There was an email today about an app update coming this week.  We didn’t have to wait very long,  because it’s available now!

There are definitely some differences in how scheduled blocks are going to be assigned.  Drivers will now have the option of accepting or declining blocks that are released on Fridays for the following week.  The blocks will be reserved for you to either accept or decline and will show up in the new Offers section.  You will have a set time limit to decide on these offers.  If you don’t make a selection within the given time frame the block automatically goes back out into the system.  The app also gives a clearer picture of pickup locations, start times, block lengths and earnings.  Although these items have always been displayed, the update makes them more visible before you accept the block.

Drivers will also have the ability to accept next day blocks throughout the day.   These blocks will be released up to 24 hours before the block begins instead of just being released at 10pm the night before.  For now, it appears these shifts will also show up in the new Offers screen.   To easily access this screen you would select Check For Available Blocks on the home screen or select it from the menu icon.  As noted by “Someone” in the comments section below, it now appears that the Offers screen will need to be refreshed to see these blocks as they become available.

As far as same day blocks go, the only question is will they also be found under this new menu section or will the home screen have a third bar that appears?  Could there be a return of the Ready to Deliver Today bar?

In the next few days I will definitely be working hard to figure out any new tricks and tips to share with you so that we can all continue to get more Amazon Flex delivery blocks.  Please feel free to mention any of your findings in the comments as well.