If you want to make more money you have to plan ahead.  I grow tired of hearing drivers with an eight hour shift complaining that Amazon doesn’t even give them a lunch break…Especially after I spent an hour just trying to pick up a two hour shift.

I have written a lot about how to become an Amazon Flex driver and how to get more blocks once you become one.  So now I am going to focus this short series on how you can be a better Amazon Flex driver and earn more money.

When you leave your house to work a block, plan on being gone for a while.  I know the cool thing about being an independent contractor is working whenever you want, but in this case, plan like you are going to work the entire day.  What I mean is that even if you only have a two hour shift, plan for the possibility of having a four, eight or twelve hour shift.  Why?   Because as we already know, you can link shifts and continue to work and continue to make money.

Bring food and water.  It’s that simple.  Pack a cooler with anything you’ll need to be happy and keep delivering.  Water is key, but any other hydrating drink will do.  I’ve driven 120 miles during an eight hour shift.  I was very glad that I had some water to sip on in the traffic and heat of summer.  If you need some caffeine to keep your spirits up, pack it.

Next is food.  Snack items are best like nuts and fruits.  Dried fruits are very good for you and easy to travel with.  Fresh fruits like apples, bananas and oranges work, too.  Sandwiches are also easy to pack and eat while driving or while waiting for your next route.   There will be down time.  Capitalize on it.

Don’t be a complainer.  Be a prepared and ready to work as long as you can.  Keep yourself hydrated and mentally prepared with some good food and drink.  The shifts are waiting for you.  Don’t give them away because you weren’t prepared!