Amazon Flex App Updates (The Not So Good)

I admit, I’ve been a little lazy getting the new screen shots posted since recent app updates.  As most know, the new “money” screen no longer says Ready To Deliver, it now reads, Schedule Open Blocks.  

There is also a slight wording update to the No Delivery Blocks screen, but that’s really not a big deal.  Actually neither items are really a big deal in the progression of The Method, or getting blocks.  But for the sake of keeping things current, I decided to update this post with the new photos.

I have not written about app updates in the past because I thought new “features” that weren’t very good would be fixed in short order.  I figured other drivers would let the company know certain updates weren’t helpful just like I was doing.  But since a few of these items have stuck around, I felt it was time to address them.

The auto log out feature is terrible.  I guess the company wants to be sure that everyone gets the pushed app updates, but what a pain it is to log in every time.  We used to only log out when we decided and it was so easy to just open the app and start looking for shifts.  Not so anymore.

The next thing that’s awful is that the app no longer allows the ability to take screenshots?!  WTF?  So now when I need to notate items to back up reasons I may deliver late like in this post, I have to actually take a picture of my screen with another phone.  Not nearly as convenient.

I’m starting to wonder what’s coming next?

I definitely urge anyone who finds new features on the app that aren’t necessarily user friendly to email support and let them know.  Our voices may not be heard, but at least we can give it a shot!

Maybe these items are just not working for me for some reason, so let me know if you aren’t affected by these things or have found a way around them.



160 thoughts on “Amazon Flex App Updates (The Not So Good)

  1. Flex app no longer works on my Amazon Fire Phone after update last night. Uninstall and reinstall doesn’t work. Also I can load with initial program and get it to load, but will update no matter if I cancel or not. Never open just crash.

    1. It is unfortunate with the updates over the past months that the app logs you out automatically making sure you are auto pushed the new version when you log back in. Sorry about the app issues on your phone. One would think since it’s an Amazon Product it would be fixed in short order. Is there an update to your phone software that you need to complete? I would contact support, as you can’t be the only one to have this issue. I hope it’s worked out soon for you. Phone issues are no fun. I actually went through a Cricket outage on a Friday a few weeks ago right in the middle of a shift…oops!

  2. Amazon is really sneaky and Amazon likes playing games. You start out getting more blocks than you can handle and getting used to getting paid. It is addicting, Then BAM the rug is pulled out from underneath you, You no longer are sent blocks, They do not ban you from the app and they let you think that you are actually logged into the app. You may even have the same version of software as another driver. The difference is you are not getting blocks and your friend still does.

    1. I did notice with the most recent app updates we are not automatically logged out of the app anymore, which is nice. This is how it used to be and is very helpful for multitasking… Keep searching for the open blocks. They show up frequently, but are gone in a flash!

    2. Really? Uber and Lyft play games, too. Is it worth the trouble, especially as it’s only going to get worse as Amazon gets more drivers?

      1. There is definitely fierce competition for blocks, no doubt, but this service is still in the beginning stages. It’s only been a little over a year since the first warehouse went live. Yes, Amazon may add more drivers, but only if the growth supports it. From what I’m seeing in my city the growth is there, so hopefully more blocks come with it and things balance out. Time will tell.

      2. Thank you for commenting. I cannot say at this point. I do know that the first month that I started to deliver for Amazon, that I made almost half as what I normally do driving taxi. But, it was a normally very slow month for taxi. So, I may have not even made that much had I not done Amazon.

      3. Hello Support,

        I can’t access my account or upload the new amazon flex app,since three months ago due to a technical issues , it was not my fault and I would like to resume delivering with smiles as soon as you help me to gain access to my account, Thank you for your time

      4. Hi harder mina. I’m sorry, I don’t have anything to do with Amazon other than being an independent contractor like yourself. Have you tried deleting the app on your phone and going through the process of downloading it again through this link? Once you start the process it will recognize you are already signed up and provide the app to you. It may be worth a shot. Good luck.

      1. They are out there, Renee, but it takes a lot of patience and screen refreshing. It’s been very competitive lately due to a pre-holiday slowness and not as many blocks being offered. It will pick up though. Tis the season after all. Keep trying and good luck.

