No Delivery Blocks…

So your first few weeks were busy.  Maybe you were scheduled for two different blocks totaling about 12 hours and then you picked up a couple of shifts when you got the push notifications.  Easy right?  Well...the next schedule comes out and you are competing with 180 other drivers to get a limited amount of … Continue reading No Delivery Blocks…

Where Most Luck is Found

As mentioned before, getting a block depends a lot on luck.  We already discussed how your location can contribute to being lucky, so now I'll discuss the timeframes when the hustlers seem to be the luckiest... The timeframes I use below translate to a block that begins on an hour.  6am, 8am, 10am, Noon, 2pm and … Continue reading Where Most Luck is Found

Goes Without Saying, Or Does It?

Before I move on I feel like I need to state the following.  A lot of these tips and tricks depend on one thing...YOU!  That's it.  You are the only one that can make them work for you.  You are the only one that can adjust them to make them work even better.  It will … Continue reading Goes Without Saying, Or Does It?

Flex Driving, After Onboarding

Alright!  You've done the online orientation.  Passed the background checks.  And you just received notification that you can now enter your available times on the App's Calendar.  Exciting!  Although you may think the shifts will begin rolling in, that's not always the case.  Unless you happen to be in a new location that's just starting … Continue reading Flex Driving, After Onboarding

How To Become An Amazon Flex Driver

First things first.  None of these tips will work for you if you haven't been onboarded.  Use the link below to put your name in the hat.  If there is already 2 hour delivery happening in your city then it may take a while for you to be contacted so just be patient.  It could … Continue reading How To Become An Amazon Flex Driver