New Amazon Flex App Update

There was an email today about an app update coming this week.  We didn’t have to wait very long,  because it’s available now!

There are definitely some differences in how scheduled blocks are going to be assigned.  Drivers will now have the option of accepting or declining blocks that are released on Fridays for the following week.  The blocks will be reserved for you to either accept or decline and will show up in the new Offers section.  You will have a set time limit to decide on these offers.  If you don’t make a selection within the given time frame the block automatically goes back out into the system.  The app also gives a clearer picture of pickup locations, start times, block lengths and earnings.  Although these items have always been displayed, the update makes them more visible before you accept the block.

Drivers will also have the ability to accept next day blocks throughout the day.   These blocks will be released up to 24 hours before the block begins instead of just being released at 10pm the night before.  For now, it appears these shifts will also show up in the new Offers screen.   To easily access this screen you would select Check For Available Blocks on the home screen or select it from the menu icon.  As noted by “Someone” in the comments section below, it now appears that the Offers screen will need to be refreshed to see these blocks as they become available.

As far as same day blocks go, the only question is will they also be found under this new menu section or will the home screen have a third bar that appears?  Could there be a return of the Ready to Deliver Today bar?

In the next few days I will definitely be working hard to figure out any new tricks and tips to share with you so that we can all continue to get more Amazon Flex delivery blocks.  Please feel free to mention any of your findings in the comments as well.



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  1. I’m in Dallas we use to get blocks at 10:00 pm but now since we have the new app update I have know ideal when they have blocks available.can anybody from Dallas area help

    1. Hello Debbie, The blocks are now going out more randomly. I have mostly seen same day blocks. If you are looking for those, start refreshing about 1 hour and 15 minutes before the block hour you want to begin. For example, if you want to work 2pm to 4pm start looking for offers at 12:45pm.

  2. After taking what seemed like forever, my background check was approved last Thursday and I’ve been trying to get some blocks ever since — checking several times each day — with no luck whatsoever.

    After reading a lot of these posts I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the way my app is installed.

    The ONLY thing I ever see after login is a screen asking “Where do you want to deliver?” … with an area directly under that one (on the same screen) that says “Sorry, there aren’t any delivery openings in your area at the moment” — but I’m invited to “check back in the next day or two” for openings.

    This is the one and only screen I’ve ever seen.

    No menus of any kind — and also NO HOME SCREEN or anything to let me know I really am logged in and being recognized.

    Should I not at least be seeing a Home screen?

    I’m an iPhone user and bought an Android 30 days ago, which I can return to Target as long as I do it TONIGHT. Otherwise I’m stuck with a phone I might never use.


    1. I also use an Android, but I believe that the delivery app is now available for the iPhone? Maybe someone can correct me if not. Have you gone to the download site to see if you were able to load it on you iPhone?

      1. I’ve seen Amazon Prime guys use android for prime and then an iphone for flex. I suspect its because they have an actual refresh button on their screens using the iphone…

    2. I have exact same screen and where it says “sorry, there aren’t any delivery available in your area at the moment” No menu or options. Let me know if you found any solution or suggestion.

      1. Same here… did your issue ever get fixed.. I emailed support no reply yet.

      2. Turns out the app had selected me in a location that didn’t do Flex yet.

        Asked to change region but they said it could take several week!

        Still waiting

  3. My block is almost over and I haven't delivered one item. Has anyone else experienced something similar to this? says:

    3 hour blocks? So I accepted a 10-1 pm block, it routed my to a street and cross street. When
    I hit the right button it it buys me to wait at this location for an assigned delivery. This is new to me since the updates I haven’t delivered the previously I will go pick up at a location scan packages and be assigned a route. Is anyone else in the Bay Area done three hour time blocks? Are they usually food deliveries? I contacted support because I was totally confused as to why I would be just sitting in my car at a random street location until I delivery notification came through. They confirmed that I was on standby and just to wait for a notification for location to pick up a delivery from. My block is almost over and I haven’t delivered one item. Has anyone else experienced something similar to this?