      2. I have the same problem it just keeps saying “sorry there aren’t any delivery openings in your area at the moment” At the top of the screen it asks where I would like to deliver but you can’t click on it to reply – this also appears immediately after I log on with no menu options – having only been onboard for a few days I am assuming this is normal – if not any help would be appreciated?

    3. Its amazing how every business and everyone is always out to get you-you complain about everything—why don’t you do something with your pitiful life as YOU make it sound and make something of yourself—nobody quits the corp world to drive a Taxi—you were most likely fired or you quit—-you make it sound like ALL Uber drivers are criminals—well how about all the Taxi drivers that commit terrorist acts or are tied to them—or rapes and such—does that sound like how you accuse Uber drivers—get off your ass and move out of the DFW area if you cant play by the rules….you my friend are a whiner—period.

      1. Screw You. It has been a while since I even posted here. I did give up the Corporate. you are clueless. And Most of the stuff I said about Uber, I said a long time ago. I am not going to delete my blog. Obviously, you do not deliver for Amazon.

        I have a life. Why don’t you get one. I hardly ever drive taxi, do Amazon, Uber or Lyft. I have a better thing going.

        You must be unhappy about something or else you would not even have bothered to comment.
        My blog post about Amazon has answered questions for alot of people. if you do not like it, then get lost. I do not need you. I started this blog to vent.

        I could give a rats ass how it does how it ranks or if people even see it. This is America. I can say whatever the hell I want to say.

        Get it. Get lost Loser

      2. Besides I did not quit the corporate world to drive a taxi. After I quit, It took me 2 years before I started driving a taxi.

        Like I said. I do not need you or anyone else to read MY blog.
        Mind your own damn business

      1. Please I signed up and downloaded the application but I can’t view my account whenever I tried logging in on the keep asking where would you like to deliver and didn’t give me list of states..I uninstalled and installed back but still getting same thing

      2. Hello Timmy,
        Send an email to support giving them your real name and user name for login. Let them know the situation with the app. Also tell them where you were onboarded to deliver and maybe they can manually set it up for you. The app does not let you choose a state, at least it didn’t when I signed up. It will only give you the choice of the city you signed up for when you first applied. Be patient with support, they aren’t getting back as quickly as drivers would like. Firing off a bunch of emails to them won’t help your cause.

      1. Once you submit your email and city you just have to be patient for them to contact you. Sometimes cities are not up and running so it could take longer. Other cities that are established will depend on the number of drivers they have and how many they need. Best of luck to you!

  3. I just started to work for driver in Seattle area from Aug 5, but I have several issue as below. I will be so thanks if someone help me. FYI, I am delivering foods, not packages to customer. Anyway, here are my current issues

    1. My Amazon flex app does not have any earning section/screen, so I can’t know how much that I make. Did I make something wrong when I installed or this app version is not updated yet ? It says it is Version 3.0.3242.0. How can I see my earning or how can I update this app ?

    2. Regarding the above issue to solve, I emailed Amazon flex support team over 5 times and their response is really late and they just keep saying “my email is not under Amazon account, please contact Amazon customer service to verify” OR they keep saying “my email address is not associated with Amazon flex account”. I am so so frustrated about their poor support quality and attitude because I emailed to Amazon Flex team in detail a lot of time about I called to Amazon customer service to verify which my email is under Amazon account and they confirmed me that my email is under my Amazon account and also I signed in using my existing Amazon account to Amazon Flex App to work on the road.

    I gave my phone number and name and all detail issue to verify me and to solve my issue to Amazon Flex team and I asked them please give me a call to verify me as soon as possible, but they only keep replying me using exact same words. They don’t go any further detail and they don’t do anything to solve my issues.

    I have no idea when and how open Amazon flex will pay me and how much earning that I have so far. Some one told they are sending earning information every Tuesday via email, but I didn’t receive this information so far also. THANKS

    1. You have the correct version of the app. Your earnings should be listed in the main menu right under the “Calendar.” Did you enter your bank account info for payment along with your personal info when you first registered with the app? Also, there is a specific note in the help section about who to email with very specific items when you are having technical difficulties. See if that email address is different from the one you’ve been emailing. I’m not sure about your email not being associated with a flex account. That sounds weird, especially if you are already out delivering and can scan. It would be your Amazon login ID that you most likely had prior to being hired. Make sure that is the one you first used when you signed in. Hopefully you get sorted soon.

