No Delivery Blocks…

So your first few weeks were busy.  Maybe you were scheduled for two different blocks totaling about 12 hours and then you picked up a couple of shifts when you got the push notifications.  Easy right?  Well…the next schedule comes out and you are competing with 180 other drivers to get a limited amount of scheduled blocks and you get…nothing.  So you keep your phone handy, waiting for the alert of a push notification, but you hear nothing.  You open the app and it shows you this:



So you close the app and go on about your day checking it now and again.  But you keep getting the same screen.  Now you’re thinking, did I do something wrong?  I showed up on time and delivered on time.  Did I get fired?  

Welcome to the point when you realize that this job is not about delivering packages.

This job is about getting the shifts to deliver packages.  

The sooner you realize this, the better.

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  1. Omg thanks for this you are so right. I started with flex a month ago and told myself there’s something up with this. That flex is way to good to be true. Had to be a catch. Now I see you have to play the game to get the hours fighting the hundreds of others. Love flex thou it’s great!

      1. Amazon flex they blocked my account without any reason. Now how I am gonna activate my account. please let me know

  2. Late delivery Amazon flex driver deactivated from app, how to get activated do you have any idea?

    1. When you say you are deactivated from the app, is it just not letting you log in? What is happening? Normally with late deliveries they send you a message first. I’m not sure of your circumstances but I would follow the steps here:
      It may be tough to send a message direct to support if you are locked out though. You will have to use regular email and their support address. If possible, let me know more about the situation and I’ll see what I can come up with. Good luck.

      1. Hi

        ever since thursday I have not received any daily offers while my friend is at the same time and I am one that constantly checks and refreshes every minute, I would always receive a block but not this time. for the past 2 days it has been the same. It seems like they have done something from me receiving daily offers on the other hand instead I received 2 reserved blocks today. But I am looking for those daily blocks. Any advice you can give. I have tried messaging customer support but they don’t help. They repeat the message again. I

    2. I was also deactivated today. I’m trying to find out if there’s any hope to be reactivated. To the other comment or when he says late deli’very he means arriving late to a shift.

      1. Ok, thank you for clarifying. I’m sorry to hear about the deactivation. I’m sure most of this goes without saying, but If you are on the way to the warehouse and don’t think you are going to make the shift on time, you should definitely forfeit the block. That way it goes back out for someone else to pick up. You wouldn’t be able to sign in once you arrive anyway, so there’s no need to hold on to it. On rare occasions when things are really busy, I have seen the warehouse manager manually allow the driver to sign in after the designated start time, but that was only on an extreme need basis. The more in advance of the start time you forfeit, the better. Let me know what they say on your reactivation.

      2. Hi there. Where you ever able to get reactivated in the Amazon Flex system? I was always late to my box because I didn’t have a sitter and after getting my first check now I have a sitter and have my daughter at daycare all day so it’s easier to just pick up a block but of course Amazon doesn’t know that and they don’t really care what the situation is if you’re late they just terminate you. So that super sucks but just wondering if you were able to get reactivated?

    3. Its better if you look for another stable job because this kind if contract job dont give you guarantee. You know they dont care if they mess you up. They are one of thousands greedy. Exploiter company

    4. A couple months ago, I received some sort of legal document from Amazon that stated, and correct me if I’m wrong, a driver could mediate if the driver thought something Amazon did to them was unfair?

  3. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the advice on your site! The first week I signed up with Flex, I was unable to work any hours, and gave up on finding shifts. Then, I came across your site explaining how the refreshing works, and I’ve been able to pick up about 10 hours or so.

    I love the part-time job, but the only catch is getting hours is really tough!

      1. I am getting stuck on the “choose your delivery area* screen. It doesnt let me type in the box or choose an area. Please help?

      2. Did you log out and log back in to try again? Also, some have luck in deleting the app and reloading. Make sure you have the link though before deleting!

    1. how do you refresh? I have been all squared off for about 3 weeks now and now once have I received any notifications of available blocks. I have checked daily on a regular basis throughout the day and I never get the Ready to Deliver option. My idea of refreshing was signing out and signing back in to the app. Is there a faster way to refresh? Is it normal to go weeks without any available blocks??

