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Using Alternative Apps

This post is for current drivers on a shift who have had some difficulty with the navigation aspect of the Amazon Flex App.  For the time being there are definitely some bugs, so just be aware that things can and will go awry.  Definitely submit feedback on issues you have while delivering.   Let them know when you are led to a wrong location or when you’ve been routed to a road that doesn’t exist.  Yes these things happen.  Not often, but once is enough.  Especially when you are headed to make a delivery and the actual drop-off is about 10 miles away from where it tells you,  you have arrived at your location.

For a backup you should have an app called Voyager: Route Planner.

When I pick up my route I ask for the slip that gives the addresses and time expectations for the deliveries.  Once I am all loaded I look at the list and see the order it is suggesting.  I then open Voyager which allows me to load the addresses (by voice) and hit a button that will also give a suggested route along with estimated time to complete.  Current traffic is also a consideration in the route.

Most of the time the route will be the same or it may simply be in reverse.  However, there are times when an entirely new order is given due to the fact that the Amazon App has an incorrect location for an address.  Oops!

Voyager also has a cool map feature that will show all stops so you can essentially eyeball your route and give it your local knowledge so that all deliveries are on time and you don’t have to drive extra miles.

The last cool part about Voyager: Route Planner is that it will calculate the miles of your route so you can create your own logs to help you be more efficient when tax time rolls around.

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