Flex vs .Com Deliveries, Which is Best?

In certain cities there is an option for drivers to continue delivering for Flex or begin delivering for the Amazon.com service.  In some cities you can deliver for both, it all depends on your location and the current need.

Since I have spoken at length about Flex deliveries and what the process entails I will just give a brief overview of .com deliveries.

Delivery shifts are in four hour blocks with pay being $72.00 per block.  Some cities may have more demand than others so rates may vary.  Similar to the current Flex app, you set your availability and get scheduled on a weekly basis.  There is also the ability to pick up shifts when not scheduled.  Certain locations only have blocks available at 10am and 12pm, so you either work 10am-2pm or 12pm to 4pm.  Different sites may have different start times.  Again, it all depends on the need.

You are required to have a 4-door mid size sedan or larger.  Mostly because you will need to fit a lot more packages in your car per shift.  Some packages may be as small as a letter and others as large as a flat screen TV.  You may have one stop per package, or fewer depending on an order, very similar to Flex deliveries.

At a few sites there is a different loading method.  Some have a warehouse where you drive the car right in like picking up lumber at Home Depot.  You no longer are waiting in the bullpen with the other drivers.  You pull in, they check your info, then point you to your deliveries.

You still scan the items and are given a suggested route, but with the bigger block you may be run a bit more ragged.  You definitely want to pay attention to your route and adjust it as needed.  There are many instances of making a drop off and moving on, only to be back in the same vicinity 40 minutes later.  Double check the route!

When deciding which delivery position, Flex vs. .com, is better, it all comes down to the driver and what they value most.  In my opinion, the true question is, does one value the possibility of more guaranteed hours or the possibility of more pay by way of tips?  Obviously, in cities where you can work for both there is no decision to be made.  Get the best of both worlds.  In the cities where it’s one or the other, it’s up to you to decide.  It would be great to hear other driver’s thoughts and opinions.

In one final note.  If you look at the news lately you will see that Amazon bought it’s first plane, ala Fedex/UPS style.  It very well could be a glimpse of what’s to come for the company and it’s contract drivers.  Could the contract position turn into more down the line?  We’ll see…



66 thoughts on “Flex vs .Com Deliveries, Which is Best?

  1. Where can I get more information about the .com deliveries. I currently live in the Virginia Beach area. Getting a block is very difficult and when I do I always see the same people delivering. I don’t know how they do it.

    1. Hello Alexandra,
      Those same people delivering in your area are the ones willing to devote lots of time to the method! As for the .Com service, Amazon will send an email when they are looking for drivers. It may not be available in your area, yet. Ask the warehouse managers if they know anything about it. They may be able to tip you off if it’s available or if it’s coming soon to your location.

    2. Same. Exact same. I keep wondering how these people are getting so many blocks that the people who are preparing our shipments know their names.

  2. I didn’t realize there was a difference between the two. I’ve only ever used the Flex app, but I was required to have a sedan and the job has always been a fixed price for about 40-60 packages in a 4 hour block. By the way, YMMV of course, but here in Philly the .com delivery service also offers 2 and 3 hour blocks as necessary. It seems to be the only option here, as I think Fresh deliveries are done through some can line service.
    It’s great if you can string together 730-1130, 1230-430 then 530-930 in a day. Really any 4-hr shift plus another is great money.

  3. I thought I was signing up for Prime Now delivery but was assigned to .com orders instead. I was kind of bummed about this at first as there is obviously no tipping involved, and I can’t speak for how the PrimeNow shifts work, but the main benefit of being a .com driver so far is that my 4 hour blocks never take 4 hours. I routinely knock them out in 2.25-3 hours. We aren’t asked to go back to the warehouse, when you’re done you’re done. Maybe this is set up to incentivize drivers and compensate for lack of tips? Or maybe this is specific to my location. I have also never had a problem getting a shift. At 10P I log in and there are always shift available for the next morning. Again, could be regional. I’ve been thinking about inquiring about switching the PrimeNow delivery but I also don’t want to be worse off in terms of $ per hour or shift availability. Happy driving!

    1. Thanks FlexGuy99 for your thoughts. Maybe you could do both Flex and .Com in your area? That would be the best of both worlds. Take the 4 hour .Com block and then pick up some Flex 2 hour blocks. You would have a nice 8 hour pay day if it worked out! It’s nice to hear about the blocks being readily available the night before. It’s almost like a breath of fresh air!

      1. Is it ok to do two locations at the same time?? I thought so until Amazon flex suspended my 2 accounts for flex.com and prime now. Multiple emails to them to re-instate me have proven abortive.

