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That Time of Year Again

It’s been so long since this journey began and the opportunities to deliver items for Amazon just keeps growing.  In the beginning I never thought I’d be delivering groceries from Whole Foods yet here we are.  The game has changed as the service has grown so fast.  New drivers are being accepted much more quickly than even one year ago.  Blocks seem to be available for most shifts, in my area anyway, and with the Holidays approaching I don’t see any signs of a slowdown.  It’s time for some longer days and bigger deliveries.

In the next month we’ll have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving.  That’s not even considering all the early gift shoppers out there.  If you’ve been having trouble getting shifts, now us the time.  Look more often and be ready to grab them.  They are coming.  Get ready to make some money.  Remember, delivering isn’t the job, getting the shift is the job.

Stay safe out there!

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