bit more than frustrated and also losing money from insurance at this point.

    Is anyone else on the Brooklyn squad here?

    Thanks again for all your help man

      1. And then…. Just a month after initial confirmation that I was through all initiation. I got this today.

        Get excited! Amazon Flex is coming soon in Brooklyn

        Thank you for onboarding as an independent contractor with Amazon Flex! We’re excited to have you join the program and deliver smiles.

        Deliveries in Brooklyn are expected to begin in mid-September. We will email you the week before they become available. For now, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the in-app videos and set availability in the Amazon Flex app so that you will be matched to delivery blocks in advance.

        We appreciate your participation in the Amazon Flex program. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at and we will be happy to help.

        Forgive me if Im skeptical and angry. I mean someone could have informed me of that. They also made me give them proof of insurance 5 times.

        So what would you do?

      2. I would get excited and be ready to get some shifts in September. I’m not sure of the reasonings behind getting you onboarded so soon, but snags happen. At this point it’s up to you to figure out the play. The customer service side is very new for this Amazon subsidiary, there will be frustrations. Things will work out for you, I feel it!

      3. Thanks for the support. I wouldn’t have stuck with this so long if I didn’t think it was worth it but my patience has been challenged for sure. I have a thing where people refusing to communicate bothers me.

        The irony here is I could do the permanent client support thing. It’s what my career has been in.

        Well thanks again. Just hope this works out…. And I have to figure this insurance issue out

      4. Good luck with the insurance and thank you for your postings. You may have helped others without even knowing! Can’t wait to hear about your successes.

  6. I got chosen. Super lucky. It was Harry Potter books and other little items. But you did your block from 12 to 2 and were immediately asked if you wanted to do a 2 to 4. I jumped right on it, got back to the hub and the two to four group had nothing to deliver so they let us check in for the block and go home. If you’re a night owl like me 4hours plus tips for the work of two was worth it.

    1. As far as I know, they are at midnight. The 10pm release was only for the special delivery block. Maybe the times are different for each delivery city? Personally, I have never had much luck with the night, before so I just look during the day. I don’t think the ones at night would be push notifications. You would have to be actively refreshing to see them, otherwise you would still show the “X” flex icon on your phone after the fact.

      1. How do I refresh my app ? I have been looking to get blocks in the Baltimore location. I’ve had one block. The only other block I have seen available came across my phone while I was in the dentist chair.

      2. For some phones you have to leave the home screen by selecting another menu item and then go back to the home screen. Some phones let you do it with the menu key or the power button. It’s all outlined in the following post category:
        Definitely read “Ready to Deliver Today, The Method” and “Pinning Your Screen While Looking For Shifts.” There’s also lots of other resources on this site for timing and when to search. Best of luck!

  7. My account was terminated after working for more than 7 months in downtown Seattle. The email I recived was completely not fair and not true. Is there anyway to get the job again? Or how long do I have to wait to reapply?

  8. Hello, here on Las Vegas Amazon flex just started up as well. I received my acceptance email after my background cleard. However, when l log on to the app l see “Delivery Area” select your location, and the box is empty, submit faded. I tried refreshing many times like said in earlier post, but that did nothing. So my question is, am l waiting for a warehouse to become available? Do l uninstall the app then reinstall? I’m confused being stuck in the screen that has nothing. Thanks in advance for the help. Also, if I uninstall The app delivery, how would l get it back ??

    1. The screen you are talking about normally has a location for you to choose. I’m not sure why it is blank. I know Vegas is up and running but as you mentioned, maybe there is a new location coming online they are looking to fill? After uninstalling, you would need the link that was provided the first time to reinstall. Did support have any ideas?

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