New Amazon Flex App Update

There was an email today about an app update coming this week.  We didn’t have to wait very long,  because it’s available now!

There are definitely some differences in how scheduled blocks are going to be assigned.  Drivers will now have the option of accepting or declining blocks that are released on Fridays for the following week.  The blocks will be reserved for you to either accept or decline and will show up in the new Offers section.  You will have a set time limit to decide on these offers.  If you don’t make a selection within the given time frame the block automatically goes back out into the system.  The app also gives a clearer picture of pickup locations, start times, block lengths and earnings.  Although these items have always been displayed, the update makes them more visible before you accept the block.

Drivers will also have the ability to accept next day blocks throughout the day.   These blocks will be released up to 24 hours before the block begins instead of just being released at 10pm the night before.  For now, it appears these shifts will also show up in the new Offers screen.   To easily access this screen you would select Check For Available Blocks on the home screen or select it from the menu icon.  As noted by “Someone” in the comments section below, it now appears that the Offers screen will need to be refreshed to see these blocks as they become available.

As far as same day blocks go, the only question is will they also be found under this new menu section or will the home screen have a third bar that appears?  Could there be a return of the Ready to Deliver Today bar?

In the next few days I will definitely be working hard to figure out any new tricks and tips to share with you so that we can all continue to get more Amazon Flex delivery blocks.  Please feel free to mention any of your findings in the comments as well.



167 thoughts on “New Amazon Flex App Update

  1. On the home screen there is a “check for available blocks” option. Clicking on it will bring you to the “offer” tab. This is now the main screen have to refresh in order to find available blocks.

    1. I’ve never had much luck at 10pm either. Only once was I able to pick up a shift, and that was on a Saturday night. The block was for 10am on Sunday and I probably got it because I was the only one not out on the town! Maybe with the new app update the next day shifts will come easier.

  2. Is the Android update out yet? Mine still seems to have the pre update version…. Thought it would auto update.

  3. Please don’t forget to mention, this feature is NOT offered to every driver. A flew select drivers, I will discuss “select” later, have been offered this option as a test run for Amazon. In the email I received, the drivers who were chosen are asked to give feed back about the new feature. I believe, and this is only a theory, the selected drivers are the one with the best weekly ratings and fastest DELIVERY TIME. The weekly rating everyone gets really isn’t hard to maintain a high score. As long as the package are delivered to the correct location and placed in a safe place and don’t miss scheduled blocks, you should be fine. The delivery time, is the key. Although the blocks within 4 hours, all deliveries must be complete by 9pm the same night. I have come to find out that a lot of drivers take almost 6 or more hours to complete just one block. Amazon cant afford to have slow drivers or driver who may do other things or jobs and deliver later in the day. They want packages to be delivered as fast a possible. So I believe Amazon keeps track of driver completion times on the app and those drivers with fastest times were selected for the new feature.

    1. The new update is no good I have not gotten one block since my phone got the new update I used to get three and four blocks a week

  4. I’m running the updated version of the app on a Galaxy S6, here in Minneapolis! While I haven’t been able to test this for sure, it appears that swiping down from the top of the “offers” screen (like you would do to refresh a feed on any number of other apps) brings up a small “loading circle” that spins for a short bit and then disappears. Hopefully, this means that all we will have to do is swipe down while on the offers screen to refresh…no more switching screens/opening-closing-recent-apps business!
    Like I said…this is just a theory based on observation, but I’ll try my best to update once I know for sure whether this technique is a viable option for Android users.

      1. Thanks for pointing out the pull down refresh screen method, Mike! That’s a boatload easier than switching screens.

    1. Try just tapping the offer scene as well. Let me know how that worked for you. It seems to work for me.

    2. I’m running the new version on a Galaxy S7 and swiping down from the top does not refresh my screen, I have to go back to the home screen and click on the Check for Available Blocks box

      1. I have the S7 also and it does work, just slide the page down from close to the top and it’ll briefly show a refresh circle, not from the bar up top but pull down on the page itself.