      1. Hey, Thanks for your quick reply.

        1. Regarding the main menu on the screen
        FYI, As I said, I don’t delivery packages in my area, but deliver foods. For example,
        If Amazon customer place an order of foods at restaurant through Amazon prime now, Amazon Flex make us(called “Individual delivery partner”) to pick up an order at restaurant and we deliver an order to customer using Amazon Flex App on mobile. So we don’t need to scan the package and we don’t need to go to Amazon warehouse to pick up a package. I noticed on You Tube video a lot of Amazon Flex drivers are mainly handling packages, not foods. And also, I saw some of the Flex app screen shot thru youtube. They have “earning screen, and calendar as you said.
        But my flex app on the main menu has only three sections like “Account, Help, Feedback”. That’s it, No Earning, no calendar. And then also, when I stay on duty status, the screen show me other three sections like “Today’s Itinerary, Pick Up and Home” That is all

        2. Regarding others :
        2.1 When I installed the app followed by their(Amazon Flex) directions, It didn’t ask me to enter my bank account and personal infor. Do they ask them for you during the process of installation ? For me, It just installed like regular mobile app installation after completing the Amazon Flex informational survey and confirming your eligibility to deliver.
        2.2 There is no any other specific email other than in help section.
        2.3 Yes, if I turn it on the app for on duty, they make me on the road for delivery. I think which means they already hire me as an individual delivery partner and they have my Amazon account and phone number correctly. As you said, this is so weird for me too.
        Even I gave them my phone on email to verify me, it seems they don’t even make an effort to look at it.

        3. By the way, do they pay by check or on direct deposit ?. How often do they pay ? and When they pay ?

        4. At this moment, I have no idea what to do. This week will be the second week for me on the road.

        Thanks so much again

      2. Did you check under the menu item “Account” to see if there is a spot to add your bank? I entered mine in that menu right after I downloaded the app, along with my drivers license info as well. You should be able to enter it where it says “Bank Account.” The email you have is correct for support. Maybe you could get someone there to just email you a pay schedule to confirm your rates, such as hourly pay and tips, or just tips. You should also be getting a rate quote when you accept a delivery. Amazon pays weekly by way of direct deposit to the bank account you file with them. It is paid on Wednesday of each week. It can be a very hard process to get someone to contact you from support. I hope it’s something the company is working on because supporting the drivers should be a priority, not an afterthought. Maybe someone reading this has some ideas for you and can shed more light on your situation. Until then, I would definitely not be working for free! Figure out your pay.

      3. Yes, I already checked “Account section” on the menu.
        There are “Mobile number, Version Info, Transportation Method, Usage Data, View Legal Info” on the Account menu”. It doesn’t have a spot for Bank account and it didn’t ask me to enter my driver license info. I have no idea if the Flex app menu is different when someone deliver foods in the area. Even though, I think it has to show me about my earnings at least.
        I already worked for them during whole last week around three hours a day.
        God, I am so frustrated if they don’t pay for my last work. I think I have to take a legal action if they don’t pay to me after trying to contact them several times more.
        I feel like I am sending email to their wall. not to human.
        Thank you so much for your sincere help.

      4. Again, so sorry to hear about your dilemma. I still say no more deliveries until there is more clarification about pay. There must be a different app for only food delivery. In my location, if you have a food order it will just alert you to a different starting address vs. the warehouse. I’m not sure what’s going on in your locale. See if you can get support to give you a link to the online help meeting that occurs a couple times a day during the week. Once there you can message them directly in real time to get some answers.

      5. Do you know how to join the online help meeting and what time ?
        Does Amazon flex team member join the meeting also ? If they do, it will be so great.

      6. They used to have online meetings three times a week or so. There is a team member there to assist you with questions and app difficulties. I used to have the link, but must have deleted it because I can’t locate it. The email address you have should get the link over to you and provide the days and times.

