The New, New Block Forfeit Rules

Another FYI on the block forfeit rules went out today, so make sure you take note.

The new guidelines start on August 31st and now allow a driver to forfeit a block up to 45 minutes before it begins.  This adds an extra 15 minutes to the previous hour policy that was instituted in July.

I will now adjust my focus times as discussed in this post by 15 minutes when looking for blocks related to this new rule.

Who knows, maybe we can sneak a few off another’s lateness?  It’s worth a shot.  Good luck!

31 thoughts on “The New, New Block Forfeit Rules

  1. What is the missed blocks policy? I had to forfeit a shift today and I think it was literally 1 minute before the new cut-off time of 45 minutes before the shift starts. I’m concerned my account will be shut down or something. Any idea what the rules are?

  2. Hello! thanks for all the info of this blog is quite useful .
    I have a question , I live in Miami and wanted to know how long it takes to respond to the request to become amazon flex driver ? I signed online . After you do it they said they will contact you no by mail or phone but have not been answered in a while. Thank you!

    1. Hi Maria, I’m glad you like the site! As far as onboarding goes, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. They should notify you by email and provide a link to the next online session. Miami has both Flex and .com deliveries, so maybe there is chance you get notified sooner rather than later. It all really depends on driver turnover. Good luck!

  3. I got approved to drive amazonflex August 23rd of this year. As of this date since I’ve been approved every time I log in all it goes to as a blank screen that says areas for delivery. Touch the screen and stays blank it does not give me an option of City to choose from. Then I can’t log out I have to turn my phone on and off to get out there at. I can’t get to my home screen I have went to foyr online web meetings and constantly contact Amazon support they are hopeless and worthless all they do is send automated texts can you help me … ..please help…, I was told that the city of Las Vegas was one of the cities that is kept out because there are too many drivers for the number of packages that have to do with the liver. Is this is true then I understand but what I don’t understand is the fact that they approve me to drive and I am unable to drive. It is supposed to be a first-come-first-serve basis wht cant I compete with other drivers for the open and available blocks. I have not worked one day

  4. Hello, I signed up and co mpleted all the necessitated steps to start receiving blocks, but I have yet to get one shift. I sdet up my availability as needed, but nothing. I keep getting the same messages, no blocks available, try back at a later date. What am I doing wrong? I even went on at 10pm to try to get blocks, but same messages. I tried t using you refresh method for about 30mins to be sure, same thing ,same message. I even rerachec out to support and they told me to go into my settins, apps, clear data and sign back into my app to select another facility, but same messasge. What should I do?

  5. Hello

    I’m scheduled for a Saturday 2 weeks from now for 4 hour block. I would like to know if I can still check for open blocks daily before my scheduled time which is 2 weeks in the future. When I open the app it only shows my schedule time.

    Thank you

    1. Absolutely. Your home screen is just now the one that has your future shift. You still need to refresh that screen to see available blocks when the become available. It will be just like the method as shown here.

  6. i forgot to check in when i was at the warehouse today. i was early and playing game on my phone while waiting in line to get to the warehouse. How do you know if you got deactivated?

    1. Hi Jason, If this is your first time missing a block you should just get a warning email reminding you of the rules. If it becomes a common occurrence, you will get an email letting you know your contract has been terminated and what you can do to appeal the decision. Hope this helps.

  7. So I set up my availability a week ago and saw the blocks started tomorrow but checked tonight and saw they were no longer there? How so I know when to drive? Do I just drive to the warehouse tomorrow and hope something pops up? The flex onboarding videos were not very clear about this

    1. You should not go go the warehouse unless you have a scheduled block or you just want to be close and try to pick up a block. If blocks were being offered you would have had to accept them. If you have a scheduled block it will be on your home screen with the date and time.

  8. I was deactivated for late deliveries. I delivered a few late last week bc I was already in the vicinity. Basically there were 3 that were delivered between 9-9:05. I wasn’t going to take them back and have customers wait another day. The other issue is there were a few that I picked up on other days that were late when I scanned them during pickup. I have appealed and response was they will be in contact within 2 weeks. Not really an option for me I’ve called support and emailed support and have received very little help at all. Who can I speak with to get this squared away. It feels like they just let you go then any assistance is just gone. With Holiday upon us this is more than frustrating. Do you have any advice for reactivation?

    1. Hello Michael. About two weeks ago I spoke to a driver who was reinstated after being deactivated for the same reasons. It was the first time that I’ve ever heard of a reinstatement, but at least it gives some hope to your situation. Did you receive an email giving instructions on how to appeal? If so, follow it to a “T” and lay out your case. I definitely understand your frustrations with the timeline, but I would recommend not going too hard at them until they’ve had time to review your response. I wish you the best.

      1. There were a few instructions I tried to fallow. I really wish there was a better system in place for these type of issues. Private contractor or employees can’t be dealt with this way but you see it more more. Do companies even have HR depts anymore?

  9. Hi I have arrived at 7:13 my block starts at 7-10 but I received a typical email of either missed forfeited etc can u actually tell me what time I should be at pickup address is it before 7 and what if have more deliveries far away from each other and I can’t make it by the finished block time

    1. Hello mf. If your block starts at 7 then you should be there at 6:45 just to make sure you get checked in and in line for the “push.” There are a lot of different beliefs on what to do if you can’t finish your block before the shift ends. I personally complete my block, even if it’s past my scheduled time.

  10. Hello, my boyfriend had to forfeit a block and it was done within 10 minutes of the start time. Today, he cannot see any blocks where his friend can. If he’s banned how long would that last?

    1. Hello Ree. He would normally not be banned on the first offense. When you say he can’t see blocks, are they ones that were previously scheduled? Meaning they took away shifts? If he was suspended or terminated he will get an email. He should follow the instructions to appeal. There is a post on this blog about being reinstated. You can refer him to that. I will link that post to this response later.

  11. I think i have a problem with my app because i cannot see any blocks where others can, i emailed customer service and they send my case to techn, someone know about that or that is told me that i am fired

    1. Hi Roseliss, Blocks would only be seen if available. The offers page is otherwise blank. Refreshing the screen in succession by either tapping or swiping down will bring up blocks as they are put out. This is the only way you will see blocks.

  12. Does anyone know how I can change my calendar availability? Thanks in advance

  13. if you are terminated saying you failed to deliver you packages and yet you get positive week progress reports i have never missed or left behind or forgot to drop off a package how are they monitoring what really happened if you do not not have any verbal access everything is through email

  14. Hi, I read somewhere that if you forfeit a scheduled block, even if it is before the 45 minute start time, that you will no longer receive offers within that particular time block. Is this true?

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