      2. Hello Patricia! Have you been able to pick up shifts just by swiping the Offers screen? I think the concern is that the swipe isn’t really refreshing the screen, but if it’s working for you that’s great.

      3. Yes, I’ve declined what was offered, it was either way outside of my work times (10p-12a) and the other was on a day I was already working my other hustle. If nothing shows up when you refresh/pull down on the page, then nothing is available or being offered at the time. Hope that helps. It should be different after today I hope.

  5. I’m fairly new and I’ve received the update but haven’t been able to pick up any hours since. Each night now at 10pm since the update I have been offered one 2 hours block from 10pm to 12am for 1-2 seconds before it disappears and those aren’t even close to hours that I scheduled myself for. I hope they work the kinks out soon. I kinda enjoy the ease of it. I’m waiting until Friday for a new schedule to show up. Last Friday I was only scheduled one 4 HR block for the following week but figured it was OK, I’d be able to pick up more but, haven’t been able to pickup anything else since the new update.

    1. Those shifts that drop at 10pm are not based on your availability. Its what is available for the next day. Your avaialblty is based on if you blocks scheduled. Sorry but its kind of a grab and go. You do not have time to look through the shifts. They get taken within seconds.

      1. Right they do go really fast and I noticed that I was scheduled for the whole week last week but only gota 4 hour block but was able to pick up another four to 6 hours on another day but nothing since then. And nothing except for that 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. since the new update

  6. What time in the morning did you get your update I’ve try to update but doesn’t update and I revive the email of a new update yesterday morning it’s 7:00 in morning over here in California

    1. Mine was automatically done last night when i logged into the app. A previous poster said that everyone will not get the update right now.

  7. I was able to download the app this morning. I like the idea of blocks for the next week being “reserved” for you on the app, but Amazon didn’t say how you’ll be notified when they appear on your app so that you’ll have enough time to respond before they expire.

    I also like the idea of accepting blocks throughout the day for the next day, but again, Amazon didn’t say if you’ll be alerted throughout the day when said blocks are available for the next day or if we have to go through the same (ludicrous) process we’re going through now of constantly refreshing the screen for 10 minutes or more until and/or if something just happens to pop up.

    Lastly, I like that you’ll be able to preview the locations, start times, block lengths and earnings estimates before accepting a block.

    Hopefully as time goes by, there will be a long and successful relationship between Flex drivers and Amazon, and Amazon will be more transparent and care about its independent drivers.

    1. In the “offers” page, reserved blocks will appear, and will be tagged above with “>> Reserved” in orange text. According to the Amazon email about the update, these blocks (pre-scheduled shifts for the rest of the next week) will be sent out Friday afternoon, and you will have 24hr from the time they are sent out to accept them.

  8. I think it’s also important to note that, with the new system of reserved shifts, you WILL NOT be automatically schedule shifts for the next week, as has previously been the case. You will HAVE TO ACCEPT your reserved offers in the 24hr after they are sent out to you on Friday. While this may be a nuisance for some, I think that it was a change implemented to keep drivers from missing scheduled blocks that they did not know they had, had those drivers been scheduled but not yet opened/checked the app to check for pre-scheduled shifts.

  9. I have the new update as of last night. I didnt see anything for the 10pm when I logged on right at 10. I did see some pop up at 8am for the 9am shifts for today ! When I e-mailed help to see if there will be other times to log on to check they just copy and pasted what the email said about the update! So will see . Was really liking doing this but if it gets harder to get blocks guess I will have to stop!

  10. Received 2 packages from Amazon today. One by USPS the other by Ontrac. Surprised they aren’t using flex more often, instead of other services.

  11. Hi Mike,
    I downloaded the app but couldn’t start delivery because the app won’t allow me to submit my bank info, I sent them too many emails since then, about a month, but they didnt fix the problem. They ecently told me that there is a bug and they are working on it, I’m not sure about that though. Does it happen to everyone else or just me?

      1. My app version is 3.0.4167.0
        If this is not the latest version then how do I check for the update?

  12. So i got a shift yesterday via the new update. People have to be very careful when refreshing the sceen. Nothing changes on the main screen except the wording under the flex X, it disappears. You have be very careful or you could miss getting a shift.