    2. Billy, I had the same issue with email. What happened to me is when I downloaded the app I signed up with my Amazon Prime email account. When I had some issues I sent an email from my cell to customer support. I recieved the same replies from customer support. What I discovered is that My cell phone was defaulting to my gmail account so even though I was emailing from the app for whatever reason it was picking up gmail. I resolved this by logging into the email account that my prime membership is setup with and emailed customer support from there. That resolved my issue.

      1. Hi, this is Billy. I am so glad to hear you resolved your issue.
        But for me, NOT YET…. I joined On-line training session twice today to solve this issue. And I chatted to Amazon flex member. But they couldn’t solve my issue. They searched my both email, but they couldn’t find it on their system and they couldn’t find my name. That’s all they can do for me. They say just keep send email to support team thru my registered email. I used both of my email multiple time to solve my issue to support team.
        I still couldn’t understand how come even I chatted to Amazon Flex member about this matter today, they couldn’t even solve this issue and they say I need to email them regarding this matter because of their policy.

        Another issue that I have was there is no “earning section” on my Flex app. I chatted today about this matter also. They said clear data & storage and try to reinstall again.
        Yes, I did it, but it is still the same screen. THANKS

  4. Amazon needs to improve the Flex app by….A LOT! Numerous times it brought me to freeways and it will say “You’ve arrived…”. IT turns out the addresses would be slightly next to the freeway. And then there is the gate codes…. you can only view when you have tap on “I’ve arrived” which you can do when you are few feet from where you are suppose to deliver. But not when you are at the entrance of the gate (which can be several miles from where you are suppose to deliver, ergo the “I’ve arrived” will not pop-up) where you are suppose to punch in the code in order to get in. Seriously?!? Customers won’t pick-up the phone or their names are not even listed on the code box…so I just sit there wasting precious minutes waiting for someone with a code to go in. Lastly, the elusive blocks. Man, those open blocks are now becoming a rarity I have better luck finding monsters on Pokémon Go. They are gone in a heartbeat. I’m getting the feeling that there is over supply of drivers in my area.

    1. I have better luck finding monsters on Pokémon Go– lol In cases when I need to mark I’ve Arrived before it pops up, I just manually do it by selecting the I’ve arrived but GPS isn’t working option. That way you can view the codes. Also, before you get going on the next delivery that shows up on your route, the notes show up below the address, so if you remember, just write down the code then. I agree, lots of room for improvement on the app. Thank you for commenting.

  5. My account was approved a few days ago, but I can’t get passed the Delivery Area page in the app. There is no drop down bar with anything to choose from, and I can’t type anything in the space. I’ve uninstalled and then re-installed the app, and I still get the same result. Anyway to fix this issue?

      1. I was able to watch the 19 videos when signing up, but since my account was approved I haven’t been able to do anything

      2. Send support an email from the address you signed up with letting them know the issue. I know that they are not the fastest to respond, but maybe it’s an issue others are having and they can sort it out. Possible an update is coming in short order?

      3. Does someone know how to uninstall(remove) the Flex app completely on my phone so that I can download and reinstall the app again ? I can clear “cache / data of the Flex app. on the setting>application mgr, but the button of “uninstall” is in inactive. It allowed me to update the app only, not reinstallation.

      4. I was able to watch the training videos, but since my account was approved I’ve been stuck on Delivery Area page

      1. Amazon support is worthless. U can’t talk to no one. .. all that they do is send you the same links that they think you want to hear over and over again. They don’t have no personal input to your issue. I got approved August 23rd and I have been unable to drive this far. Because my app freezes when it comes to picking my delivery area. And when I tell them this they send me dumb stuff over and over again turn your phone off and I uninstalled and reinstalled it I’ve done everything they have said for the last 3 weeks and have not worked one day. Does anybody else have the intelligence to know how this app works when it freezes how to restart it all over again. My birthday was the other day and my license expired and they disabled myapp and Iwas finally able to see my home screen. then when I updated my license information I was unable to see my screen again when I logged in I’ve been. I have been unable to get the remedy for solutions to this problem they have not fixed it in over 3 weeks I have not driven one day I made a single dime I get no support from support

  6. Hello.. this is ahmed amazon flex driver columbus ohio. Am doing delivery almost 3 months still am struggling to get schudale and next day blocks open 10pm i tried very thing to get next day blocks 10pm but none.. i need help please

  7. Hello.. this is ahmed amazon flex driver columbus ohio. Am doing delivery almost 3 months still am struggling to get schudale and next day blocks open 10pm i tried very thing to get next day blocks 10pm but none.. i need help please
    My question is how can i catch next day blocks they release 10pm very night

  8. Should I have received an email about an informational session after I received the Welcome to Amazon Flex email? Thank you so much for all your help.

