I admit, I’ve been a little lazy getting the new screen shots posted since recent app updates.  As most know, the new “money” screen no longer says Ready To Deliver, it now reads, Schedule Open Blocks.  

There is also a slight wording update to the No Delivery Blocks screen, but that’s really not a big deal.  Actually neither items are really a big deal in the progression of The Method, or getting blocks.  But for the sake of keeping things current, I decided to update this post with the new photos.

I have not written about app updates in the past because I thought new “features” that weren’t very good would be fixed in short order.  I figured other drivers would let the company know certain updates weren’t helpful just like I was doing.  But since a few of these items have stuck around, I felt it was time to address them.

The auto log out feature is terrible.  I guess the company wants to be sure that everyone gets the pushed app updates, but what a pain it is to log in every time.  We used to only log out when we decided and it was so easy to just open the app and start looking for shifts.  Not so anymore.

The next thing that’s awful is that the app no longer allows the ability to take screenshots?!  WTF?  So now when I need to notate items to back up reasons I may deliver late like in this post, I have to actually take a picture of my screen with another phone.  Not nearly as convenient.

I’m starting to wonder what’s coming next?

I definitely urge anyone who finds new features on the app that aren’t necessarily user friendly to email support and let them know.  Our voices may not be heard, but at least we can give it a shot!

Maybe these items are just not working for me for some reason, so let me know if you aren’t affected by these things or have found a way around them.