Linking Delivery Blocks

We’ve spoken about the method of how to pick up 2 hour blocks when you aren’t being regularly scheduled by Amazon Flex.  We all know that the scheduled shifts are just gravy in addition to the blocks we are hustling to get the rest of the week.  So now we need to discuss the best way to link blocks together so that you can string a few 2 hours together to get a nice 4, 6, 8 or even 10 hour shift in one day.

First and foremost, when you are out making deliveries, they are your main focus.  Delivering on time and in a superior fashion is key to your success and ongoing relationship with Amazon.  So make that your priority.  You shouldn’t even begin to try and link shifts until your route is complete.  Secondly, you need to adhere to the rules of the job and be aware of what is acceptable in your location and what isn’t.  Some drivers in certain areas will head home after their deliveries, even with time left on their 2 hour shift.  I don’t know if this hurts them as far as their ratings go, but I don’t want to find out, so I am not one of those drivers.  If I can make it back to the warehouse and have at least 15 minutes left before the end of my block, I will get there, mainly because it puts me in a great position to get a last minute shift due to my location.  The only time I do not return is if my shift ends before I can make it back.  If that is the case, and I am not scheduled for the next block, I just consider it my lunch break.

From experience I have found that a normal route takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and thirty minutes to complete.  Depending on my distance to the warehouse and the time my deliveries are complete, I will make a decision on where I’m going to begin my search for the next block.  If I’m less than 20 minutes away but those 20 minutes are in a critical time when shifts are found, I will most likely pull over in a safe place and start clicking away for another block.  This way, I know exactly how long I can continue the search before I have to give up due to my proximity to the warehouse.  The last thing you want to do is get a block but then not be able to make it back on time.

If I finish my route with time to spare (not in the critical time), I most likely will return to the warehouse so I can try and get another route on my current block or to be at the facility to get the inside track for the next shift.  As we found out earlier, the managers will alert you to the fact they are going to send out more shifts, so being there will definitely give you a leg up.  Also, your location will definitely let you be ready for any blocks that go out, especially the last minute ones.

If I finish my route near the end of my current block, I just pull over to a safe spot and try my best to get the next shift within the time limits of my proximity.  I’m there to make money, so in my opinion there is nothing wrong stopping to get the next shift versus returning immediately to the warehouse.

To summarize, linking shifts is a location by location basis.  You have to figure out what is expected of you as a driver and then what you can get away with to make everything work out.  Linking shifts is an art form that you will create as you go.  Whether you park and click or return and click, you will sort it out.




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  1. Hello,

    Love this site, quick question, can I link more shifts while I am still in a route for delivery? I mean if I still have 1 more package to deliver and park and link more block can I do that?

    Will the app goes crazy? And if I get the block how do I know I got it? By going home and see my finish time?


    1. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, you can link the next block, even with another package to deliver. You would exit the navigation portion and return to the home screen. It will say “continue to deliver” on the bottom bar, and that bar will take you back to your current route. To link, just keep refreshing your home screen and look for a bar to appear above that. It will say “Deliver More Today.” In some instances there are 3 bars of orange across the bottom of the screen, but my memory is failing me right now as to what they each said….lol. For the most part you are looking to click the top bar and then click through the progression as normal. And yes, your finish time should now update on your home screen and, depending on the time, you may get a push notification that you have a pick up. One thing: When you get back to the warehouse, make sure you check in again. Sometimes it notes that you’ve arrived and shows you ready to scan, but that sometimes is for the current block you just finished. What happens next is that you try to scan for the next block, only to find out you didn’t check in. So definitely confirm you are checked in again for the start of the next block. Thanks again for following the site and I hope this helps!

      1. Thank you very much and of course this site and you comment helped me a lot.

        It is very nice to know how to link block since its very hard to get available blocks these days. I’ll let you know if i can link one someday 🙂

        Here in Miami is getting harder and harder avery day and its very sad because I really like this program and good money of course. Soon enough will be impossible to get blocks. (Hope I’m wrong)

        By the way, do you know if I can do prime now and prime (.com orders) with the same app or do I have to sign up on the amazon flex site and get another app? Or maybe if you have time can you explain the process to sign up for .com orders?

        I think it is a good idea to be able to do delivery for both just in case.