      1. Hello Ivan. I’m sure the blocks are there, they are just gone in a millisecond! You do not need to sign out and back into the app to get it to refresh. I have written about a number of tips on the best times to be looking for a shift and how long it takes refreshing before you can expect to see a shift pop up. I would start with this post about the timing for your searches and read the next 5. I would also pay special attention to the featured articles. Best of luck.

    2. Recently been hired to work for Amazon Flex. However for the past three weeks I have not received any open shifts. Every time I turn on the app schedules are blocked. Is there a trick or something?

      1. Hello Aus. The trick is refreshing the screen. You can look at some of the featured articles in the drop-down menu at the top of this site to get started. Let me know if you have further questions. Best of luck to you.

      1. Hello Dave. Take a look at the blog post “Ready To Deliver Today, Part 2.” It’s on this site if you haven’t already come across it.

  4. Thank you for your Advices ! Wow I really like your Block. Question : What can you tel me about beeing ” Blocked ” when you try to pick up shifts ? After how many blocks a week you get blocked ? Than you again ! 🙂

    1. Hello Ariana. Some people note being deactivated, but so long as you are in good standing you should not be “blocked” from picking up shifts. You will not get blocked because you pick up too many. In some areas you can link them all day if possible. I have known drivers to link 10 to 12 hours. Some have even linked more! I’m glad you have found the site useful. Thank you for the kind words!

      1. Perfect ! Thank you. I dont know whats going on but sometimes we can not see the blocks!
        And what about having a 9 stop 140min block ? Here in Orlando is very normal to get those kinds of Blocks and the problem is that its hard to try to get another shift or even if you have been shedule you get late to Amazon and they try to give a one Hour delivery but sometimes you just sit for two hours without tips . 🙂

      2. Yes, the blocks that come available are normally gone in less than a second. You have to be refreshing your screen just as it’s released to see it. On more than one occasion I’ve been sitting next to a driver who picked up a block that I didn’t even see! Those 140 min blocks are insane. I think each warehouse has their share of routes that just set the drivers up to fail. I guess you take the good with the bad. I definitely like to get to the warehouse earlier than my shift just to make sure I go out with the main push for the block. It can be hard though when you are out delivering and you just don’t get back at a reasonable time. I’m not a fan of sitting for the entire block either!

  5. Hi, I signed up with amazon flex and for 3 month ‘s didn’t get anything. I had all but given up and had quit checking to see if I had been scheduled when I got a email telling me I had missed a scheduled block. Since then I’ve been checking serveral times a day and have made a few deliveries. I t seems to me that entire system is a lottery to fufull amazon deliveries. I am happy to get deliveries when i can, but not a real good solution for soneone depending to include income in your budget. Also I feel pretty sure that if you miss blocks 1 tine too many their machine will eliminate from its lottery altogether. Just bussiness.

    1. You are definitely correct. If someone gets in the habit of being a no-show they will definitely be weeded out. Or in some cases deactivated. Definitely pay attention to your schedule.

  6. So I have been a driver for about 9 months and each time I have been sent to the seedier parts of town I used my best judgement to either leave a package or not. On 3 separate occasions I got an email from Amazon stating that a package I marked as delivered (have to be at the location to deliver it) was reported by the customer as not delivered. This morning I got a different email saying my contract had been terminated due to that. Is there no recourse for defending myself? I worked 10 shifts a week and 3 missing package emails over 9 months doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    1. I agree that there should be some type of recourse for you to follow. In the end it’s your word against the customers. There are a lot of dishonest people out there. It sucks for the honest ones. Sorry to hear about this. I’m not sure what action to take. Maybe someone is reading this and can offer some advice to you that is above my knowledge level.

    2. I received the same email, I contacted Amazon and they have refused to reactivate my account which I believe is highly unfair.

