First things first.  None of these tips will work for you if you haven’t been onboarded.  Use the link below to put your name in the hat.  If there is already 2 hour delivery happening in your city then it may take a while for you to be contacted so just be patient.  It could take months or a year, but you won’t know until you try.

If delivery is coming soon to your area, sign up asap and…wait patiently.  Don’t blast the Flex people with emails.  In my opinion you will get blocked.  Again, just my opinion, but it wouldn’t shock me if it happened.

And lastly, if 2 hour delivery isn’t even on the horizon in your city, (at least as far as you know), put your name in anyway.

Read the requirements on the page so you won’t waste their time or your own when you finally get the email for orientation.  Also note that for now you need an Android phone.  No iPhones.  This may change in the future, but for now, just realize that if you want to be onboarded you will need an Android phone.  From what I’ve discovered, it would definitely be worth buying another phone to meet this requirement.

Sign up to deliver for Amazon Flex Here