Simple Tricks to Help Your Tips!

Aside from what amounts to a generous hourly pay for many delivery areas, the main reason I keep delivering is due to the generosity of the Prime Now customers.  Although not always an exact science, I estimate that each stop on a route nets roughly five dollars in tips. That's why in most cases, the more stops the better.  Lots … Continue reading Simple Tricks to Help Your Tips!

The Overly Ambitious Route

Due to whatever reasons, the warehouse staff seems to think that we as delivery drivers can time travel.  I say this because on more than one occasion I have left with my deliveries 25 minutes past the beginning of the block and noticed that my delivery slip estimates my total route time as 130 minutes. … Continue reading The Overly Ambitious Route

Talking Turkey

I have gotten a couple of emails from people either waiting to be onboarded or just wondering if they should even go through the process of signing up to become a driver.  The root of each question being, how much money can I or will I make? As noted before, I can't tell you how … Continue reading Talking Turkey

What If You Deliver Late?

There will come a day when the traffic just doesn't cooperate.  The route is longer than normal and you are stuck with a few deliveries to go as the clock ticks closer to the end of your delivery block...I know, it sucks, but accidents happen. If you know you most likely are going to be … Continue reading What If You Deliver Late?

Using Alternative Apps

This post is for current drivers on a shift who have had some difficulty with the navigation aspect of the Amazon Flex App.  For the time being there are definitely some bugs, so just be aware that things can and will go awry.  Definitely submit feedback on issues you have while delivering.   Let them know … Continue reading Using Alternative Apps

Linking Delivery Blocks

We've spoken about the method of how to pick up 2 hour blocks when you aren't being regularly scheduled by Amazon Flex.  We all know that the scheduled shifts are just gravy in addition to the blocks we are hustling to get the rest of the week.  So now we need to discuss the best … Continue reading Linking Delivery Blocks

Pinning Your Screen While Looking for Shifts

The tips in this post are based on the techniques described here.  The only difference is the way you refresh the screen.  This method simply uses the pinning feature on your phone so that the Home screen of the Amazon App is easily refreshed. This technique for some reason works better when you are using cellular internet, so turn … Continue reading Pinning Your Screen While Looking for Shifts

Ready To Deliver Today, The Method

So now it's time to learn the method of picking up a block.  The reason most drivers are not picking up extra blocks outside of scheduled shifts is because they are not refreshing their home screen.  On the Delivery app it is necessary to refresh the home screen so that you can see when new blocks … Continue reading Ready To Deliver Today, The Method

Minimizing Your Time Looking For A Shift

There are a few simple ways you can minimize your time spent looking for a shift. The simplest way is to consider the day of the week and the time of the block.  Certain blocks on certain days are just slow. Not as many drivers are needed, so not as many notifications go out. These will obviously … Continue reading Minimizing Your Time Looking For A Shift

Globally Positioning Yourself

The key to getting more blocks many times has to do with how long it takes you to get to the warehouse.  Technically you can check-in up to 14 minutes past the hour of your scheduled arrival time. *(Update, check-in is now no later than 5 minutes past the hour!)  Technically.  But you don't really want to … Continue reading Globally Positioning Yourself