      1. Im having the same problem as DATRAVIA. I signed up for it and got the welcome letter but never got the other email about the online onboarding session. I’ve received the welcome email 3 days ago. how long should i wait to get the other email or should i contact support now. Looks like a lot of new flex drivers are getting this same error. Thanks.

      2. I don’t have my emails saved, so I can’t give the timeline I had between them. Maybe someone reading can? I actually think my link to the onboarding session came in the same email, but things could have changed now as far as the process goes. Hopefully someone else has more insight for you.

  9. Flex app not working for Galaxy Note 7. Phone is really new but is anyone else habing same issue?

  10. I have a phone of Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and I already has been worked over one week onboarding status, but Amazon still doesn’t recognize me and doesn’t pay to me. They say they don’t have me on their system and they say I didn’t register. Even I got the welcome letter and installed the app followed by their instruction and I already has been onboarding. Their support and their software are totally sucks for me. I can’t believe this situation. I joined several time for online help session and I chatted to Amazon flex support guys,but they couldn’t help for me. Be careful even you installed and registered you think. I recomment you would better do double check for your app and registration status.

    1. Sorry to hear about your situation. I definitely wouldn’t do any more deliveries without being paid. Your situation is becoming too common and I really hope the company is paying attention. How can they expect people to work for them if their systems are failing? Are they trying to grow too fast? I hope you get sorted soon. Thank you for the tip about drivers confirming their registration status. Unfortunately it’s becoming a theme.

      1. Hi, I finally reinstall the app on my phone and It looks O.K this time because there are a lot of sections that I need to enter my personal info. including my driver license, SSN. It was not before.
        Anyway, I am done for “tax, payment info. and watching the training videos. And also I gave some for “background check”. But it says “pending for background check” and it says it takes 2 to 5 business days..
        My question is do I have to wait for the status of background check BEFORE starting to work ?” or Can I just start to work now before the completion of background check ?
        No idea how it works and When can I start ?

      2. Yes, you have to wait for your background check to be finished. Mine took about 2 days. Once cleared, you will be able to set up your availability calendar and begin picking up shifts. Have fun!

  11. Just an update on my case… I contacted support and they reply pretty quick.. this is what they said:

    Thank you for contacting Amazon Flex!

    If a location shows as unavailable it may be due to an overwhelming interest in the Amazon Flex program. Feel free to select another available area, or check the app later to see if the location has become available.

    We are not able to confirm when any particular location will become available again, but we will reach out with more information if it does.

    Thank you,
    The Amazon Flex Team”

    So.. apparently theres nothing available for my area right now..looks like theres a lot of flex drivers here.. im in Las Vegas area. I hope this helps.

    1. I deliver in Vegas. Last I heard… was going to be a couple of months before they open it up here again. I’ve asked because people have been asking me.

    1. Yep, exact same problem here. Also, I signed out of the app and now it just keeps “checking for latest APK version” indefinitely without ever actually updating, so I can’t even sign in anymore…

    2. I am having the same problem. Even my past payment history has disappeared. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.

    3. It happened to me today. After I finished two blocks A pop-up showed I forfeited a block I just finished. Then all payment records went to zero. I’ve been doing this six weeks with no,concerns.

      1. So I been with Amazon like a week and my account is deactivated any chance anybody can tell me if they consider re-activating again? I emailed support after they told me no response .

      2. So I been with Amazon like a week and my account is deactivated any chance anybody can tell me if they consider re-activating again? I emailed support after they told me no response .

