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ID Check: Good, Bad, Non Event?

Anyone care about the new drivers license scan?  Just in case the roll out has not happened at all locations below is a quick description:

After you arrive at the warehouse and click “I’ve Arrived” you are then prompted to scan your ID at a kiosk.  In some cases that is a laptop with a scanner.  It matches your info with the app and so long as you are who you say you are, a route number pops up.  You then locate your cart with packages, scan them and you’re on your way.

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of scanning my ID onto anything.  I can’t stand buying alcohol at a place like Target for this reason.  I don’t like their policy of scanning my ID instead of just looking at my birthdate.  Especially with all the data breaches occurring lately.  It just seems best practice to not have my personal info scanned into anything that I don’t have control over.

But I want to deliver.  So I scan my ID.

Anyone else a little weary of this?  Amazon does make the rules so not much to do about it other than follow them.  I’ve heard some grumblings from other drivers but those are mostly from ones that forgot their ID and miss their shift.  I wonder if it also picks up on licenses that might have been suspended since a driver first started?

I definitely understand from the company’s perspective making sure a driver is who they say they are.  I would imagine in larger markets this might happen more than they’d like.  It also might be for insurance purposes.  Either way the new rule is either in place or coming to a warehouse near you soon.  Be prepared.

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