      1. Same thing happened to me delivering to city areas got email packages not received. They deactivated me would not reactivate

    3. Hi there were you able to get reactivated in Amazon Flex. I also have that issue where they deactivated me due to being late to a block several times I. I didn’t know they had any rules for that. Not sure what to do to get reactivated

    4. From the last email “customers not receiving” to the day you got deactivated, how many days apart was it? did day deactivated you right away or what? thank you

  7. Where can you find your Amazon Flex rating? I thought Flex drivers were supposed to get some sort of weekly/monthly newsletter to let them know how they’re doing(?).

    1. Yes, there is a weekly email that shows your successful deliveries and reliability. A delivery is considered successful when it’s on time. The reliability relates to how many blocks you were scheduled for that you completed.

      1. Oh, really? I’ve never gotten a weekly e-mail and I’ve been with them 2 months already. I’ll have to contact them.

      2. When you said, “on time,” what does that mean? Does it mean if you’re scheduled a 4-8 block, it’s on time as long as it’s delivered within that time period?

      3. I’ve been delivering for about 6 weeks, never received a weekly email other than my pay statement. I drive .com rather than Flex (didn’t know there was a difference until stumbling onto your blog!). Not sure if that matters.

      4. It seems .com drivers don’t get the weekly rating like the Flex drivers. As you know, you will get notices of packages that were reported as undelivered. I guess the fewer of those you get, you can assume your rating is fine!

      5. I contacted Amazon about my weekly rating and they said they were having technical issues. It’s been a couple of weeks and still no email, other than a customer’s claim that they didn’t get a pkg I know I delivered.

  8. LOL. I’ve become so obsessed with checking this app, that I sometimes feel like the person no one wants to pick for the team when I don’t get a shift.

  9. My account was also deactivated. The reasoning was too many packages reported as not received when I marked them delivered. I only ever received two customer satisfaction emails. It really sucks if I have zero chance of getting my position back. I did this job for 5 months 5 days a week minimum and I’m really going to miss it. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Sorry to hear, Ross. Something will eventually need to be done with the packages being reported as missing or not delivered. Especially when the driver dropped them off at the right place. I’m not sure if it’s going to come down to taking a photo of the package at the house or not, but it definitely is not fun for the honest drivers out there. Email support to see if you can plead your case and give them time to respond. Good luck.

  10. Hi. Yesterday I was schedule for 3 hours delivery (1:00-4:00 pm). I got almost 20 packages. I was stuck in traffic, many detours and houses with difficult access. At 4:00 pm I had 8 packages left. I decided to finish my duty. Finally I arrived at the storage returning 1 item at 7 pm. I requested any kind of compensation for these 3 more hours. Supervisor said I must send an email to amazonflex. I did, the answer was “thanks but we could not pay por your dedication”
    I feel disappointed. I sent a email back saying :
    ” Employees are the most important customers ” .

      1. Last week it took me 6 not 4 hours to deliver 75 packages to apartments. Still took back 18. Are you saying that trying to make the deliveries is wrong? That I should have taken the packages back that I could not get to? This week I’m not getting blocks showing up on my app. Only 1 late today but not during our 10pm quickdraw (that’s when all the morning shifts are posted).

      2. Last week, it took me 6 hours to finish a 4 hour shift. I had 75 packages mostly to apartments which take longer plus I call residents to see if I can leave the package (not anymore). I still took back 18 packages and the guys at the warehouse appreciated that I tried and took the extra time. So instead I should stop at 4 hours and take back what I can’t do. Sounds like I’m screwed either way. This week I’ve only had one block pop up.

      3. Hello kellyray62! Finishing the route is the expectation so just stopping when the block ends will definitely put you on course to be deactivated. With time I think your process will become more streamlined and you will be able to finish the 4 hour blocks in 3! Glad to hear you stopped calling customers. Although it seems right from a customer service standpoint, it is just a waste of your time. If the deliveries aren’t marked “attended” then just leave them in the safest place and notate in the app exactly where that was. As far as returning items to the warehouse, I would only return those that I marked “undeliverable” with my reasons noted. I do my best not to have any of these though because I can’t stand having to go back to the warehouse when I’m not scheduled for the next block! I hope things go smoother for you.

  11. my account also been deactivated due to “Customer not receiving package”.
    I like this work…but .
    Is there any way to get it activated again?

