The tips in this post are based on the techniques described here.  The only difference is the way you refresh the screen.  This method simply uses the pinning feature on your phone so that the Home screen of the Amazon App is easily refreshed.

This technique for some reason works better when you are using cellular internet, so turn off your WIFI before you pin your screen.  To begin, you must first turn on the screen pinning feature.  Go to Settings.  Under the personal heading, click Security.  Scroll down to the bottom under advanced and you should see Screen Pinning.  Turn it on.

Now go back to the Amazon Deliver App and open your home page.  From the home screen you will hold the square menu button.  Next, swipe your finger up to reveal the thumb tack.  After you click the thumb tack your phone will tell you how to unpin the screen.  Click Got it, and then you will be back on the home screen ready to go.  For the visual people the screens look like this:

So why did we just go through all this?  Well…If you are lazy like me and don’t always like having to hold your phone in one hand and use your other to complete the process of refreshing your screen, you can pin the home screen and refresh it by simply pressing and releasing the power button on your phone!  I have found that this method can sometimes give you a better chance at seeing a shift when it comes available because you are not leaving the home screen at all.  I say sometimes because I have yet to try it out against someone using the menu/calendar/menu/home method.  What I do know is that I get shifts using both methods and it’s all a matter of what works for you and how you’re feeling at the time of clicking.

A couple notes on this method.  The screen does not refresh with every push of the power button.  I would say 8 times out of 10 it will.  There is a timing that you will come to learn.  The refresh however will be confirmed by the blue circle that spirals in the middle of the screen for a flash.  It will look something like this:

ScreenshotRefresh (1)

Although I mentioned that this method seems to work better on cellular internet, by all means try it both ways.  Your systems may be different, so mess around with it.

The rest of the method to get a shift is exactly the same once you see the Ready To Deliver Today button.  You are able to click through the whole process and Accept Deliveries even though the screen is pinned.