    Also, I don’t bother with emailing them regarding shifts at all. I suggest you talk to the people at the station. I know here in texas, it has been slow. Also, it will get hard at times. Hustle is the name of the game. Its nice to get blocks on friday but its not always like that. This is good money but its not garunteed.

      1. Oh yes, just got one now. Houston station is starting to pick up vut alot of scamming going on. Drivers are picking up shifts but not showing up.

      1. Hi so you are saying we will see them at 10pm? Becuase I thought they come 24 hours before the scheduled block.

      2. The way I understand it is that driver’s will have 24 hours to accept or decline the offered blocks for the following week. The schedule that normally comes out each Friday doesn’t start tomorrow so the 24 hour timeline still works. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be blocks that become available for tomorrow. They just won’t be part of your scheduled blocks.

  13. Does the schedule more blocks appear on the main page on the new app? I am just refreshing the offers page. Hope I am not missing out on some blocks.

    1. The schedule open blocks button is no longer. You can still refresh the home screen to find available blocks. You just wait until the words under the flex symbol to disappear to know there are offers.

  14. Katherine, so do I. But it looks like that’s pretty much what you still have to do unless they’re scheduled blocks.

  15. I like the new update. I don’t have to stalk my phone anymore. I received 3 push notifications of blocks that opened up so far. Two yesterday and one today. All were during my available times but I already had plans for the evening. I’m in Los Angeles.

  16. Has anyone received reserve block offers for the following week yet? I’ve received a few offers for today but they were all short notice like 20 to 30 minutes before the block started it takes me about 45 minutes or more to get to the city in traffic.

  17. I’m really confused about when I should be checking for offers in order to accept blocks for the following week. The app video explains it as like 8 AM, but today I didn’t get any offers for next week, despite setting a lot of availability. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

    1. No I dont think younare doing nothing wrong I am confused as well. But after looking at the comments from different drivers across the country no one is getting blocks so there could be a glitch in the system.

    2. I was thinking it would be around the same time that scheduled blocks normally appeared on our calendars. If nothing shows up I will just assume that I received no scheduled blocks for next week and will continue to pick up shifts as usual.

      1. Okay, thanks–this is my first time trying to figure out how to accept them. Any idea when I should be looking to see if any are offered?

      2. I’m not sure if there’s a glitch in the system or not but I just checked my availability for next week and all of the gray dots are gone and I haven’t been issued or offered any blocks for next week. So I just sent an email inquiring about not receiving blocks for the next week since receiving the new update.

  18. The email said Friday evening but not at what time. Strongly dislike needing to stalk the app for blocks too. It feels too desecrate and all of that time is unpaid which breaks down the hourly rate to more like $9 or $4 an hour when you include time spent looking for blocks. All that matters is that you’re fast. It was bad enough when one could accidentally accept blocks too soon when you’re too far to make it on time so you have to read it… There’s no time to read it or its gone. What do they want us to do.. stalk by the delivery station too? Now we have to check what day the block is too on top of how far we are and when it starts?! some thanks for all the hard work and wear and tear on my car. I’d usually make $400 by this time this week.. now $50 or something lame. I wish amazon cared more about how they effect people working for them a bit more….

  19. there is a guy who sells these automated phones that pick up blocks for 700 per phone… he must be making a killing!!

  20. I’m in California at the riverside location. I also didn’t receive any scheduled blocks. My grey dots for next week are also gone. Has anyone recieved shifts. I actually miss before the update, at least I was able to get some shifts same day.

    1. After I posted that message I refreshed the offer pageant I received an order for tomorrow from 8 to 10 p.m. that I forfeited but still nothing for next week.

      1. I’ve been wondering if hitting the Decline button has an impact on the number of shifts a driver gets offered. I might be over thinking it, but when a shift has come up that I couldn’t take, I’ve just been hitting the back button. I’m afraid to Decline. LOL

      2. I’ve thought the same thing and I noticed that when I did receive one for today that I wasn’t able to do I closed it and then I received another one for tomorrow that I accepted then forfeited and now I haven’t received anything else.