        What do you think?

      2. In some cities with more than one warehouse there is the option to pick your site for different types of deliveries. It is my understanding that you should have been using the same login for both apps. Let them know the mistake if that’s the case.

    2. are you still able to finish in about 2-3 hours? i used to but they have doubled our pkg counts lately

    1. Just heard back from support, no driving for both services in my area and no switching at this time. I’m in the Minneapolis region

      1. Hey, I just started Saturday in the MPLS area. How arr you finding thr open block hunt?

    1. I’m not sure. Flex is definitely there as you probably already know. There are a few drivers in Miami who do both services. If it’s not there already, Orlando seems like the logical next city in Florida to have both. Lots of delivery opportunities for the company in my opinion.

  4. I also deliver in minneapolis. Perfect suplimentary job as my main job is on the weekends for 3 days. I usually get 2 shifts 3 days a week and the best part about the afternoon shifts, I usually are done on 1 to 1.5 hours. Still get paid the $72. They say in the initial sign up you need a mid sized car. I drove my traverse one day and now use my chevy spark. I load quickly and even with all the starts and stops maintain about 30 mpg. I spend about $20 a week in gas and make over $400 for what usually amounts to 3-4 hours a day or about 12 hours a week. Plus they handle the commercial insurance while driving so you don’t need to get your own.

      1. Some states, like New York, require drivers to have and pay for their own Commercial Car Insurance. So definitely a benefit of delivering where it’s not a requirement.

    1. How is that $400a week? I calculated it at 18×12=$ 216.00 weekly. So where’s the rest of the money coming from please?

      1. They pay per block. I sign up for a 4 hour block and it pays me $72 for the block no matter if I finish in 1 hour or 10. It usually takes me around 2 hours. If I do 2 blocks a day that’s $144, 3 days a week is $432. 6 blocks with an average 2 hours is 12 hours.

      1. Flex is just the app. There is Prime Now which is the tipping 1-2 hour delivery, and then there is .com or just Prime.

      2. And it gets even funnier as we call the app The Delivery App. Amazon Flex is the division of Amazon that hired us. Flex and Prime Now is who we deliver for when we get tips. And .com is the 4 hour blocks without tips. The names all depend on where you are located, I guess!

  5. Hi,
    I was just wondering how the .com pays. The app looks so different than prime now pickups and there is no place on the app that show your earnings for that day. It’s very confusing. Do I recieve an email showing my deliveries!!! I really need help with this and email support don’t do a good job of it.

    1. The .com is $18 per hour but there are no tips. You will still get paid weekly for the hours worked. I’ve heard of some drivers getting the weekly update and success ratings but some areas don’t have them for some reason.

      1. My main confusion is with amazon flex prime now I can see earnings on the side but with .com it doesn’t show earnings… is it the same for you!! Both menus on flex and .com look completely different. You stand by on .com but my confusion is how do you check the pay for the hours worked!

      2. At the top left drop down there is an earnings selection. That should show you your earnings.

  6. I’m asking because I received a email to deliver to make .com deliveries on a alternate email. I currently am a flex now driver. Does .com deliveries use the same app.?

  7. I’ve been delivering for amazon flex doing the 4 hour blocks in Houston for about 4 months. When i first started i was logging in at 10pm every night and i always got a block. Lately i have been having a hard time getting a block. I get like 2 a week now. Not sure whats going on but if anybody has any info i would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. After you sign up, the company will contact you with all the information you need to download the app. The length of time between submitting your info and getting contacted varies from city to city. If you haven’t done so already, start here.

  8. Hello everyone. I got accepted in Chicago to do Amazon Flex. I went through the questionnaire survey and did my background and passed both. A few days later, I got the “Welcome” email, with the app, of which I downloaded. I set up my availability and two weeks in a row they have not assigned me a shift yet. What could be going on? What should I do and how can I contact them about this matter? Thanks.

    1. Scroll down to the beginning articles of this site. All the tricks on how to pick up shifts are there. Click here for the main way to pick up shifts. This link also has the main how to articles on this site with tips on best times to look for shifts as well as where to look for shifts. Best of luck to you. And remember to refresh, refresh and refresh the app!!

  9. Does anyone know if your account got suspended for any reason if there is a time frame until you can re-apply for flex again, or if that’s it!!!

    Customer support don’t seem to give an answer to that only says I had lates, forfeited or miss orders on three different occasions and that was enough for suspension?

