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The Overly Ambitious Route

Due to whatever reasons, the warehouse staff seems to think that we as delivery drivers can time travel.  I say this because on more than one occasion I have left with my deliveries 25 minutes past the beginning of the block and noticed that my delivery slip estimates my total route time as 130 minutes.  WTF?

First of all, it doesn’t take a math whiz to realize delivering packages within a two hour block should not exceed 120 minutes.  That being said, the delivery slips do note that the estimate includes travel time back to the warehouse as well as 4 minutes of leeway to find parking, get the package from your car to the customer and then get back to your car ready to move on.  For the most part 4 minutes is ok, but not always.  What about walk up apartments?  Security gates?  Twenty fifth floor offices with lines at the reception?  Don’t even get me going on the fact that these orders will most likely contain 6 cases of bottled water!  And what about these routes when they get you out the door late?  A 130 minute route in 95 minutes?

The best thing to do in these situations is cover your @ss!

After you scan in your deliveries, take a screen shot* that shows the current time and your current location as the warehouse.  Next, take a photo of the delivery slip with the route and estimated time.  You now have two key items for your defense that, if needed, can be sent to explain the reason any deliveries were late on your route.  The Amazon Flex powers that be are completely understanding of these situations and will let you keep your excellent on time delivery percentage rating!

Lastly, I will note that depending on traffic, some of these overly ambitious routes can be completed on time without issues.  I have personally completed an 11 stop 120 minute route in 90 minutes and was able to use the remaining minutes to link another block!  I did however have the screenshot and photo in my back packet just in case…

*Update-  It seems the new app update no longer allows screenshots.  You will now have to take a photo of your screen with another phone if you have one.


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