    1. To my knowledge, I have not heard of anyone being reactivated. It does not mean it can’t happen, but lots of people are going through the same thing as you. Start with an email explanation to the company and see what happens.

  12. Today I got an email saying too many “packages marked as delivered not delivered.” Sucks because I have worked everyday for 2 months maybe have delivered over 3,000 boxes and I got maybe 4-5 not delivered emails and they deactivate me. I’m very upset because there is no way to prove that I’m innocent and I have delivered each and every package. Sad because I really enjoyed working for flex. I actually took pride in the job and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize losing the contract. I’m very upset.

    1. This situation is becoming more and more common for drivers. It’s terrible. It’s almost like you have to take a photo of the packages in the location for proof. I’m not sure if it’s people stealing them off porches or dishonest recipients reporting them not received, but it’s certainly something the company needs to look into.

      1. I received my first e-mail from Amazon in almost three months of doing this stating a customer didn’t receive a pkg I know I delivered. Just like Erika, I take pride in what I do as well, so I know I delivered each and every pkg.

        Amazon should definitely look into this!

      2. I’m sorry this is happening to Flex drivers and sorry this happened to Erika. I received my first e-mail from Amazon last week, since working for them for almost 3 months, stating a customer didn’t receive a pkg I know I delivered. As Erika stated, I also take pride in what I do, and delivered all of my pkgs and/or took them back to the warehouse.

        You’re right. Amazon definitely needs to look into this! (…or do they care more about their customers than their independent contractors?)

  13. I just started with flex, 1st block 3hrs had 62 packages 2nd shift 66 packages 3hr block. Both blocks took 4hrs to go. What gives? I was hustling my ass off. Both were residential with few multiple packages no business and drive ways were total 75 feet car to door avg!!!

  14. I had the same experience with customers not receiving packages. Below is the email I sent to Amazon.
    I have always made sure that I delivered all packages and have NEVER scanned a package and intentionally not delivered it. I have absolutely no control what happens to a package after I deliver. I think it’s interesting that when I deliver to houses I never receive a complaint, but only when I deliver to apartments. You should review how many packages I delivered and how many complaints… I’m sure it’s a very small percentage, less than one percent. I have worked hard for Amazon and feel that I am being treated unfairly. I am an honest person and would not do anything to damage my reputation or Amazon’s. Please reconsider your decision and please respond.

    Amazons Reply:

    Hello ,

    Thank you for contacting Amazon Flex about the termination of the Amazon Flex Independent Contractor Terms of Service and for providing additional information. We reviewed the information you provided but this additional information does not change our original determination that you are no longer able to participate in the Amazon Flex program. Accordingly, we will not be reinstating your access to Amazon Flex.

    Thank you for your participation in Amazon Flex, and we wish you success in your future endeavors.

    Thank you,
    The Amazon Flex Team

    1. they are %&*holes about the whole thing, they have so many people that can do the job, they genuinely don’t care why they let you go, they just need to figure out how to cut the numbers somehow

  15. Hello I just started yesterday with Amazon flex. I made a mistake of choosing Plano, TX . I haven’t gotten a chance to choose any blocks yet. It’s been very frustrating cuz I tried reaching out by email for help but haven’t heard anything back. I also tried to login for the Q&A meeting but it always says “the presenter has not started the meeting”. I cleared my data and cache to see if it work but it still pulls up my data. Does anyone know how I can change my facility preference or the location??? Please I’m eager to work but It’s frustrating when I can’t talk to someone physically about these type of issues.

    1. If there were other options available then you should be able to get them to switch your site. They seem to be very slow to respond to emails at their support address. Has it been more than 5 days since your email to them?

  16. Reactivation doesn’t exist. theres so many people competing that if you are deactivated, you are dead to amazon.

    I’ve been emailing them for weeks and can’t even get a simple response of “no we will not reactivate”

  17. Where are most of you delivering packages? Cause it seems to me there are alot of deactivations. I am located in Rockville, MD, most drivers quit before deactivations happens. They have a very high turnover rate over here, even Baltimore. Although Amazon’s communication is terrible however job is easy and worth it.

