Minimizing Your Time Looking For A Shift

There are a few simple ways you can minimize your time spent looking for a shift. The simplest way is to consider the day of the week and the time of the block.  Certain blocks on certain days are just slow. Not as many drivers are needed, so not as many notifications go out. These will obviously be the most difficult shifts to pick up. These times should only be your focus if they are the only times you are available to deliver.  Outside of that, place your focus on the best blocks on the best days.  Discovering these blocks takes time.  Hints will come from other drivers, warehouse workers and even the security guard!  That is why it is so imperative that you follow the advice in this post.  You need to be nice!

Another way to minimize your time spent looking for a shift depends on the styles of the warehouse managers.  There are certain managers that will put available blocks out at the last minute (10 minutes until the hour). And there are also ones that like to be ahead of the game and put them out early (over an hour before the block begins).  Over time you will be able to figure out their different styles.  Getting to know the managers and their schedules will help you immensely.  If Jim is a last minute type and he works mornings on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, I will position myself to the warehouse accordingly on those days and begin looking for a shift much later than usual.  That’s not to say an alert won’t go out earlier, but when looking to minimize my time spent looking for a shift, there is no better way.

Except there is…

This last tip does not work at all locations.  Different warehouses will have different rules, so you have to figure this one out on your own.  Certain warehouse mangers will let you sit in the bullpen while trying to get a shift so long as you stay out of the way.  Some managers will also clue you in on how many shift alerts they will be sending out.  And to go one better, some will even tell you when they are sending them out!  Be smart and be courteous while doing this.  If too many drivers begin filling the warehouse trying to use this method, it will be no more.  And lastly, although this will greatly minimize your time looking for a shift, it does not always mean you will get the shift that is offered.

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