        Do you do both? Or just prime now?

        Thank you for your hard work.

      2. You are right that blocks can be hard to come by. There have been periods when I have been “shut out” when trying to pick up shifts. My longest time without picking up was 3 days back in March of this year. But things go in cycles it seems. Some people get weeded, others lose interest and suddenly, picking up a couple of blocks a day is no problem. Just focus on the most opportune times. As far as Prime Now orders go, when I was first looking into the program, a driver was only able to do one or the other. Flex or Prime. There was mention that in the future you would be able to do both, but that’s not the case in my area, yet. Some like the consistency of the .com but I haven’t been able to gauge the pay vs. Flex. For the most part, it seemed like you worked more hours for around the same amount of pay and in some cases less pay. I will look into it more with a couple of people I know and get back to you.

      3. Yes you’re totally right.

        Here in Miami you ca do both, couple of drivers I know do it. I know that .com orders you don’t get tips but since its very difficult to get blocks with prime now I have to try it. I dont know other places but here all blocks for .com are 4 hours and even if you dont get tips you get forget about killing your fingers for the next 4 hours.

        Call me noob but I just found out with a driver this morning that you can look for blocks the night before at 10:00pm, I thought that was for .com orders only and he said: no, you can look for prime now at 10pm as well. Is it true?

        Sorry for all this questions but you are the only one with all this info about flex.

      4. If you are in a place where you can deliver flex and .com orders it makes sense to try both. I do know that the guaranteed 4 hour block is the main benefit, so you could easily work your flex schedule around those shifts. As far as the release of blocks the night before, I personally have not had much luck with that method so I stopped trying. The blocks are normally released at midnight though, not 10pm. On the Monday before the Amazon Prime day last week they released some at 10pm, but I think that was a one time deal.

  2. Thank you so much for all the helpful information. I have noticed that the majority of the people picking up blocks are individuals that have figured out how to refresh the home screen without leaving the home screen. There are alot of full time refreshers in my market which has made it very difficult to pick up blocks. Are you aware of the method and how to achieve it? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    1. On my phone I have to pin the home screen as discussed here. Some are able to refresh their home screen by just clicking the Windows button. It all depends on your phone model as to what will work for you. Good luck and I hope this helps.

  3. In my area it is unpossible to link blocks. If you are doing 2hr blocks from picking up route drops they cram the block so it is impossible to get back to the pick up on time even if there is another block open. Several times I have been on a 2 hour and seen a block open up near the end of the run but was unable to get it as I was 25 min away from the pickup. Maybe its different in other areas but in my area they cram the routes to the max. I don’t mind delivering the packages.. I do dislike having no chance of linking a block.

  4. Alexandra I know exactly what you mean, I don’t think the flexdrivertips understood you or is just pretending not to know…

    1. Hi Ralph, Everyone has different methods of refreshing their home screens depending on their phone model and which technique they are using. I write about the ones that help me get delivery blocks in hopes that others can do the same. I don’t pretend that these are the only methods out there. I’m sure some drivers use programs that auto-refresh the home screen, as you are alluding to, but in my opinion, those methods aren’t needed. Best of luck to you.

  5. You don’t need to pin the app. Just set your security to none instead of swipe or pin code. Open the app and start tapping the power button. This is on android of course. Pinning did not work for me so I figured out a way to do it without pinning the app. Also handy when your on a run to be able to access the app with out swiping or pin codes etc. After im done I put a pin code back on.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I too, couldn’t get the screen pin to work so this is perfect. One question…do you have it on the home or offers screen?

  6. Some one know if is a limit hours per week that we can work whit Amazon flex? And hwo many block per day.! Thank you guys.

    1. Hello Gustavo. Different states may have different regulations but for the most part Amazon does not put a limit on the number of blocks an associate can work per week. I know of a few drivers who have worked 10 hours regularly in a day and even up to 16 on a couple occasions. I’m not sure that sounds very healthy but more power to them!

  7. Hi, thank you for this idea!
    Just to make sure I understand correctly, if I have a 6-9 pm block that pays $54, and I delivered all packaged except the last one by say 8 pm.. are you saying that I can go back to Amazon warehouse, ask for another route, check in, and go deliver this new route packages, and thereby earn $108 dollars?

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