      3. Yeah it was and I delivered my packages , if I didn’t finish I would return them back to the wearhouse . They sent a few emails stating just that I responded and told them I’m doing what protocol says. Didn’t know rules change every month smh

  12. I got locked out ofvthe app and need the customer service number from it. Will someone please post it? Thanks.

  13. How long does the background check typically take I’ve been waiting since Aug 17th and I live in PA could someone tell me what’s going on? And I have no criminal background at all

    1. Normally it is just a few days. It may depend on how many drivers they are trying to onboard at the moment, though. If that is the next step, give it time. They will contact you.

  14. Hello this hayder. I drive for flex. The app works in the beginning but now. I cant access my account there is a massage shown in the screan after i loged in says. The account is temporarily close for updates i need help with accessing please

  15. So I broke my phone and have no flipping clue how to get the app on the phone I’m using until I get my old one fixed. How the heck do I get the app again? I honestly don’t think I saved my emails either :/

  16. Hey guys, does anyone have a number I could contact to speak with someone at Amazon flex? I used to do prime now deliveries at the Amazon Springfield Virginia location but last week Amazon flex suspended my account. Initially I started out at the Rockville MD location in May, which initially was fast but got really slow afterwards, and a few months later, after the Springfield VA-prime now location started, I decided to sign up under my business name, because you are allowed the option to choose between personal or business on the app when signing up. I was with Springfield VA for about 3 weeks when I got notification last week from Amazon that they had suspended my 2 accounts, their reason being that I had 2 accounts. I had no idea whatsoever that they were against it, and it is not listed on their Independent Contractor Terms of Service which I read severally and still have a copy. Thus, it came as a surprise to me when I got the email that my accounts had been suspended. Right now, I’m unable to login nor deliver with the app. They have not responded to multiple emails since the last few days that I have sent to them to re-enable one of my accounts (preferably that of Springfield) and close the other one permanently (Rockville). Has anyone here experienced this before? What is the best way to go about this?

  17. Hello i am wondering if amazon flex will allow me to drive with an out of state drivers license? I want to work in Washington but my car reg and drivers license is from Oregon. I will drive back and forth. Does this matter to them? Thanks

    1. I know drivers that have moved locations and began driving immediately. I’m not sure if they had to update their information before they started. I don’t see where having an out of state license would be an issue except for insurance reasons. I would shoot them an email to confirm.

  18. Does anyone know how you file complaint against the logistics people/person at a warehouse were you go to pick up flex routes? Please let me know..

    1. I would imagine you can speak to the senior manager at the warehouse to file a complaint. If the complaint is concerning the senior manager, I would file it with the company directly via email so there is a paper trail.

  19. I have problems with the application I am new to open the application does not let me choose the search site and do not let me go

  20. I have problems with the application I am new to open the application does not let me choose the search site and do not let me go

    1. There have been others that are getting stuck where the app asks you to choose your pickup site. I believe they were able to get it to work by deleting and reloading the app. In some situations, sites that did not need anymore drivers would not let you choose them and you would have to select an alternate. Try the delete and reload first though.

      1. thanks for your answer but my problem is that it leaves me no choice collection site is blank tab selection collection

  21. OK so what are the different programs because I signed up for Amazon flex delivery and they put me with Amazon logistics what’s the difference and how could I switch? Sorry for all the questions u are very helpful though thanks

    1. The break down of different programs can be confusing. The main difference is whether the driver is going to receive hourly and tips or just hourly pay. The website for the Amazon Logistics is more like the .Com deliveries which would be without tips. The requirements are a little different, but they should go over all that with you. If you can drive for both delivery types in your area you should let them know you have an interest in doing so. Support should also be able to let you know the availability of switching. Again, I’m sure it’s based on company needs. When you signed up to deliver, did you sign up with third party company or was it directly through the Amazon Flex site?

  22. Yeah that’s the one I was looking to do with hourly pay and tip I signed up threw the amazon flex delivery app everyone around me has hourly pay and tip there’s didn’t say logistics

  23. I applied on 10/4 it is now 10/20. I have not heard back so I logged into the app and it says it is still pending. I called the background check people and they said it is still pending.

    1. Was the location you are applying for new or existing? If new, it could take a little longer due to the amount of checks they are doing all at once. You are correct though, it does seem like more than enough time.

      1. I am new to the area. I am not sure how long the baltimore area has been up but since ive been here all amazon packages are being shipped by flex drivers since August.