      1. It’s a way to keep a screen “pinned” on your phone and refresh it just by pushing the power button. The method does vary for phone models. A few people have mentioned that they can refresh the app’s home screen by just pushing the “Windows” button on their phones. I describe the method in more detail here and then in yesterday’s update, here.

      2. Is that iPhone or Android, I have the galaxy s7, not familiar with the ‘window’button or screen.

      3. My phone is Android. I don’t have the “Windows” button either so I use the power button on the side of my phone. If your galaxy was refreshing earlier by swiping on the Offers screen then you would not really need to “Pin” the screen. My phone hasn’t worked with the swipe, yet.

  21. My gray dots are gone for next week. I didn’t receive any reserved offers for next week. Not sure how the system selects who to offer blocks to. Did anyone receive reserved blocks?

    1. I guess it’s still random like before. I rarely received more than 4 hours a week scheduled if I got anything at all, so I guess I’m not surprised. My grey dots are gone, too.

  22. I also think amazon should care more! They say set your own hours, but if I’m waiting for shifts all day stalking your phone and nothing comes up!!!! False advertising I say!!!

  23. Wow! Those reserved blocks really helped have more control over my schedule..
    ..just like Amazon said
    …as usual
    empty words
    and more hoops to jump
    …for our *fabulous dispatchers
    what a joke

  24. This time we sit around figuring things out is unpaid too but clearly work.
    Think we’re down to about a dollar an hour now…
    .. now we know how they offer such cheap products
    ..they’re cheap to people who do the work

  25. I didnt get any reserved spots for next week. I rarely get assigned shifts. However, i did pick up a 730am for tomorrow. I just happen to log in and it was there. I got it around 620pm this evening. Goong to wait til 10pm my time to see if anything is available for 1130am on tomorrow.

  26. Im confused as to why people are emailing them regarding not getting blocks. Do you work in a busier part of the country? I vert rarely get assigned/reserved blocks. I just keep an eye on key times and 10pm to look for shifts. Houston area has been slow but I was told it is about to pick up.

  27. People are upset because the way they made it sound .. we would get reserved blocks and have more control of our schedule. Not true. It’s the same game..
    They also didnt say what time Friday so wondering all day and not wanting to miss the mysterious acceptance window was a waste of time.
    I don’t know anyone who likes their time being wasted and empty words.

  28. It is not difficult to understand why people would email regarding getting reserved blocks. They made it sound like something important and good for us but it turned out to be nothing.

    1. Totally agree, initially when you sign up they make it seem wonderful, they didn’t say it’s a full time job trying to get blocks. Amazon should have hired a limited amount of drivers.

    2. I totally agree! Even though I received one, “reserved” block for next week, I still have to “stalk” the phone to try and schedule a next-day block. It’s very frustrating that they made this big announcement, but it’s still pretty much the same way it’s been.

      If they’re going to put out next-day blocks the day before, why not let us know what those times will be?

      As I said before, Amazon needs to be more transparent and care more about their independent drivers!

  29. I dont know about this new update nothing is available and it is hard for me to believe that they dont have work it is the holiday season. I like the 10pm coming out for the next day becuase I was able to get a block everyday saturday and sunday but now I can’t get anything. I believe they are not telling us something becuase like I said I was able to get a block every time when I would log in the night before at 10pm

  30. I”m new to this. I delivered for the first time late October. Last week I was scheduled to work today and Saturday. Ever since the new update I haven’t been able to pick up any shifts. Today I was offered one from 4-7 pm but I declined it.

    The delivery block I was scheduled today was supposed to be 3 hours. I was supposed to be done at 1:30 pm but I worked one hour past my scheduled time. This is the 5th time I have worked beyond my scheduled time. I’m pissed. The first time it happened I thought it was a fluke, the 2nd time I made excuses for myself. I was given 47 packages the 3rd time. 3 hours is not enough time to deliver 47 packages. The 4th time I took the packages back because I’m not going to continue delivering for free. I had to call support today and asked if I’d be compensated for my time because I was getting very frustrated with them, it’s not their fault but every minute I spent on the phone with them extended my shift. They couldn’t answer when I asked if I will get compensated for working beyond schedule. This is such a scam. I’m not going to bother with this after tomorrow. I sent support an email but I know they’re going to say they can’t compensate me for my time. It’s fine, especially with this new update which seems to make it harder to get shifts.

