Twas the Week Before Christmas: Flex Drivers Be Ready

As noted this afternoon with the email from Amazon, delivery volumes are expected to pick up and remain busy throughout next week.  Most drivers should have at least one block pre-scheduled.  If not, don’t worry,  in my opinion there will definitely be lots of opportunities to pick them up.  We are now down to the point where regular shipping isn’t going to cut it and people will need to choose the one and two hour options provided by Prime and .Com to get items by Christmas.

Drivers should be focused on linking shifts this week, so bring your food and water to limit extra stops.  Traffic will also be a factor, so do what you have to do to stay relaxed and focused.  After the recent slowness, I for one am very excited.  Here’s to a huge run of fortune next week and a very prosperous 2017 for all!

Drive safe.  Be safe.  Stay safe.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday season,



18 thoughts on “Twas the Week Before Christmas: Flex Drivers Be Ready

    1. I thought every Friday we will get offers customized for us only ? I never got any on Friday. Has that happened with anyone?

      1. Yes, the pre-scheduled shifts come out on Fridays but most of the time there are no offers. This is a very common occurrence. You will get most of your blocks by using The Method as outlined here. This week should be a great one for it.

      2. I got 2 this Friday after not getting any after about 6 weeks. I was late to a block I picked up when linking shifts and then I got a shift I couldn’t make using the method and had to forfeit….I used the method every minute and second that I can… many times a shift slipped through my fingers…..I provide this info because I am thinking that Amazon does rate it’s drivers somehow….drivers that work for flex on a more full time basis got more scheduled shifts (they are my friends and have no reason to lie, and often share tips and tricks with me). So for those of you needing more blocks, keep methoding it and keep up your good work….it will start to stack and your statistics will increase, stick with it. If you are impatient and feel entitled to many scheduled shifts now….this may not be a gig for you….

      3. I received the reserved blocks at first, but the app would only allow me to accept ONE. For the past 3 weeks I have received NONE. Support is absolutely useless–might as well be robots.

  1. Does anyone know if taking pictures of customer’s homes (to show how we hid packages) is a violation of our contract agreement?

    1. Not unless you’re making money off of it or can somehow identify individuals and link them to specific houses….after you get your weekly success rate email, you should be good anyway.

  2. Hi, I have a question. I’m pretty new to this so I’m not sure quite how the app works as far as multiple blocks in the same day. What I’m wondering is, if it’s, say, 3 in the afternoon, and I accept a block which starts at seven in the evening, will I still be able to pick up blocks between now and the time that it starts or only for after the end of that block? does that make sense?

  3. Just out of curiosity cause I haven’t heard anything yet, do we make deliveries on Christmas Day?

    1. I don’t see why not….procrastinators everywhere all the time….let us know if amazon pays more than 18/hr!

    1. Hello. Same day and next day blocks are put out at random throughout the day. Certain times are better than others to be refreshing your screen to grab them. Since the app update I’ve still had luck using the timeframes outlined here.

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