      2. Is it unusual that I’ve been waiting since 10/11 for my background check? I’m in Los Angeles and I believe Flex is new here.

  24. I have been accepted to be a driver in the Phoenix, AZ area. However, I lost the e-mail and do not have the telephone # to call in. Can anyone provide that for me?

  25. Anyone noticed that you can’t pin the app unless your on an active block? This is on a note 3. Just wondering if anyone else has the issue. Also it seems that the iphone version has a refresh button on the home screen.

    1. I have had this issue on my Motorola phone with a few of the updates. There were times when I wasn’t able to use the pinning method to look for shifts. With the last few Android updates though I am back in action. I’m not sure about the iPhone version and I don’t know anyone using an iPhone at this time. Maybe someone can comment?

  26. Hi
    I already work for amazon under an agency and I decide to create my own agency and recruit driver so iv done somthing I meant some step so now I have recived an email and its says download the app and follow instructions ,,and its ask for bank details and tax information ,,
    Now I dont know what app I should dowload to do those process can you please help me to finish the next step and go ahead with the rest .I live in manchester UK.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Azad, I would like to help you but I don’t know much about the Amazon Logistics side. I would imagine there would be a Q&A for you on this site. You most likely applied here though, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t contain the info you are looking for. Your best bet would be to contact support while already signed in. That way they know who you are. Best of luck.

  27. Hello, I am also having an issue with my background check showing still in Progress. Applied on 10/21 and it’s now 10/31. Over 10 days. I feel like they maybe just don’t have an official way of declining applicants at the moment.

  28. I also am waiting on my background check! It still says it is pending yet it has almost been a month now…. I even received a copy of my background check in the mail! If my background check has already been ran and mailed to me why would I still have a pending background check on the application for flex?

  29. After buying the phone with what seemed to be the necessary specs, I still cannot open the app. It downloads just fine onto the phone, but when I try to open it begin my background check etc, i get various error messages. I emailed support numerous times with either no help provided or just the generic suggestion of attending an online troubleshooting group. I’m about done with trying because it’s already cost me in 2 different phones. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    1. Aside from the standard rebooting your phone and trying to redownload the app, have you checked some of the security features on the phone that could be preventing you from moving forward in the process? Things like location services should also be checked. Other than that I don’t have much else. Have you tried the online session? You are not the only one with these issues, so maybe someone else will respond with a solution they have found. Best of luck.

  30. I forgot my amazon flex email and password when i tried to open a new account the eror pops up which says that the social security number is already associated to another account.which is my account but i forgot my email and password

  31. Hi. I just got approved to be a driver. Yay! BUT when I am on the app and it ask for Delivery area it is blank and it doesn’t give me any options. It also won’t let me go back or past this screen. Any help??

    1. Jennifer, start by contacting support through the email you used when you applied. Let them know the issue. It may take them a while to respond, but at least you can get them going. The normal thought would be a phone reboot followed by removing and reinstalling the app. Maybe someone with the same issue who has received a resolution will respond. Is the city you were approved for up and running or is it new?

      1. Just wondering if you ever got this issued fixed. I contacted support and they are saying I don’t have the latest version of the app but my phone is not giving me the option to download the latest option. Anyone else having this problem?

  32. How do you try to catch unscheduled blocks if your home screen shows your next assigned block (that’s still a week away). Is it the same method even if its not the usual home screen?

  33. I just want to share my experience so far..
    I’ve been doing Amazon Flex for about a month now.. i’ve delivered 3 times so far and in doing my 4th tomorrow. Everything is good..just a few things.. (in my case).. sometimes when you get gated communities the code does not work sometimes and you have to wait for someone to get in and you lose time, also when you deliver to apartments ..for me it’s been hard to find them and Lost time, besides that everything is good..but I have a question and I’ll appreciate any help..
    Anybody knows what is the minimum amount of boxes that you have to deliver for a 4 hr block?.. I’m saying this because I think i’ve been getting too many for a 4 hour mark.. the first time I delivered 33.. second time 71..(more than double) and the last time 59.. for the first one was a piece of cake..finish in 3 hours or a little less.. but the second took me almost 6 hours..and the third took me a little over 5 hrs.. that’s why I need to know if there’s a minimum that you can take of you must take them all.. if so.. it won’t be worth it getting paid for 4 hours and you’re getting 5 or 6 hours worth of deliveries. Thanks and advance and sorry if I took too long.