    I looked up Amazon business practices and they’re awful. They have a terrible reputation and I think what’s happening with me is an extension of that. I don’t know if anyone is experiencing this but it’s very frustrating. It’s not even about the money but the anger at getting taken advantage of. They’re aren’t so naive that they don’t realize what they’re doing. The app doesn’t even redirect to take back any undelivered packages when your delivery block ends, which is what it should do. It allows you to continue delivering, for free, which I think is intentional. I think it was designed that way. When I Googled them I also found an article from October 6, 2016 about a lawsuit they’re facing from some Flex drivers. It’s so unfortunate they have to be this way.

    1. Hello Kay. Lots of drivers are having the same issues. Too many packages and not enough time. It would be nice if drivers could accept a block based on the route. That would definitely spice things up! For the time being however, we are stuck with the software spitting out what it says is doable and then the warehouse workers adding to it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t….it really doesn’t.

      1. I don’t think accepting the fact that a multi-million dollar corporation turns a blind eye to people working for free for them is acceptable. Why is the app set up to allow a driver to continue delivering even when their time is up? What it should do is redirect the driver to drop off whatever packages they didn’t get to. They can also add one hour to the delivery blocks and that would solve my issue. Is that too much to ask? I wonder if there are people like me who continued delivering even when their shift ended which makes it seem as if the amount of packages given were doable in the time slot assigned. Do the people at the warehouses not realize this is a problem? I just can’t in good faith continue to work for them. Is no one else bothered by this? It’s not okay to be blatantly taken advantage of. These corporations prey on people’s desire to work, especially during hard times, and know many people will put up with a lot of BS to earn a living. I don’t know why I’m so upset by this but I am. I feel discouraged and I wasn’t happy with their non-answer, stock, response. This was their response to my email:


        Thank you for contacting Amazon Flex!

        Earnings for Amazon Flex are computed on the basis of a block of work. While all blocks should be completed within their allocated time, some blocks may finish earlier or later. The allocated amount of time is computed using Amazon’s sophisticated forecasting and mapping technologies. The earnings associated with the block are not contingent on the actual completion time. If you finish early, Amazon does not adjust your earnings down and likewise if you finish late, Amazon will not adjust your earnings up.

        We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

        Best regards,
        Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?
        Yes No

        Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.
        Thank you.
        The Amazon Flex Team

    2. you can’t deliver 47 packages in 3 hours???? Are you traveling long distances??? I can usually clear 60 in 3 hours with a 4 hour shift….

  31. I wish you luck and thank you for your efforts on this blog! I hope things get better and they get their acts together. No one should be taken advantage of.

  32. Hey my account was disabled for about two weeks because my payments weren’t going through. I was told I wouldn’t be able to deliver anymore until they cleared. All 3 payments cleared in my account but one still says pending in my app? I’ve noticed though, ever since I’ve been reactivated I can’t land a shift now for nothing..nothingg. Prior to the mix up they were ever so abundant. Could that payment that appears to still be pending be blocking me from getting blocks? Or is it a certain time that I’m supposed to try and snagg shifts? They used to Pop up at points during the day & at night but now nothing.