  10. Late to the game here. So I’m a little confused. Flex just came to LA, and when I was on boarded it gave me a choice of 6 or 7 locations to work from. I chose Santa Monica mostly because of proximity, it’s the closest to me yet still 40 minutes away (LA is big).

    It’s a smallish warehouse that does Prime Now deliveries (UCA3). However, the other locations varied as either Prime Now or .com within the app, and you could tell that the three .com options are larger, fulfillment center type locs. It looks like since I chose Santa Monica, that’s my only option.

    In this post you’re talking about separate apps, but it looked like I could have chosen a .com area from the same Delivery app. And I don’t see any kind of option for changing my area, let alone working two different areas? My drive is long enough to the starting warehouse as it is, but honestly I was originally imagining something more like the .com deliveries and maybe on a weekend would give it a shot, drive maybe 20 mins further.

    Any more info on being able to work multiple areas and both Prime Now and .com? This post is a couple of months old, maybe something changed.

    1. The ability to change pickup locations depends on the need for drivers at that location. Drivers in certain areas are able to adjust their warehouses on the app while others are not. When .Com deliveries were first rolled out, they were offered as an option to PrimeNow drivers in certain locations who weren’t able to get enough shifts. At the time, you were not allowed to do both. It was one or the other. In some cities you can now do both. The .Com deliveries had another app to download in addition to the PrimeNow. Things may have changed, but I’m not sure. I am at a location where you have to choose the service you deliver for and I am partial to PrimeNow with tips. Maybe someone else can chime in an offer a better explanation and make it all come together?

      1. I don’t even see a place within the app to make a change. It’s pretty much got me locked in to Santa Monica. Which works out, it’s Prime Now with tips and I can’t complain about getting relatively easy routes through Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades, but I’m just surprised that I can’t even request to shift to one of the other areas, perhaps if I moved or changed day jobs, ya know?

        Thanks for the response and the tips on this site!

  11. Three weeks working for .com in Virginia, the blocks here are only 3 hours for 54 or 57 dollars, average of 30 to 45 packages per block, got to check the app often to be able to get blocks even after setting availability for the week, only one time I was prearranged to work.
    Be careful picking up, some times you scan bins with multiple small packages and at the moment of delivery you find out that one or two are missing or you end up with a extra package that doesn’t belong to your area and you will end driving back to warehouse and expend extra 1/2 or a full hour dealing with it and getting emails asking for missing packages even after marking those as missing on the app.

    1. You would apply through the Amazon site. The link is here. If the .Com service is available in your area and there is a need for drivers they will let you know. Otherwise you may be selected for PrimeNow. If you are contacted, make sure you get clarification on the type of deliveries you will be making. The process can often take a while so be prepared to wait.

    1. Prime pays more per hour due to tips, but the hours can be harder to come by. It really depends on the location and driver. The ideal situation would be that your city offers the availably of both.

  12. I am working out of Riverside and flex is all that’s available which means no tips. Another driver said she has done freshand restaurant but you have to go to Los Angeles. No thanks! Tips would be great but no way will I go to Los Angeles!!! I’m hearing rumors that the newer facilities being built in the Inland Empire of Southern California may start fresh. Also restaurant delivery will soon come to this area. From what I hear Amazon restaurant delivery pays way better than GrubHub. Hoping to continue flex but eventually add restaurant delivery.

  13. I’ve tried asking Amazon about the possibility of fresh and restaurant but as usual get the robot response. This job is basically full of speculation and crossed fingers!!! But I enjoy it. Just would appreciate a better view of the future opportunities.

  14. Anyone here drive out of San Diego? I’ve been doing Prime Now since it started in San Diego and do like that we get paid tips. shifts definitely get filled quick, however with the restaurant blocks more shifts are readily available.

    With that said, the other day I was logging into my acct and before I could get on the app asked me to pick a location I’d like to pick up from. I found this odd as I’ve never seen this option before and furthermore the location I typically deliver out of (UCA6) was not even an option to choose from. It gave me the option to choose from Miramar or Carlsbad. I chose Miramar due to its proximity and started checking the app for blocks. Nothing came up all day, and I found this to be very weird as I’ve always been able to get a block out of UCA6 or a hot wheels restaurant route. Come to find out the Miramar location is for .com deliveries and now I’m stuck. I’ve been emailing support to see if they can change my location and status back to UCA6 and prime now deliveries but no response. Sorry for the long comment but any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Also have any of you experienced this?

    1. Hello Gerry. I hope someone can come in and help you on this situation. I have not heard of a situation like this where you have a delivery zone already set and then it asks you to pick another. Hopefully you get a resolution soon.

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