Where Most Luck is Found

As mentioned before, getting a block depends a lot on luck.  We already discussed how your location can contribute to being lucky, so now I’ll discuss the timeframes when the hustlers seem to be the luckiest…

The timeframes I use below translate to a block that begins on an hour.  6am, 8am, 10am, Noon, 2pm and so forth.  There will often be more than one opportunity to pick up a shift during the time windows, so if you miss one, don’t worry, another may come.  Remember that things like this will vary for each location, but what I have found is the following:

If you are looking to work a 12pm to 2pm shift you should begin looking for the block around 10:40am.  You could even go 10:30am on this, but the meat of the search will be from 10:40 to roughly 11:20am.  I’m not saying blocks aren’t offered outside these times, but this, in my opinion, is where most of your luck will occur.  If you are only ten minutes away from the pick-up site, I would try right up until 11:40 if I really wanted to drive.  If you are at the warehouse I would try right up until the hour.  It all depends on your preferences and strategies.

So looking at the above you now realize why I said that the job is not delivering packages.  The job is getting the shift to deliver packages.

As you can see, I may spend anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes trying to get a 2 hour block.  It doesn’t always take that long.  I may pick up a block 10 minutes into trying, or I may spend and hour and 10 minutes trying and get nothing.  Like I said, that’s the job.  If the above sounds like too much effort, that’s great.  There are 10 hustlers ready to take the shift and it’s wages from you.  Myself included.


8 thoughts on “Where Most Luck is Found

  1. I didn’t realize it would be so hard to pick up a weeks’ delivery block through Amazon Flex. So far, since I started, just by luck I picked up a Thursday and Friday shift. I thought maybe this week I would get a week, but I didn’t get anything, NOTHING, NADA, this week. I don’t know if maybe I did terribly or I a customer complained or what. So, this Thursday I set an alarm to check the app for a delivery block for next week and still NOTHING.

    1. The schedule now comes out on Fridays, so most likely you will be getting your notification of next weeks shifts sometime today. Normally a push notification comes through late afternoon to alert you of these scheduled blocks. If you don’t get any scheduled shifts, you can definitely still pick up shifts with some effort. If you haven’t seen this post, definitely check it out: https://flexdrivertips.com/2016/03/30/ready-to-deliver-today-the-method/
      You can still make good money without being scheduled by using this method. Also check out the Pinning Your Screen post as well for an alternative technique. Good luck to you!

  2. Just wanted to say Thank you for putting this helpful site and the awesome tip on checking 1:15 hour prior to each block for available Block offers! God bless you bro!

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