    1. This one is new to me. The only time I’ve sat and waited was at the warehouse. It’s very interesting that you were waiting at a cross street. Hopefully it was a safe location. Did you ever get a delivery or did you just get paid to sit for three hours?

  4. I am a flex driver in Pa. I go to King of Prussia to pick up packages. I live in Delaware and we have 2 hub locations 1 in New Castle and 1 in Middletown Delaware which is humongous. Is there a wharehouse in Delaware for flex drivers to report to. I made deliveries in Delaware last week but pick up the packages in King of Prussia which made no sense to me.

    1. Hello Andre. Email support and see if Delaware is up and running for Flex. If so they may be able to switch your pickup spot. As you may already know, they aren’t the quickest to respond, so…

  5. What percent if tips are we guaranteed ?got no answer except 100%. I thought they had an agree of atleast 5%????please help.#guaranteed tips, because i dont get mine.eee

  6. I just signed on with amazon flex. I was accepted today. All I keep getting is sorry no openings in my area. check back in day or two. Does it have anything to do with were you live. I live in Elgin tx, but want to deliver in Austin or any part of Austin. Read some many post, where can you pick up time. It will not let me go the home screen to put in availability

    1. It has varied since they began this new process but if there are offered blocks you should see them by 5pm. It may be earlier for some depending on the time zone. I’m not sure if they go out at the same time.

  7. I need to know the new version of Flex Driver app..Please assist me with the new version

    and other tips..
    Thank you

  8. Since I updated the app a week ago I haven’t gotten one shift. I refresh constantly day and night but no offers. Not sure what is happening in Riverside.

    1. I just started 2 days ago and have excepted every block that I’ve been given which is 3. I have always finished about an hour early and I didn’t get any confirmed shifts for next week and I haven’t gotten any more blocks. Have you gotten a confirmed week? What’s it been like for you since we’re in the same location?

  9. Hi,
    I have an issue and I’m looking for help. All what I see in my Amazon flex home page is that I need to update my account because it’s disabled!!

    1. Did you receive a notice that you have been deactivated? If not and it’s just something that needs to be updated, you can try to just log into and see if there is something to fix there. Otherwise you would have to contact support to see why. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  10. OMG another update today. Third in 7 days. What is going on???? Seems the same to me. Guess we can’t see anything different on our end

    1. Just curious if it is normal after login to only see a screen asking “Where do you want to deliver?” … with an area directly under that one (on the same screen) that says “Sorry, there aren’t any delivery openings in your area at the moment. Check back in the next day or two.”? I cannot see a drop down box or any menus to select delivery area. I cannot swipe screen or do anything once I get to this point.

      I communicated with support but they continue to say respond with, “To view available service areas, please tap the drop down arrow in the blank box. This will expand the view to show available service areas for your region. If a location shows as unavailable it may be due to an overwhelming interest in the Amazon Flex program. Feel free to select another available area, or check the app later to see if the location has become available. We are not able to confirm when any particular location will become available again, but we will reach out with more information if it does.”

      I just dont understand how app knows there are no deliveries in my area when I cant even select a delivery area here in Houston.

      Any suggestions would be helpful. Im using Android version 7 on Samsung phone with 4GB RAM.

      1. Most likely there are no open spots where you want to deliver or they are opening a new warehouse that’s not ready yet. If the other locations are too far or you just don’t want to deliver from them, you’ll need to be patient. You don’t want to get locked into shifts from the wrong spot and be reliant on support to manually adjust your profile. That process has been known to be a pain.

  11. I was at the waiting area for Amazon restaurant arrived​ and waiting. (there is no map on screen like it use to be ) new one is just like when you arrived at facility scan package at the bottom. But the main problem is Amazon email me saying we send you food pick up request but you not accept. Make sure it not happen again. I was like my internet is fine I was at waiting area all I see on screen is wait to get order or scan package like it’s facility not restaurant. Is this happened before? New update Restaurant waiting is not with map like it use to be? @ Houston TX. Please reply thanks.

  12. Does anyone know when the Amazon Flex jobs will be open in Denver? I really want to get in on this. I received an email stating that it was available but when I go t sign up my city is not listed. Any feedback would be very helpful.

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