Aside from what amounts to a generous hourly pay for many delivery areas, the main reason I keep delivering is due to the generosity of the Prime Now customers.  Although not always an exact science, I estimate that each stop on a route nets roughly five dollars in tips. That’s why in most cases, the more stops the better.  Lots of customers mention they included the tip when they submitted their order and of course I let them know my appreciation.  In the end, we really have no way of knowing who tipped what, but there are some simple things you can do to at least give yourself a better chance at the extra pay.

TIPS- To insure prompt service.  The true meaning of the word says it all.  Deliver on time!!!

Amazon Flex has an unwritten (or written?) rule that drivers not accept cash. This rule is not always followed and I completely understand the reasons some drivers take the “bird in hand.”  I personally don’t take cash from customers.  When it’s offered to me, I politely tell them I’m not allowed to accept it, but tips can be added through the app up to 48 hours after delivery.  Most people immediately say they will go back and add a tip and I of course tell them how much I appreciate them doing so.

I my opinion, the face to face interaction with customers leads to more tips, which is why I always ring the bell and wait for an answer.  But it all depends on timing.  There are routes when I may be in a hurry, so on occasion I decide to leave the delivery and move on for the sake of my next drop being on time.

As much as I believe in the face to face, though, I do recommend paying close attention to the delivery instructions given for each address.  You do not want to be the one who rings the doorbell when a note says do not ring the bell, sleeping baby!  That is one way to assure zero tip!  You also don’t want to ring the bell when you are asked to knock!  And you definitely don’t want to stand and wait for the door to be answered when the instructions clearly say leave on the porch.  Try to make a point of reading the instructions upon your arrival and before you scan the packages for drop-off.

Another simple tip is carrying plastic grocery bags with you on rainy days.  Not everyone has a covered porch and the last thing they want are wet items.  My warehouse does not provide rain protection bags on bad weather days so I carry them just in case I need them.  It’s the little things that could pay big in the end.

*The above is the easy stuff…the next stuff I mention is definitely a case by case basis.  I don’t advise doing any of the following, I’m just letting you know what I may do in similar situations, not things I have done!  I’m not saying that anyone should follow suit, and I hope everyone understands that being abolished from delivering could definitely occur.  I take no responsibility for what happens to you if you copy what I write.  Reader beware!!!!!

On many occasions I have gotten a call from the customer stating that they are stuck in traffic, held up at work, or locked in a basement, etc…etc…and they will not be at home to accept their cold delivery items. They are very aware that they have an attended delivery due to the app letting them know that cold items cannot be left on the porch.

So the call comes in during the route.  They give the reasons as to why they won’t be home.  I remind them that they need to be there for me to leave the items.  They explain that I should leave them anyway.  I tell them that I can’t possibly break the rules.  HOWEVER…I let them know that I have a few more deliveries that I have to drop off before I arrive at their home so it is possible they will be there before me.

At this point I check the location of the drop-off to see if I can adjust my route to give them time to get home.  If so, I will adapt accordingly.  I also ask them while they are still on the phone, where would you want me to leave the items?   This way, I am not exactly telling them no.  But I am also not telling them I will break the rules for them.

I figure that all calls are being recorded, so I don’t want to implicate myself going forward. I always get off the phone call by telling them that, I understand their dilemma and I will do my best!  Off course I’m going to leave the items exactly where they want!  Or at least, maybe I am!  As I said, it’s a case by case basis.  You have to use your own judgment.  I for one would never break the rules for extra tips…

Anything else you can think of?  Please let me know!