How To Become An Amazon Flex Driver

First things first.  None of these tips will work for you if you haven’t been onboarded.  Use the link below to put your name in the hat.  If there is already 2 hour delivery happening in your city then it may take a while for you to be contacted so just be patient.  It could take months or a year, but you won’t know until you try.

If delivery is coming soon to your area, sign up asap and…wait patiently.  Don’t blast the Flex people with emails.  In my opinion you will get blocked.  Again, just my opinion, but it wouldn’t shock me if it happened.

And lastly, if 2 hour delivery isn’t even on the horizon in your city, (at least as far as you know), put your name in anyway.

Read the requirements on the page so you won’t waste their time or your own when you finally get the email for orientation.  Also note that for now you need an Android phone.  No iPhones.  This may change in the future, but for now, just realize that if you want to be onboarded you will need an Android phone.  From what I’ve discovered, it would definitely be worth buying another phone to meet this requirement.

Sign up to deliver for Amazon Flex Here


21 thoughts on “How To Become An Amazon Flex Driver

  1. I have signed up but when it is time to choose my pick up location, it only shows one. When there are a total of 7 locations in the Seattle area. There is one a few blocks from me, but the app only shows me a location 15 miles away. I keep checking everyday if it changes but does not.

    1. When you did the online orientation did they say you would have the option of choosing your pickup site? You might just pick the one offered and have a chance at the other pickup sites depending on the need for that location. Definitely email support to confirm.

  2. I have took the orientation and i was welcomed a aboard. I had two rush delivery i did, but it wasn’t showing my summary. i emailed the flex support, but they are not helping, they keep telling me to join the help session room, and they refee me back to email the flex support. is there anyone that don’t have schedule, calendar, and earning on their application? because mine don’t please any info would help
    Thank you!

    1. A few people have had the same problem with the app. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it? And just to make sure I understand, you have already worked a block, but now for some reason you no longer can view your schedule, calendar and earning menu items?

  3. how long should i wait after signing up?
    i sign up but didn’t get any contact from amazon flex???
    what should i do after signing up?

  4. How can I get a response I’ve signed up twice? I’m so excited, I’ve spoken to several friends about this but it’s hard to promote when no one

    1. No one has ever checked my car registration. I would imagine you could show up in whatever car you wanted. I know a few people that have delivered in friends cars when theirs were in the shop.

  5. I live in Fresno CA. Does anyone know if Flex will be expanding to the Central Valley anytime soon?

  6. Hi, I was just onboarded it as a flex driver. In the Chicago area it gave the option to choose from four delivery sites. I chose Wood Dale Illinois, only to find out from the manager at another location that the Wood Dale Distribution Hub is not even open now and will not be for several months. The app does not allow me to change locations. I have been communicating with the flex support email for several days trying to get this resolved with no luck. Only stock answers that seem to come from an email bot. Have driven to the remaining three Delivery centers to speak with the managers who say that Flex support email is the only way to achieve a resolution. Have sat through countless support chat sessions and they say they cannot help. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so how did you get your delivery pick-up location changed to a new location?

    1. Have you found a solution yet? I just signed up to deliver at wood dale also and have a block scheduled for tomorrow but now I have no idea what to do, hopefully they’ll be open tho

  7. Those of you doing Flex out of Wood Dale, how early in the a.m. do blocks start? I have been working out of the Lisle location for a couple months but their earliest delivery blocks start at 10:30. I really need to start earlier than that, like 8:30. And how long are the blocks? Lisle blocks are only 3 hours.

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