  34. It seems as though there are many issues…getting started has taken a very long time. I uploaded the app. now, it doesn’t even recognize me and says my password is wrong etc. I even did a new password, nothing, yet???? I contacted support and have yet to hear anything from anyone?

  35. I have been doing the onboard process for two months…really slow response time. I watched the videos, downloaded the app etc. Tried to login and it doesn’t recognize my password. Tried to change password. Still same problem. Contacted support which I found by google not by any helpful source via amazon. Nothing. Help, please?

    1. Hello Inspire Onelove. It might be a security measure. I had to turn off a feature before I downloaded the app and then I placed it back on once complete. It was the “allow installation of apps from unknown sources.” Are you using an Android? If so this could be the reason.

      1. Dear sir,
        My account has been closed longtime ago due to a problem occurred in my cell phone which caused my account to be suspended.
        I would like to get another chance to work again as an amazon partner. And I promise there will be no problems this time.
        Thank you.

  36. Not sure if anyone can answer these questions……
    1. Are you allowed to have a passenger in the car?

    2. What is the max amount of packages you can get at the warehouse?


    1. Hi Jennifer, The FAQs say no passengers (including dogs) in the vehicle with you. It most likely has to do with the insurance coverage. Having said that, I have seen people at the warehouse picking up packages while their kids are with them. I guess it’s a judgement call. Life happens. For your second question, I’m not sure I’ve heard of a limit, yet.

  37. Hi, i just downloaded the app since I want to start working on flex. However after signing in all i get is a white screen. Any ideas ? i am using a galaxy s6.

    1. How far along in the process are you? I would assume you haven’t submitted your background check because you weren’t able to log in at this point? Have you tried deleting and reloading the app?

  38. Ive downloaded the app and once i sign in, i get a white screen with no other options. i have tried to delete it and redownload it several times and it keeps happening. Im trying to apply for the delivery job but i dont know how i can if i cant see the details to apply. What am i doing wrong?

  39. Yes. They have sent me a email asking if i have enough gb, asking what my android version is etc and they all match everything ok. ive tried to do this on my friends phones and they all get a white screen very confused as to why this app is hard work.

    1. The app is definitely not without it’s issues and others have also had problems with initially logging in. The point where you are seeing the white screen makes me think that the full process of onboarding has not been finished. Have you already completed the training session, background checks and have watched the videos? I would assume no on the background check and videos because those are completed through the app, but I don’t want to assume. They do have a weekly Q&A session in an online forum. I will find the link for you.

  40. All i have done is fill in my name address etc..submitted that. Then it tell me to click to download the app..once its downloaded i click on it, then it says can’t open file. But then install it by going through my downloads in files. It then asks me to log in my account, i log in my account.. its loads then a white screen appear. Thats the stage im stuck on. Thanks

  41. Description of Issue:

    “I cannot access my Flex Account to set up a work schedule.”

    I received an email notifying me that I was selected to begin work as a Flex delivery person and I needed to go into the app to set my work schedule.

    At that time, I tried to log into the Flex App but wasn’t able to access my Flex Account.

    Every time that I enter my login credentials, I am directed to a red page that says,

    “Retry Sync…We’re having difficulty syncing information from your device. Tap below to try again…Support code: 515”

    I contacted customer service yesterday to make them aware of the situation and they replied today and sent me instructions on troubleshooting and how to update the Flex App.

    I followed the instructions but I’m still not able to access my Flex Account. I keep getting directed to the Retry Sync page.

    It’s weird, even though I’m not able to access my account, it shows that I’m actively logged into the Flex App?!?

    Hopefully someone can help me because I really want this job! Thanks in advance for your assistance…

  42. I’m a driver and I got a new iPhone. Where do I go to reinstall the app? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

  43. Hi,i am amazon flex driver but for couple of days i have no any new offers!I am checking and refreshing the page all the time! When i ask my friends,working in the same depot they are telling me that were many offers for that period of time!

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