    1. Receiving scheduled shifts is a rare commodity in certain areas. You can certainly try and pick up some blocks using The Method described on this site. It can take some practice but once it starts flowing it gets easier. I wish you the best.

  18. Hi you mentioned something about best times to check for Blocks..can you direct me where can I read about it? Thanks!

  19. In addition to Paula’s question, there have been a lot of updates to the Flex app of late and I was wondering if your methods have changed in reference to linking blocks or attempting to obtain a same-day block. (Where I live, the drivers go on the app at night to get a block(s) for the next day.)

    1. Hello Coffeebrown44, I’m still using the methods as described. I have tried to secure blocks the night before but I don’t have any luck. Maybe it’s my delivery city? Even with recent app updates I have been able to pick up available blocks regularly. I have especially had good luck about 45 minutes before a block begins with my average search time being about 10 minutes. For example I start looking at 1:15pm for a 2:00pm start. Just make sure you are within a reasonable distance to get to the warehouse on time!

  20. I was told at the warehouse that if you can’t give the package to a person, put it behind the screen door, or hide it you should not leave it. Especially with the holidays coming, stolen packages will increase. It must be left somewhere safe.

  21. Hello there!

    I signed up for Amazon Flex for three times and never here from them. I could’t find phone number or email address for them. Can anyone help please?

  22. Hello
    I’ve been delivering in Baltimore for appx 9mos and started at one station and moved to another without request. Location I was moved to just recently closed to drivers(heard by word of mouth, noting came from Amazon directly). Asked if I could go back, was told I could do so, but would take a couple of weeks and to clear my availability.
    I believe the company is beginning to try something “new” as far as deliveries and not saying much to current drivers in case it does not work out.
    Anyone in Baltimore (Holabird) not getting work????

    1. Well at least for me, I have signed up to be new Amazon flex and showed my interest. However, there was no word at all!
      I’m not sure if they are even accepting new applicants. No idea

      1. Unsure, when you said you were “moved to another station without request,” does that mean without notification they just moved you from one station to another? I’ve never heard of that happening. I have heard people requesting to be moved to the Holabird station because that station pays more (LOL thought they all paid the same) and that they deliver food and non-food items. But I’ve also heard that it’s hard to get blocks at the Holabird station just like it is now at the Baltimore Highlands station.

        Whatever the case, hope things pick up for you, me and everyone else.

  23. Unsure, pretty much the same has been happening to me, but in Baltimore Highlands. Over the summer, was able to get a lot of blocks, but now, I’m barely getting anything. When I would log on at night to schedule blocks, sometimes “Schedule Open Blocks” would not come up at all or if I was able to schedule a block, the shifts would go like lightning speed!

    Wish Amazon was more transparent about what they’re doing! Wish they were more transparent about a lot of things!

  24. Did the app update for you? Like i posted earlier. at 10 pm it was the best time to get it. I got an email from flex about a update to my app. now i have no idea how to get blocks. But i think its like a 2nd tier app. For those who complained. Cuz i complained about a dock worker. Then got a message and app update. 0.o

  25. When a block becomes available does a notification on my phone at the top corner appear like an email or a missed call, or do I have to go to the app and update all day hoping to see a shift show up? I already put my shift availability up on the app will amazon only show the blocks available during my shift availability only or just blocks throughout the day. I’m new so I’m still learning

    1. Hello Paul,. A push notification will not appear when there are shifts available. You have to actually be refreshing the app to see the ones that become available throughout the day. During really busy times you might’ve get a push notification but they are rare. The block notifications that come up throughout the day are not related to your availability calendar. You will see all blocks available. Hope this helps and good luck!

  26. Does anyone deliver in the Los Angeles area? I’ve been on the app for a month and haven’t had one delivery yet. Idk what’s wrong. I read your tips on getting blocks so I’m going to do that but I’m not sure if Los Angeles flex is very limited with blocks?

    1. Hi Amber….I was onboarded in L.A. at the beginning of November and was fortunate to get five blocks in my first two weeks. I have not received any blocks since the app was updated.