  33. It is seriously fun and fair to spend 1-5 hours or all day to get nothing loowing for blocks. Unpaid. To be told you make $18/ $25/hr… it’s really fun if you get a 2 hours block.. make $36 in 2 hours plus the half hour to drive there, plus the sometimes hour and a half to get back home when you’re done.
    at least show half some respect for your workers and include the the back to the warehouse in the block time. instead of, you know going an hour over or dumping us an hour or two from home..
    that’s easily 6 hours of work for $36???????!!!!!!!
    with dispatchers who act like the boss of independent contractors?! or worse gods or like drivers don’t work our Butts off finding the shift, getting there, going up many stairs with a lot of weight sometimes in scary neighborhoods, finding apartments in mazes within minutes, or whatever is demanded of us to complete these you need to be a super hero to make most of the blocks on time … the blocks are scheduled too tight for them to make the most money. it’s self serving, inconsiderate, difficult or not possible… and yes the canned responses from management and disrespectful treatment from the gods at dispatch is beyond old
    actually they do need a lawsuit
    it’s not even humane
    let alone good business

    1. You are certainly not alone in your thoughts. Everyone has to do the numbers for themselves and see if the pay is worth the effort. The time spent looking for a block. Time driving to the warehouse. Time spent waiting. Time spent delivering. Time spent getting home. Gas. Maintenance. It’s really not very different from other jobs. There will always be likes and dislikes. The biggest difference with this role is that there is no one there you can turn to to fix things. An independent contractor position means that either side can essentially terminate the contract. If Amazon doesn’t like how you do your work, they deactivate you. If you find out it’s not financially beneficial, then you find something else. As I have said before, Amazon is in it for the business. For this role they decided to use independent contractors vs. employees. The pros and cons are many, but for the company there are definitely more pros. Amazon has a lot of roles on their website for employee positions if drivers are looking for something more stable. I’m sure the benefits are excellent as well. But along with being an employee comes a fixed schedule, and depending on the role, more hours. For a lot of drivers the pay and time spent delivering has worked out. Depending on the effort you put into it, you can make a decent living, or supplement another income. The system is not perfect and not without stress, but what job is? Again, I agree with a lot of your points, but I do believe in time it will get better. It remains to be seen, but one can be hopeful…

      1. I hear what you’re saying. Even though there are downsides, I do like what I’m doing because I like being INDEPENDENT and not having to sit at a desk, or work in a warehouse 🙂 and have to answer to someone. I enjoy my freedom and the ability to pick and choose, so to speak. Just wish there was more picking and choosing. 🙁

        On the other hand, like you said, Amazon has more pros than the drivers and I hope they do something about that soon. I just hope they don’t put an end to this because of all the complaints.

  34. Hey dispatch. I work hard to make more and more deliveries as fast and happy as humanly possible. Maybe instead of saying you have bad drivers who bust their butt for peanuts.. you could be more realistic and not stack the routes so tight. Driving can be stressful, I usually love it more than most and I’m starting to hate it and be unable to control my stress with unrealistic expectations on these routes. then I’m asked if I know if they will make it on time? by doing what? looking at them and instantly Knowing? should I spend more time plurging all addresses into route coordinator or shouldt that have already been done?! dispatch grossly underestimates realistic time it takes to complete theseach routes so ease up on it… drivers aren’t going to miraculously become superman overnight… obviously, the routes aren’t working. I’m very discouraged for even looking for shifts because who knows what nightmare, god like attitude dispatch has ready to go when you get there.. drivers have to go.. we don’t have time for that and deserve to be treated more humanely and realistically. I loved this job and it’s just gotten worse the better I get at it and harder I work. then these cryptic app updates they make you guess at figuring out.. or make it sound so much better but worse.
    i dont understand the warped minds that make this system at all
    very discouraging!!
    this is people’s livihoods they mess with and degrade all the hard work

  35. sick of the preferential treatment too.. the driver who has a dispatch buddy who doesn’t wait in line and gets the best routes with a holier than thou attitude… who took one of my blocks that I was technically on time and checked in for.. then kicked out so his buddy could have it.. glad I made that drive in for nothing!! or dispatch saying, I’ll give you something east or close to home to some and giving hell routes in scary areas for no tips to others.
    probably because we call them out on their BS
    why are routes chosen based on who likes who?!
    let a computer do it that makes more sense and doesn’t play favorites

  36. I talked to the manager at my location, he told me that if everyone of us (drivers) email to the amazon flex support, they may change back to 10pm schedule again. I just emailed them and told them that we would have more control over our schedule with the old system than the new one. I just did, and you guys should do the same.