  27. I drive for flex in Las Vegas I have doing this for about 9 months for part time work. Many of our blocks are done 24 hours before the shift. I would look for a block at 7 am for a block the next day. I rarely see a block for the afternoon most of our blocks seem to be in the morning. We start at 7 am and the last one I have seen is 1030 am.
    I have started taking pictures of deliveries when they are in not so good places just to protect me. I have gotten an email but have sent the days worth of pictures and never heard back from them.

    1. Im a flex driver in San Diego and started Sunday. So far it’s okay.i picked up 4 2 hour blocks in 3 days.I thought today (Thanksgiving)would be extremely busy but i didn’t even get 1 block.Their app definitely needs work because it will send me somewhere that normally takes 20 min.and it will mark as late when the package was actually delivered 30 min earlier than scheduled.They dont seem to understand or care that the app messes up.

  28. Im a flex driver in San Diego and started Sunday. So far it’s okay.i picked up 4 2 hour blocks in 3 days.I thought today (Thanksgiving)would be extremely busy but i didn’t even get 1 block.Their app definitely needs work because it will send me somewhere that normally takes 20 min.and it will mark as late when the package was actually delivered 30 min earlier than scheduled.They dont seem to understand or care that the app messes up.Oh and i also want to stress how important reading and following customers instructions is.Some people say dont knock call just drop it on the porch.And some say call or text me when its on its way.So pay attention to those details.If you have a go pro,i highly advise recording your deliveries.Actually Amazon should provide everyone with a bodycam in my opinion.Im sure they can afford it!

  29. I just started with flex a week ago. So far so good. I see on my calendar for next week there aren’t any gray dots and I didn’t receive anything for a reserved block but for next month I see the gray dots all over. Can someone tell me why I don’t have gray dots for a week straight

    1. The gray dots mean you have made yourself available that day. If you are offered a block and you accept it the dot will turn orange. Once the schedule comes out for the week and you have no offers the dots disappear. The fact that you have no gray dots for the week simply means that there were no offers.

  30. so, what is .com delivery? how does it work?
    any body delivery in Irving, Tx did’t get any blocks …

  31. My onboarding is complete but when I open the app and sign in all it says is no blocks are available. I completely understand that blocks are often hard to come by and it’s totally fine. However, I do not have any other options within the app to update my availability or to do anything else. All it says in red is there are no blocks available. Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

    P.S. I am checking the app daily and especially today, Friday, as they said most blocks are released on Fridays.

  32. amazon should send a survey to each customer that receives a flex delivery to gather metrics to establish a system where the best drivers have a higher chance to setup reserved shifts, i have driven for flex since nov 2016 and now see for 3 weeks no reserve shifts coming out despite have complete availability, in talking with other drivers those that are experienced arent getting them and only new drivers do, or those that drove but then dropped off so it looks like flex is fishhooking drivers so their will be tons and then you have to compete.

    1. There is definitely a way for Amazon customers to complain or praise their delivery driver. I’m sure those metrics are somehow inserted into offers and ratings. It wouldn’t make any sense for a driver that receives regular complaints to still be getting blocks. But then I’m just guessing. I do agree that when drivers are doing a great job and get some praise they should without a doubt have more offers and not have to fight to work. Maybe it will eventually be this way but for now we just have to accept that the job is still just getting the block.

  33. It seems one week I can pick up blocks daily but the next week there are none. Do they release available blocks to a certain group of drivers or everyone? Seems as if it’s a type of rotation. Like this week you get offers, next week lucky to get two. Friday before last I received six consecutive days of reserved blocks through an email and of course took them all. For this week no reserve blocks. Hoping to pick up a few blocks during my morning app stalking!

  34. Another slow week! Picked up a block on Monday now nothing. Anyone in Riverside getting any offers this week?

  35. I just got accepted as a Flex driver 3 weeks ago. I downloaded the app and passed the background check. I live in southern california inland empire. I have been checking app at least twice a day for 3 weeks already. I have not receive any delivery block. The app shows ” there arent any delivery openings in your area at the moment. Check back in the next day or two to see if any openings become available”. Is this normal? Thanks guys.

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