    1. I disagree. I actually like the idea of scheduling next-day blocks at various times the day before. It’s just that it would be great if Amazon let everyone know what those times will be so people aren’t constantly jumping through hoops just to get a block.

      I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s hard competing with 100+ drivers that log on at the same time to get only but so many blocks (10:00 pm).

      1. Torally agree. I was able to pick up 730am shift on Saturday and again for today outside of the 10pm time frame. I dont want that part to change.

  37. I don’t agree with a lot of the complaints on here, I think a lot of it is laziness and entitlement. Not sure where everyone is from, but where I am competition is stiff but I am still making 600-800 a week. I also finish my blocks 30 min to an hour early. These are 4 hour blocks with 60-70 packages including about 15 of them in apt complexes. Also our routes here always leave you less than 25 min away from the warehouse/home.

    The actual problem is telling people what you are doing. Never tell anyone what you are doing to get blocks or what your routine is. You are an independent contractor, you work for your self, telling other people anything is only hurting you and your money. Let them figure it out them self. Ya that may sound greedy and selfish but exposing your routine is not going to help you in any way shape or form, in fact you will make less because you are now competing with the very people u told your “tips” to. This type of work you have to be greedy and selfish, it’s built that way, that’s the very essence of first come first serve.

    When I’m out delivering and people ask me about amazon flex I never make it sound like it’s a good source of income. Amazon does not pay you to recruit people and I am not going to entice people to sign up just to make it harder for me to make money.

    1. Thank you for summing it up. It is a hustle but like you, I am able to clear 300-400 per week. I could do more but I work full time.

  38. I have found with they new scheduling system, it has been harder for me to receive blocks. I am in the Seattle area. Is anyone else have having this issue? The month of October has been slow, but I was still able to schedule blocks at 10pm. Now, no blocks. I was working everyday after my full time job delivering,l at 4:30 or 5:00 pm, now I am not sure I will be able to this. Anyone else having this issue?

  39. Man this update killed it for me I cant get a anything g I was raking in over 700 a week in Riverside before this update

  40. Ever since the app update, zero chance of getting blocks, but the area where I’m at it’s very slow . Houston but before the update I was getting few blocks here and there , now is none.. I hope it picks back up soon .. my calendar is all cleared of greys 😔

    1. Same here. My area is slow right now also. Here it wasn’t the update to the app that slowed things down, but I’ve been told that things will pick up very soon.

      Aside from this, I’ve read posts of people still delivering past their block time. Where I’m from I was told to take any undelivered pkgs back to the station when your route time is up. For me, when I deliver past my route time, because that’s just the way I am, I deliver past the route time. It’s always been my choice. I’ve never been told that I HAVE TO keep going until the last pkg is delivered.

  41. They pretty much want to have people parked around the warehouse on call all day long for free at least that is what one of the guys at the warehouse told me today. I knew sooner or later amazon was going to pull some bs just like uber but I didn’t expect it to be this soon.

  42. I have been working out of the Kent, Washington since January 2016, I have never been scheduled more than one block a week but every night at 10:00 pm I have been able to pick up 4 hour blocks for the following day. I never worked more than five days a week but I could have worked 7 or picked up additional blocks in the afternoon. Since the latest update I have received one offer exclusively for me way up north in Seattle on Aurora and I have received one notification for another block way Seattle. I have never seen a block open for Kent, Wa since the new update. Is anyone else getting blocks from the Kent facility? I was told by one of the warehouse workers prior to the update that some changes were being made but it would not impact the Flex drivers.

  43. My application is completed now, including the background check. I logged out and then back in and the app doesn’t show where I can do anything regarding blocks or scheduling. How do you get the app to update?

    1. Hello Barbara Pearl. Your availability can be set by using the bottom bar on the home page of the app. Click the orange bar and then set the times that you would like to be offered blocks. On Friday you “supposedly” will see blocks that are offered to you during the times that you set up. You have 24 hours to accept or decline those offers. In order to pick up blocks throughout the day you will need to refresh the home or offer screen. View the featured articles in the menu bar of this site to get started on learning the method. Best of luck to you.

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